Fathers Know Best: When on course with Dad, it wasn’t about the golf

Playing golf with father was all about Dad, not the golf.

1 day ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Motorist helps with tire

Plus: Return of lost phone says a lot about city; man gives big assist after a car accident.

2 days ago

Summer Memories: Cross-country camper trailer could be a real trip

A camper trailer provided all the highs and lows of a boy’s vacations.

3 days ago

 Bill Seiler, left, who has been missing since 1958, with his baby brother Dan and younger brother Bob.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Family still wonders about man missing since 1958

Family hopes to resurrect cold case of missing man.

4 days ago

Gary Rotstein’s Morning File: Refusal to test students deserves an A

Standardized tests sometimes deserve a flunking grade.

5 days ago

 Caption Contest No. 263

Caption Contest No. 263 ... and the winners of No. 262!

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

6 days ago

 Peter Leo

Peter Leo: Visit to Hungary proves unsettling but inspiring

Hungarians have the mindset of an occupied people, we are told, which hasn’t changed all that much since the fall of Communism.

6 days ago

Portfolio: Scrabble updates revive war of words

Pwn (8 points, to dominate an opponent). Thanx (15 points, thanks). Bezzy (18 points, several meanings, not all of which are printable).

1 week ago

 Fans claim pieces of Forbes Field after the last game there.

Portfolio / Baseball Lore: Nothing topped Forbes Field, especially on last day

June 28, 1970. A daytime doubleheader against the Cubs. We won both. All was right with the world. And then it hit me ...

1 week ago

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Women have it tough, especially in Pennsylvania

It was upon reading the Business section of Wednesday’s Post-Gazette that I experienced true pangs of guilt about being a man.

1 week ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Generosity brightened thoughts

Also, read about how help came after some items were all locked in a car.

1 week ago

Want to write for our Portfolio?

Portfolio is a showcase for quality essays related to Western Pennsylvania, 600 to 750 words.

1 week ago

 The former Nixon Theatre, soon after its 1903 opening.

Storytelling: Nixon Theatre was spectacle itself for young usher

April 1950 holds special memories for me.

1 week ago

 The restored Skinny Building.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Skinny Building’s restoration mustn’t be overlooked

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, the city and fans of the Skinny Building celebrate its facade restoration.

1 week ago

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Seeing all Pittsburgh’s events has become real pickle

Pittsburgh’s new problem: Too many things to do.

1 week ago

Portfolio: Inmates sing while seeking a little relief

On a wide stage in front of hundreds of people, two salsa singers danced in synchronized steps, belting out a catchy melody.

2 weeks ago

Sharon Randall: You can plan everything for life on paper, but ...

Real life is a lot messier than playing at it, and more interesting, too.

2 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: City praised after returned wallet

Everyone credited for help to Ohioans with wheelchair; Others in restaurant made 92nd birthday feel special; She wants finder to know she

2 weeks ago

Raves: Mountain bike leads man on adventure of a lifetime

My mountain bike awakened me, at middle age, to a previously unknown world: the majesty of nature, and thrill of urban streets.

2 weeks ago

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: A woman’s midlife change takes seed in Hazelwood

Inspiration and collaboration help Hazelwood woman open a new nursery in her neighborhood.

2 weeks ago

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: What’s my password? Why would you ask me?

We’ve invented a dumb way to play password.

2 weeks ago

Caption Contest No. 262 ... and the winners of No. 261!

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

2 weeks ago

I Remember Mama: Mom’s greatest gift: teaching how to overcome grief

Greatest lesson learned from Mom: how to retain optimism about life after experiencing so much grief.

3 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Group readily agreed to change its table

“We would have loved to have been able to treat these generous people to a second round of drinks...“

3 weeks ago

 Mary D’Angelo Reutzel

I Remember Mama: There was a lot to like about Mom’s final months

We were stunned when she was able to sustain her good spirits — and very grateful!

3 weeks ago

 A view down Smithfield Street, Downtown.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Upgrade of Smithfield Street could be a dream come true

CMU design students hatch a grand boulevard plan for Smithfield Street Downtown.

3 weeks ago

 Some poker face: Professional poker player Douglas Polk up against a mere machine at the Rivers Casino.

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Playing poker against a computer does not compute

No thanks to CMU, poker with computers somehow doesn’t sound like as much fun.

3 weeks ago

Utah test site might as well be on Mars

A rocky corner of Utah bears such a resemblance to the red planet that it has become a hot spot for scientists and engineers.

4 weeks ago

I Remember Mama: Mother’s work, rather than words, showed her love

Mom didn’t speak of love as much as she showed it.

4 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Man crawled beneath car to help

Plus: Someone took time in Ohio to return glasses to owner; and a large group of do-gooders assisted an injured woman.

1 month ago