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Obituary: Richard Leo Welsh / A “giant” in the field of vision services

Richard Welsh left the seminary to spend a lifetime helping the blind and vision-impaired, becoming a nationally recognized leader.

1 day ago

 Hank Kuzma, 2009

Obituary: Henry J. Kuzma / He coached storied 1965 Midland basketball team

His 1965 team, considered one of the greatest in Western Pennsylvania history, contained future pros Simmie Hill and Norm Van Lier.

2 days ago

Obituary: Paul M. Bernstein / Psychologist and counselor who loved his profession

Mr. Bernstein for many years maintained a private psychology practice Downtown, moving it to Aspinwall in more recent years.

2 days ago

 Betty Ann Loresch in the 1940s as a fashion model.

Obituary: Betty Ann Loresch / Chair of Allegheny Valley Bank, former model, supporter of Lawrenceville

Betty Ann Loresch gracefully broke glass ceilings at community bank.

3 days ago

Obituary: Alan Van Dine / Advertising executive known for his wit

Alan Van Dine was a highly regarded advertising executive and beloved humorist.

3 days ago

 Maryanne Taptich Barnes

Obituary: Maryanne Taptich Barnes / Realtor, entrepreneur and women’s advocate

Maryanne Taptich Barnes created a career in real estate, which she pursued because it allowed her to meet people and earn a living.

5 days ago

Obituary: Ian Paisley / Ulster hard-liner who made peace

The Rev. Ian Paisley was Northern Ireland’s firebrand Protestant leader who came to accept a power-sharing agreement.

5 days ago

 Johannes “Jannie” Swart

Obituary: Rev. Johannes 'Jannie' Swart / Charismatic pastor from South Africa a 'bridge builder'

The Rev. Johannes Swart, a South African native and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary professor, worked for racial healing and church renewal.

6 days ago

 Andy "Kid" DePaolo

Obituary: Andy DePaolo / Former boxer, referee knows as 'Kid'

Andy DePaolo won 82 amateur fights and 27 professional fights, then became a boxing and professional wrestling referee.

1 week ago

 Leonard Duncan

Obituary: Leonard Duncan / He directed Great Race and marathon

Former Pittsburgh parks and recreation supervisor Leonard Duncan knew how to get thousands of people up and running.

1 week ago

Obituary: Penelope Niven / Carl Sandburg biographer

The onetime teacher almost stumbled into her work as a late-blooming biographer of the nearly lost voices of an era.

1 week ago

Obituary: John Nicholas Cassetti / Vesuvius Crucible president, world traveler, patriot

John Cassetti left college to join the Marines in WWII. He became leader of an industrial company and remained a loyal Goldwater man.

1 week ago

Obituary: Richard C. Bower / Gym teacher who challenged his students to exercise

The longtime gym teacher at Whitehall Junior High loved running.

1 week ago

 S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, poses on his son, Dan T. Cathy's, Harley Davidson motorcycle which is painted to look like a cow, in front of the company's headquarters in south Atlanta.

Obituary: S. Truett Cathy / Chick-fil-A founder controversial for gay marriage stance

He built a privately held restaurant chain that famously closes every Sunday but drew unwanted attention for opposition to gay marriage.

1 week ago

Obituary: Andrew McLaglen / Prolific director

He became one of Hollywood’s most reliable deployers of cowboys, Indians, bucking broncos, herds of cattle and posses on horseback.

1 week ago

Obiutary: Ray P. DeFrances / Known for his love of roses and Steelers

Mr. DeFrances was so successful at growing roses that he became a local authority, asked to speak to various groups and quoted in articles.

1 week ago

Obituary: Dorothy Booth / Longtime employee at Wendy's Downtown, worked until age 90

Everyone referred to her as “Gram,” especially her co-workers. She worked at the franchise’s Fifth Avenue location Downtown for 28 years.

1 week ago

Obituary: Ed Goetz / High school basketball coach who ‘lived the game’

Ed Goetz, who coached at Sto-Rox, McGuffey and Burgettstown, died at age 64 after a long battle with diabetes..

1 week ago

 Armand Bruno at the June ceremony where he received the French Legion of Honor.

Obituary: Armand Bruno / Steelworker honored for WWII service with French Legion of Honor

Armand Bruno was a staff sergeant in the 99th Infantry Division in World War II, receiving a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

1 week ago

 TV personality Joan Rivers attends A Celebration of Barbara Walters in New York in May. Ms. Rivers died today at age 81.

Obituary: Joan Rivers / Broke ground for female comics with caustic humor and as TV host

Rivers was hospitalized last week after she went into cardiac arrest at a Manhattan doctor's office following a routine procedure.

1 week ago

 Donald Wilkins

Obituary: Donald Wilkins / Organist, choirmaster, teacher ‘exuded music from every pore’

Donald Wilkins was described as one of the most “urbane, sophisticated musicians on Pittsburgh’s musical scene.”

2 weeks ago

 Charlie Powell was a former San Francisco 49er turned boxer.

Obituary: Charlie Powell / NFL great who boxed Muhammad Ali in Pittsburgh

He suffered a third-round knockout loss to Mr. Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, in 1963 in Pittsburgh.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Andrew Madoff / Last surviving son of Ponzi king Madoff

He turned in his father and insisted that he had been duped like the rest of the world into believing that he was an honest financier.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Edward William Heinle Jr. / Innovative Beaver County physician

Dr. Edward Heinle pushed for formation of the Medical Center of Beaver County and served as its president.

2 weeks ago

 Beverly Ann Lewandowski

Obituary: Beverly Ann 'Bev' Lewandowski / Devoted wife, mother opened home to all

Beverly Ann Lewandowski of Mt. Lebanon was the wrestling version of a soccer mom for her sons enjoyed being a hostess at her home.

2 weeks ago

 Msgr. Francis X. Frey

Obituary: Francis X. Frey / Monsignor lived a vocation of joy

Monsignor Francis X. Frey is recalled for more than half a century as a priest in Texas and beyond.

2 weeks ago

 Gerri Kay

Obituary: Gerri Kay / Passionate supporter of social justice, civil rights and the arts

Her early career involved social work at what was then Reizenstein Middle School, the school that pioneered in desegregation.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Jeffrey E. Cortopassi Sr. / Mylan scientist, loving father

Mr. Cortopassi, a scientist at Cecil-based generic drug giant Mylan Inc., died Thursday at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

2 weeks ago

 The Baroness Philippine de Rothschild of Chateau Mouton Rothschild in France in 2005.

Obituary: Philippine de Rothschild / 'Grande dame' of family's wine dynasty

Philippine de Rothschild gave up an acting career to run the family’s wine business at a time when few women were in the industry.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Ahmed Seif / He was tortured in Egypt and became rights defender

His contrarian nature, for good and ill, defined his career.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Werner Franz / Survivor of the Hindenburg’s crew

He was a 14-year-old cabin boy aboard the airship that exploded as it approached its mooring site in New Jersey in 1937.

2 weeks ago

 Russell Karl

Obituary: Russell Karl / Nuclear physicist, WWII veteran and lifelong educator

Mr. Karl, who was also a classically trained cellist, had a natural affinity for learning and sharing knowledge of all kinds.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Sandy Wilson / Composer of 'The Boy Friend' who made Julie Andrews a star

His agent, Nick Quinn, confirmed the death but did not disclose the cause.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Chung Eun-yong / Amassed evidence of mass killings by American troops during the Korean War

Over the years Mr. Chung amassed evidence that U.S. troops had systematically killed more than 100, and possibly as many as 400, civilian

2 weeks ago

 John A. Walker Jr. is escorted in 1985 by a U.S. marshal to the Montgomery County Detention Center in Rockville, Md., after a pretrial hearing in Baltimore.

Obituary: John A. Walker Jr. / Led family spy ring for Soviets, America's 'most notorious Naval spy'

The American sold Navy secrets to the Soviets for 18 years in what has been described as one of the most damaging espionage operations of

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Burkart Holzner / Former head of Pitt University Center for International Studies

The German-born scholar of sociology, dedicated to global understanding, came to Pitt in 1960 and served for 20 years as head of UCIS.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Margaret M. 'Peg' Fitzgerald / Navy veteran, former nun served as nurse at county jail

Margaret M. “Peg” Fitzgerald’s entire working life was composed of service: to God, her country and to the inmates at the county jail.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Frans Brüggen / Pioneer in early music

He was co-founder and conductor of the influential Orchestra of the 18th Century and a virtuoso recorder player.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Valeri Petrov / Bulgaria's most prominent poet and translator of Shakespeare

Besides poems, novels and translations from Russian, Italian and English, Mr. Petrov authored numerous film scripts and plays.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: John Fellows Akers / Oversaw IBM during move to PCs

John Akers was with the company for 33 years, serving for six years as CEO beginning in 1985, which was a difficult and challenging time.

3 weeks ago

 Steeler Tom Tracy, left, with Ed Kiely.

Obituary: Ed Kiely / Steelers publicist for more than 40 years, dies

Mr. Kiely joined the Steelers shortly after World War II and retired in 1989, a year after Steelers founder Art Rooney Sr. died.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Regis J. Zern / Operated tiny news shop in Wilkinsburg

Zern’s News, while tiny, harbored a wide selection of newspapers, magazines and books for sale during a 20-year run in Wilkinsburg.

3 weeks ago

 Victoria Minella

Obituary: Victoria Minella / Chef at Bridgeville family restaurant

To many growing up in the coal mining communities around Bridgeville, Victoria Minella’s restaurant was their home away from home.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Alexander 'Alex' Gavula / Broadcast buff founded his college's radio station

Alexander Gavula was one of the technical people upon whom broadcasts depend.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: John Sperling / Founder of University of Phoenix

The for-profit college that John Sperling founded to serve working adults made him a billionaire.

3 weeks ago

 Peter Ladygo

Obituary: Peter G. Ladygo Sr. / Former Steelers offensive guard

Peter G. “Pete” Ladygo Sr. had a job title that would make any athlete at least a little envious, even in 1952: guard for the Pittsburgh

3 weeks ago

 Sir Richard Attenborough

Obituary: Richard Attenborough / Directed 'Gandhi,' cloned dinosaurs in 'Jurassic Park'

Richard Attenborough won Academy Awards as director and producer of the 1982 epic that explored the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Ted Eck / Expert in glass houses and floriculture

The land and what it produced were both his vocation and his avocation.

3 weeks ago

 Harry Weiland

Obituary: Harry Weiland / WWII vet served in elite Alamo Scouts unit

Harry Weiland, honored for bravery as member of elite Army unit Alamo Scouts in World War II’s Pacific Theater, dies at 89.

3 weeks ago

 Albert Ferguson Jr.

Obituary: Albert B. Ferguson Jr. / Founder of the University of Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Surgery Department

The University of Pittsburgh and Richard Mellon recruited Albert B. Ferguson Jr. to found the orthopaedic surgery department.

3 weeks ago


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