World news briefs: 2/17/13

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Slain model's show is aired

JOHANNESBURG -- Reeva Steenkamp's last wish for her family before she was shot dead at boyfriend Oscar Pistorius' home was for them to watch her in a reality TV show that went on air Saturday night in South Africa, two days after her killing.

Sharon Steenkamp, Reeva's cousin, told The Associated Press that the model and law graduate was "proud of being in the show" and reminded them in their last conversation to make sure that they watched it.

The South African Broadcasting Corp. aired the "Tropika Island of Treasure" program, showing the late Ms.Steenkamp -- the victim of a Valentine's Day shooting at the home of Pistorius, the Olympic star and double-amputee athlete. She is laughing and smiling, and blowing a kiss toward the camera in Jamaica when it was filmed last year.

South Africa was rocked Thursday when news broke of Ms. Steenkamp's shooting death at the upscale house of the star athlete. Mr. Pistorius was arrested and charged with her murder and remains in custody in a police station. His family has strongly denied prosecutors' claims that he murdered her.

CEO salaries targeted

ZURICH -- Swiss CEOs, including Roche Holding's Severin Schwan and Nestle's Paul Bulcke, earn some of the world's highest salaries. That may soon change.

With more than 100,000 Swiss citizens having signed a petition to limit "fat cat" pay, voters will decide at a March 3 referendum whether top executives should have their compensation set by shareholders. While a poll shows a majority may vote yes, the industry's lobby group warns that it will drive out tax-paying companies and is campaigning for a softer counterproposal.

Immigration opposed

SINGAPORE -- Thousands of Singaporeans demonstrated Saturday against a government plan to increase the island's population through immigration, saying the policy will erode the national identity and worsen quality of life.

The rally increases pressure on the government to slow an influx of immigrants that has been blamed for infrastructure strains, record-high housing and transport costs and competition for jobs. Singapore's population has jumped by more than 1.1 million since mid-2004 to 5.3 million and may reach 6.9 million by 2030, based on the proposal.

Aussie lawmaker expelled

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysia expelled an Australian lawmaker after he landed Saturday in Kuala Lumpur to hold meetings with politicians, including opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, as the country gears up for elections.

Independent Sen. Nick Xenophon, who says he has a defamation suit pending against government-backed media in Malaysia, was detained under national security laws, Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said in an emailed statement.

Presidential election

NICOSIA, Cyprus -- Cypriots vote today for a new president to guide them through a severe economic crisis as their country becomes the latest financially troubled European nation seeking international rescue money.

For the first time in 40 years, the crisis has eclipsed efforts to reunify the ethnically divided country as the predominant pre-election issue. A shrinking economy, nearly 15 percent unemployment and salary cuts and tax increases demanded under a preliminary bailout deal with eurozone countries and the International Monetary Fund have cracked a veneer of prosperity partly built on Cyprus' outsize banking sector.



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