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 PigPen Theatre Co.

Hot list of events for the coming Labor Day weekend

A holiday weekend full of festivals, fairs and food.

3 months ago

 Cajun Shrimp Skewers, vegetable skewers and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Skewers from "The Hungry Fan's Game Day Cookbook" by Daina Falk.

Kebobs: Stick to the sizzling skewered foods this holiday weekend

Skewered foods are perfect for a big crowd with varied diets.

3 months ago

 Blueberry cake.

Blueberries + zucchini = awesome cake

The best tastes come together at the end of summer in one, moist bite.

3 months ago

 Sarris Candies' "Election Coin" features a caricature of Donald Trump on one side and Hillary Clinton on the other.

Will it be Clinton or Trump? It's a chocolate toss-up

Canonsburg candy maker, Sarris Candies, creates chocolate coin for the presidential election.

3 months ago

 Bartender Javed Hashmi serves a drink to a customer at the Livermore in East Liberty. Experts cite employee makeup, rental agreement and target clientele as key determiners for a successful restaurant. And, of course: Location, location, location.

Several factors allow restaurants to stay open with empty tables

How restaurants can keep their doors open for years — even with less-than-stellar dine-in business.

3 months ago

 The Cafe at the Frick is featuring an 18-ounce grilled Kobe New York strip for dinner on Fridays through the end of August.

Is a steak worth $275? It is if it melts in your mouth

A food writer takes a fork and knife to an 18-ounce, A5-graded Japanese Kobe steak at the Cafe at the Frick.

3 months ago

 Heirloom Tomato and Pimiento Cheese Pie is a delicious invention from chef Matthew Krenz.

Miriam's Garden: Heirloom tomatoes burst in rainbow of colors and evocative names

Look beyond salads and sandwiches, and use the tomatoes in one-of-a-kind pies.

3 months ago

 Food activist and chef Bryant Terry will speak at the Three Day Blow Festival.

Food, drink, social justice converge at Three Day Blow Festival in Pittsburgh

Michael Solomonov and Bryant Terry will be among the speakers at the event, which will feature “breakout sessions and quirky programming.”

3 months ago

 Chefs participating in 412 Food Rescue benefit dinner.

Pittsburgh's top female chefs dish out dinner to help 412 Food Rescue

Eleven chefs will prepare an 8-course meal in North Point Breeze to raise money to fight food waste.

3 months ago

Know the volume of your baking pans

This way you can bake any batter in any size pan.

3 months ago

 Roasted Tomato Pierogies at The Foundry.

Little Bites: North Shore's The Foundry opens

A new North Shore dining option for those headed to Pirates and Steelers games and Stage AE shows opened Monday.

3 months ago

Roasted crickets for dinner, anyone?

Troy Hill restaurant to offer insects as an alternative protein source for a four-course menu.

3 months ago

 Fox's 'MasterChef' returns tonight with Slippery Rock native Nathan Barnhouse hard at work in the kitchen.

'MasterChef' Nathan won't be bullied in the kitchen

There’s much to master in the “MasterChef” kitchen. For Slippery Rock native Nathan Barnhouse, that includes making friends, and rice.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice is reaching a much bigger audience with its food truck and ice cream boat.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Foodoo

The Meadville-based brewery created the truck and sometimes sends it to festivals and other events around Erie and Crawford County.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Burgh Bites

The gloved servers were not only clean but very personable and the cashier made everyone laugh as he called out the orders.

3 months ago

Food truck review: BRGR

The BRGR food truck has many of the same gourmet burgers available at BRGR restaurants.

3 months ago

 Loaded Campfire Pizza.

The joy of campfire cooking

Cooking on a trail requires only one heavy pan and not a lot of work.

3 months ago

 Chocolate pasta topped with Vanilla Ricotta Cream, dried fruit compote and fresh strawberries and blueberries tossed in chocolate balsamic vinegar.

Sweet pasta-bilities are endless for chocolate noodles

Serve chocolate tagliatelle with a fresh fruit salad or dried fruit compote cooked in a fruit liqueur or sweetened ricotta cheese.

3 months ago

 Jubilee Hilltop Ranch is famous for its grass-fed beef. The Bedford County farm recently got into the commercial egg business, and is the first local farm to sell eggs at Giant Eagle Market District stores.

For fresher and tastier eggs, go local

Bedford County farm is the first to sell local eggs at Giant Eagle.

3 months ago

 A geode cake made by Bethel Bakery for a wedding in June.

Geode cakes are the new wedding trend

Rock candy, coarse sugar and modeling chocolate are used to add color and glitter to wedding cakes.

3 months ago

Panda Express coming to West Mifflin

The California-based Chinese food chain is opening its first standalone location here.

3 months ago

Camp cooking class offered at REI stores

Want to try your hand at campfire cooking but not sure where to start, or how to make it fun?

3 months ago

Food truck review: L.A. Taco 412

L.A. Taco 412 is hard to miss – a yellow truck with a sugar skull wearing a sombrero.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Evil Swine BBQ

Evil Swine BBQ took to the road with a concession trailer, looking to recreate a backyard Southern barbecue on Pennsylvania roadsides.

3 months ago

Food truck review: The Hot Dog Guys

The Hot Dog Guys, Paul and James Barton, usually set up next to an Exxon station in Lower Burrell.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Kona Ice

Having had only a few snow cones in my life, I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Kona Ice truck with the giant cartoon penguin on the side.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Chatty Cupcakes

The server inside the Chatty Cupcakes food truck was friendly, efficient and knew the entire menu by heart.

3 months ago

Food truck review: PGH Crepes

PGH Crepes is not just a food truck. It’s a $7 meal with a bit of performance art thrown in.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Onion Maiden

The completely vegan, heavy metal and pun-loving Onion Maiden food truck has a wide variety that could satisfy even the pickiest vegan.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Leena's Food Truck

Leena’s Food Truck serves the same Palestinian food as the Oakland restaurant that gave it its name.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Savoy on Wheels

At the July Food Truck RoundUp in the Strip District, I tried Savoy on Wheels’ Sriracha Chicken Waffle Slider and Cheesesteak.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Berlin Street Food

I caught up with the Berlin Street Food cart at an office complex in the North Hills.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Pittsburgh Smokehouse

With a plain white tent around its trailer, Pittsburgh Smokehouse doesn't stand out from the crowd.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Gus and Yia Yia's

Out of all the food trucks in Pittsburgh, Gus and Yia Yia’s might be the easiest to find.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Pizzaiolo Primo

Despite the red dome of the pizza oven atop Pizzaiolo Primo’s food truck, I walked by it before I realized it was what I was looking for.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Randita's Cafe

Randita’s Organic Vegan Cafe food truck is a zero-emission, solar-powered vehicle with signs that say “GMO Free” and “Before you eat think.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Leona's Ice Cream Sandwich

Despite their height, Leona’s sandwiches were easy to eat.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Waffler Truck

The Waffler Truck explores everything a waffle should be, offering savory waffle sandwiches, dessert waffles and waffle fries on the side.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Mac and Gold

I came with high hopes and an appetite. Luckily, Mac & Gold fulfilled both.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Stickler's

Stickler’s frozen pops are so fresh-tasting that I almost didn’t feel bad about eating three of them in one afternoon.

3 months ago

Food truck review: La Palapa

Though the truck is tiny, the servers were very friendly and quick, preparing my food in about 5 minutes.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Oh My Grill

Crunch. Oh my! From the first bite, you’ll find this is good old-fashioned grilled cheese.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Miss Meatball

What’s special about Miss Meatball ain’t the beef meatballs. Sure, they’re juicy and tender, but the sturdy bread is the real breadwinner.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Las Chicas

It’s solid food, but at about $8 or $9 per person, it costs about the same as Chipotle or El Burro Comedor and it’s not as good.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Gryos N’at

These well-crafted gyros have real ground lamb and beef mixed with tomato, lettuce, tzatziki sauce and onion.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck

They offer two types — potato and cheese and stuffed cabbage —  plus several frozen options such as potato and bacon and kraut and mushroom.

3 months ago

Food truck review: Popsburgh

The company uses all natural ingredients and offers strawberry, pineapple and other one-flavor pops for $3 apiece.

3 months ago


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