Celebrations Spotlight: Haley Joy Kozlowski and Jesse Joyce

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Haley Joy Kozlowski, 32, and Jesse Joyce, 32, wed on October 22, 2010. The couple now resides in New York City. Their paid engagement announcement ran in the Post-Gazette on Tuesday, August 17.

Q: How did you meet?

Haley: We met at Duquesne University in 1997 and were reacquainted eight years later when Jesse was back in Pittsburgh doing a comedy show at his home club, The Funny Bone. While he was home, he went out one night to a saloon with his old high school buddy, Bernie Rafferty. I was at the same saloon celebrating my getting fired that afternoon.

Q: Where did you each grow up?

Haley: I grew up in Elizabeth and Jesse grew up in Robinson Township.

Q: Who proposed? How?

Haley: Jesse proposed at the Grotto on Duquesne University's campus.

Q: Where were you married? Why did you choose that site?

Haley: We were married at the chapel on Duquesne University's campus. It's the same place where Jesse's parents got married 37 years earlier.

Q: Where was the reception and honeymoon? Why did you choose those sites?

Jesse: The reception was at the Carnegie Museum in Oakland because we wanted to give the impression that Elton John was our wedding coordinator and the honeymoon was in Santa Fe because our second date was a cross-country drive across Route 66 in a Mustang and the stop in Santa Fe is where we agree that we started to fall in love with each other.

Q: What was the best part? The worst?

Haley: The best part was seeing how happy each of us looked and seeing how happy all of our family and friends were that day. Everyone had a special sparkle in their eyes.

Jesse: I agree. The best part was when it was just Haley and me at the altar. It was like there was no one else in the entire world. The worst part was how exhausting it was to be running around all day in a rented tuxedo and bowling shoes -- that and the limo. It was a limo bus -- like The Jersey Shore on wheels. Everything else about the wedding was super classy, and then we hopped into what looked like someone converted an RV into a strip club to head to an elegant museum reception.

Q: Who was the oldest guest? Who came the farthest?

Haley: We had an anniversary dance to pay tribute to the years that everyone has been married. Jesse's great aunt and uncle, Mary Lou and Walter Joyce, were the last ones standing. They've been married 57 years.

Jesse: My brother traveled the farthest to be the best man. He's currently in Beijing on a Fulbright scholarship.

Q: What was the funniest thing that happened?

Haley: Most of Jesse's groomsmen are comedians like him. So, one of the groomsmen left in the middle of the wedding to do a quick show and then returned to the reception without anyone really knowing.

Jesse: That was pretty classic. Also, our rings got lost in the mail for a couple of days and then showed up an hour before the wedding. When we tried them on, my ring was the size of Oprah's bracelet and hers was so small they must have thought I said I was marrying a five-year-old rhesus monkey.

Q: Who was your favorite wedding vendor? Why?

Haley: Every vendor that we had went above and beyond and became family to us, but the two that stand out are Anne Gregory For the Bride. They designed both my dress and my mom's. The other outstanding vendor was Reed and Petals. They were able to take the ideas in my head and make them come to fruition. One of the groomsmen said that walking into the reception that evening and seeing the final product was like walking into a James Bond movie.

Q: What's the most creative wedding present you were given?

Haley: The best wedding present was having all of my family and friends there -- especially my mother and father.

Q: What's the best marriage advice you received?

Haley: Everyone told us that the day goes so fast and that you need to step back and take it all in. As busy as the day was, I'm very happy to say that Jesse and I did get some moments alone to really enjoy the day with each other.

Q: What is one item of your spouse's that you wish you could throw out?

Haley: Nothing. He and I are very happy in different ways because he has a whole room dedicated to himself, which is fondly referred to as the "man cave." Anything that I don't like in the house automatically goes there.

First Published November 12, 2010 8:30 AM


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