Reality Check: 'Joe Schmo Show' ramps up craziness

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It was time for the would-be bounty hunters to face their fears on Spike TV's "The Joe Schmo Show" Tuesday. And although one had to tolerate being confined to a glass box with rats and another was almost buried alive, Pittsburgh's Chase Rogan was given a pass on his admitted fear -- snakes -- and simply made to change clothes with some disgusting, stinky guy.

With two episodes left until Mr. Rogan is told the show has been all about him, the producers have ramped up the crazy. Host/bounty hunter "Jake Montrose" (actor Ralph Garman) presented the remaining contestants with a hilariously ugly, tasteless painting of themselves with their spirit animals (don't ask).

Changing up the rules, the producers have given Mr. Rogan the power to send someone home, but they also allow a previously eliminated contestant to return. And it's Lorenzo Lamas!

Elsewhere on reality TV

• Well, that cool kids' alliance on "Survivor" (CBS, Wednesdays) didn't last long. Allie Pohevitz was voted out in the Fans' first tribal council. Another of the now-not-so-cool gang, Reynold Toepfer, also earned the scrutiny of the others when he discovered a hidden immunity idol and tried to hide it in his shorts.

This did not escape Hopewell native Laura Alexander and later, when Mr. Toepfer tried to laugh it off, he made himself a marked man. So it remains to be seen how that plays out.

• "RuPaul's Drag Race" (Logo, Mondays) went to the ballet this week to tell the life story of a "black swan" (that would be RuPaul Charles).

Ru channeled Don Cornelius in a "Soul Train" dance off to get things going, then it was on to the big show. The queens went ballet-istic in their quest to learn choreography from guest judge Travis Wall with Nick Lazzarini.

Pittsburgh's Alaska fretted that she wasn't very good at that sort of thing but was assigned the role of playing RuPaul's mom. She worked it and avoided having to actually dance much. Alyssa Edwards easily won the challenge and immunity for next week; she is, after all, a choreographer.

It was hard to resent her however, because not only did she do a fierce "Black Swan" parody, but also she rocked an adorably tiny hat on the runway afterward.

The two lowest-scoring queens -- Vivienne Pinay and Honey Mahogany -- were shockingly lethargic in their lip sync to "Oops! ... I Did it Again," and Ru sent them both home.

• The artists were bugging out on "Face Off" (Syfy, Tuesdays), where creating a human/bug hybrid led to some of the worst designs of the season.

Pittsburgh's Autumn Cook was in the middle group with her "beetle," and Savini School grad Eric Zapata was safe as well. Despite one contestant's work being described as "psychedelic vomit," another was sent home for all sorts of crimes against progressive design. (This particular bug was sent out wearing flip-flops and sprinkled all over with sparkles.)


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