TV Review: 'Hank' needs to downsize cliches

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"Hank" is the kind of show Dr. Frasier Crane would sneer at, which makes it particularly sad to see Kelsey Grammer reduced to starring in this ABC sitcom as a Dumb Daddy.

  • When: 8 tonight, ABC
  • Starring: Kelsey Grammer

Grammer stars as Hank Pryor, a sporting goods store CEO who loses his job and moves his family from New York City back to his hometown of River Bend, Va. Pryor has been so busy building a business empire that he has no idea how to relate to his children and treats his wife like a hired hand, calling a family meeting that looks a lot like a corporate pow-wow.

"Can't we all pull together as a family and do what I say?" Hank pleads when his family bails on the gathering.

Hank has a typically moody teen daughter (Jordan Hinson), a spacey son (Nathan Gamble) who speaks like Yoda, and a long-suffering wife, Tilly (Melinda McGraw). There's also Tilly's small-town bumpkin brother (David Koechner), who Hank believes is "eager to welcome us back to his tax bracket."

"Hank" (8 tonight, WTAE) embraces all the cliches viewers grew tired of in family sitcoms. Who has a hankering for more of that?

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