TV Review: Mohr is less as dumb daddy

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Traditional sitcoms have been in decline in recent years, and CBS's "Gary Unmarried" (8:30 tonight, KDKA) is unlikely to change that downward trajectory.

Jay Mohr ("Ghost Whisperer") stars as Gary, a painting contractor who sleeps with a client (Jaime King) three months after his divorce from Allison (Paula Marshall), the mother of his two children.

Gary is a dumb daddy who can't remember which child gets a pill at bedtime. Allison is a hypocritical know-it-all who's exasperated that Gary hasn't cracked the cover of "Rules for a Perfect Divorce."

'Gary Unmarried'
  • Starring: Jay Mohr
  • When: 8:30, tonight, CBS.

"I don't have to read it," he replies. "I have the audio version seated on my couch!"

This sitcom may elicit a few laughs, but the premiere episode is pretty lackluster overall, with obvious punchlines and predictable characterizations. Mohr is ill-suited to playing a "nice guy" and seems more engaged when he gets to be even slightly vicious, which isn't that often because the snarkiness he played in "Action" doesn't fit in what's ostensibly a family sitcom (even though some viewers won't find some of the jokes to be all that family-friendly).


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