TV Review: 'Worst Week' starts out as fall's best new sitcom

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CBS's new comedy "Worst Week" (9:30 tonight, KDKA) is essentially a TV version of the film "Meet the Parents."

It's quite funny in its attempts to create uncomfortable comedy out of the missteps of well-intentioned Sam (Kyle Bornheimer), who repeatedly makes a fool of himself in front of his pregnant girlfriend's parents, played by TV veterans Kurtwood Smith ("That '70s Show") and Nancy Lenehan ("Meet the Kellys").

But after everything that goes wrong in tonight's premiere, how can the writers keep up this juggling act on a weekly basis?

'Worst Week'
  • When: 9:30 tonight, CBS.
  • Starring: Kyle Bornheimer.

Once Sam pronounces Dick (Smith) dead -- he's not, Sam makes a faulty assumption -- and urinates on dinner (don't ask), how can the writers keep up this series while maintaining Sam's everyman appeal? Even a sitcom has to be rooted in some sort of reality, and it seems like producers will be asking too much from viewers, expecting them to suspend their disbelief and accept that Sam is capable of making such a high caliber of gaffes on a weekly basis.

Maybe they will find their way. Tonight's premiere establishes Sam as a good guy who tries to do the right thing but often fails, sometimes through no fault of his own.

Bornheimer, who filmed scenes in Pittsburgh for the upcoming movie "She's Out of My League," plays Sam as a sympathetic character viewers will be happy to cheer and wince for. Erinn Hayes as his girlfriend, Melanie, mostly has to react to Sam's idiocy, which doesn't give her much to do, especially with Smith nearby to deliver his patented slow burn.

It's too soon to declare "Worst Week" the fall's best new sitcom, but if the show's writers can find a way to sustain its seemingly unsustainable premise, it may overcome all doubts. It's certainly off to a strong start.

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