Bring on the 'Frisky Dingo'

Friday, Oct. 13, 2006

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Though I can't say I've gotten into all the shows that air as part of Cartoon Network's late-night Sunday Adult Swim programming block, I do admire the network's efforts to create animated series for adults. And their latest, "Frisky Dingo" (12:30 a.m. Monday), may supplant my past fave, "Harvey Birdman."

The show's title doesn't seem to have anything to do with the show's story, but no matter. The first "Frisky Dingo" episode introduces the villain Killface, who intends to destroy the Earth by propelling it into the sun. Before he can do that, there are many niggling details to attend to. He has to record his threat video with persnickety indie filmmakers and plan media buys to get out the word about his plan of annihilation.

"You don't have the budget to run with the big dogs, do you?" taunts one of the filmmakers.

Reluctantly, Killface mounts a direct marketing campaign, even as he complains it's "the dry hump of marketing strategies."

On the other side is billionaire Xander Crews, who moonlights as superhero Awesome-X, a jerk who cheats on his girlfriend with a prostitute, and, as a result has to pay the hooker to keep quiet, which results in the layoffs of his partners-in-do-gooding, The X-ticles. When these henchmen learn they'll lose their jobs, they wonder what will become of their 401K plans and health insurance.

"Are we at least eligible for COBRA?" an X-ticle asks.

"The little G.I. Joe doll?" Awesome-X responds.

"Frisky Dingo" takes the minutiae of everyday life and corporate decision-making and applies it to superheroes and villains with highly amusing results.

Sunday's premiere only introduces Killface, while next week's episode is devoted to Awesome-X. In subsequent episodes, both characters will appear as they face off, the fate of the world hilariously hanging in the balance.


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