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Q: As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to turn, we get a lot of tourists in rural Vermont, where I live. And they drive us nuts. Instead of stopping and getting out of their cars to take photographs, they simply drive at a snail's pace so they can take photo after photo from the comfort of their seat.

Now, I know the leaves are beautiful -- that's part of why I choose to make my home here -- and I am all for travelers coming to see them, but those of us who live around here sometimes can't avoid driving on these same roads to go to work, or to the grocery store, or to take our kids to the doctor. I just want to remind everyone that if you're going foliage-viewing, please drive at a normal pace and pull over when you want to take pictures.

A: Well said. I grew up in New England, and you're absolutely right: If you have to go somewhere that requires you to take a scenic rural road on a sunny Saturday afternoon in fall, you'd better leave ridiculously early because the traffic can rival rush hour in Boston.

I just want to elaborate a bit on your point.

I agree with you that travelers should pull over to take photographs rather than driving significantly below the speed limit, but they need to pull over in safe places. Most popular scenic highways have designated lookout spots where you can do this, but if there isn't one, at least make sure you can pull completely off the road, especially if the traffic behind you is coming into a curve. You do not want to force traffic over the center lane when drivers can't see what's coming toward them in it.

Finally, thank you for saying "foliage-viewing" instead of "leaf-peeping," which has to be the most irritating travel-related phrase in the English language.

Q: I want to take my girlfriend to a Broadway show. Should I book tickets in advance or go to that discount day-of-show ticket booth in Times Square?

A: It depends on two things -- the show you're talking about and whether you actually want to stand in line for tickets.

TKTS, the discount booth in Times Square (with other locations in Brooklyn and South Street Seaport), is awesome, but you're not going to get "Book of Mormon" seats at 50 percent off there. If you're interested in seeing a less-popular show, and you don't mind spending part of your time in NYC waiting in line, then you could risk it.

I'd download the TKTS app and get a feel for what sort of shows are available (and how much you can save) before you decide.


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