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Make-A-Wish Foundation:

We just moved into fabulous space on the 37th Floor of the Gulf Tower, home of the peregrine falcons (who are getting ready to nest right outside our windows! Talk about a cool work environment!). Rugby Realty outdid themselves on the space. We have always had a great atmosphere here. Working for a nonprofit, the "benefits" are not always in the pay but in the perks -- great benefit package, excellent work environment, excellent CEO, fun surprises (like ice cream sundaes on the first day of spring), afternoons off for surpassing goals, Egg McMuffin staff meetings and extra days off at the holidays. We do survey to keep the pay scale competitive. We do great work, and we work great together. Diversity -- well, like most nonprofits, we're mostly women, except for the two brave men who work here!
-- Ann

Carlow University: Since I have been in Pittsburgh these past 18 months, I have found that Carlow University is a place that truly works every day to live its mission of lifelong learning, lived values and competent and compassionate service to others. I am proud to be a part of Carlow's family.
-- Carol

Sony Electronics: Sony is the absolute worst company in the area to work for. A culture of mendacity permeated throughout every facet of the company. Favoritism, racism, sexism and cruelty are not only tolerated but encouraged by management. The local media needs to take a good, hard look at Sony and their illegal employment practices. They continually break every OSHA standard applicable to their operations.
-- Liza

Penn State University Electro-Optics Center: Penn State is the best workplace that I have ever had in my career. The people are nice and helpful. The management wants to see their employees succeed and help in any way they can.
-- Michelle

Davison Design & Development: I have worked for a diverse array of companies all up and down the Eastern Seaboard during my career; my passion to travel has never left me in any city longer than three years. I have been here in Pittsburgh with Davison for almost two years, and it gets better as time passes. Just wait and see: This company is going to put Pittsburgh back on the map and lead the city into a new age of innovation and prosperity. I will be here for the ride!
-- Eric

Net Health Systems: I felt like I was coming home when I joined this company. I live in Westmoreland County, so the decision to work in town was quite a formidable one. But when I interviewed here, the people were so warm and friendly, I had to join the company.
-- D.L.

First Trinity Lutheran Church: I love my work. The people of First Trinity are warm, welcoming, trusting and charitable. The students, with whom I work as the campus pastor, are fun, energetic and energizing, supportive and bright. There is never a dull day or even moment: My work is challenging and exciting, and meaningful beyond measure. I am truly blessed.
-- Eric


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