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As wise men have said -- or perhaps it was just in a Ray Stevens song -- everything is beautiful, in its own way.

A new game for iOS fits the bill, indeed. Simogo's "Year Walk" ($3.99) is a first-person stroll through a spooky forest in 19th-century Sweden. The setting: It's cold and snowy, and the spirits are restless as you collect clues and figure out puzzles.

This is not a kids' game -- think "thematic horror" -- but it is elegantly gorgeous. Creepy, even, and the myths revealed are hardly the stuff of bedtime stories. They're explained in the (highly recommended) free "Year Walk" companion app.

'Year Walk' game eye-catching, creepy

Simogo's creepy yet beautiful new game, "Year Walk," lets the player wander through a forest in 19th-century Sweden. (3/3/2013)

Here we learn that Arsgang ("Year Walk") was a vision quest, with very strict rules. Here is also the tale of "The Brook Horse," which would lure children into the water. (See? Not for kids!)

It's also not a game for the impatient. The joy of exploring each scene, tapping here and there to reveal an interaction, makes this a perfect diversion on a snowy night.



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