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Steelers tweets:

Ike Taylor? @Ike_SwagginU: Toughest (WR) I've seen play the game One thing we will all remember the most is his SMILE SB (40) MVP Future HOF #86 HINES WARD

William Gay @williamgay22: #futureHOF Hines Ward!!!! Man please don't catch me slippin like u did Ed Reed when u go to another team #ijs

LaMarr Woodley @LaMarrWoodley: Hines Ward is not only 1 of the best WRs ever, but also a great leader & even better friend. fortunate I had the chance 2 play 5 yrs w/him

Ryan Clark @RealRClark25: Hines is 1 of the best football players not just WR I've ever seen. He is a true Steeler. To say he'll be missed is an under statement! #HOF

Cam Heyward ?@CamHeyward: I had a pleasure of getting to meet hines ward and he was a class act from day one. A true legend in his own right. Thank you [for] everything

Ramon Foster ?@RamonFoster: Enjoyed playing with a legend like Hines Ward, great leader and teammate. Your presence will be missed. #wardy

Marcus Gilbert ?@MarcusGilbert88: Hats off to @mvp86hinesward one of the best WR's in the history of the games! Thanks bro for the guidance you helped me with my rookie year!

On the Post-Gazette's Facebook page:

Fred Ivimey: This is Franco Harris all over again. I think the Rooney's will regret this.

Marcelo Corpuz: Hines will always be a Steeler. I think the Steelers handled it as well as they could have. People must be forgetting Harris, Webster, Kirkland, etc., etc. Its the nature of the business, and the Steelers are a business.

Jennifer Post Iriti: Love you Hines...thanks for all the smackdowns, smiles, tears, and wind! You are a Steeler through and through! I hope to never see you in another uniform, but if you must, then you must. It's been a great ride with you! Keep smiling!

Eric Lindey: Let's keep Ward, pull Lambert, Ham, Bradshaw, and the rest of the 70's Steelers back and play this year in the NFL (Nostalgia Football League). Come on people, he had a great run, made millions, and is adored by the city. He's old (for a football player) and it is time to let him go.

Greg Snyder: Everything comes to an end. Awesome memories; he always gave his all and then some.

Michael Masko: It was a business move. The team needs room to keep Wallace. They could bring him back at lower price to save on the cap. Still love him as a player

Natalie Misiaszek: ?#86 Hines Ward - Forever A Pittsburgh Steeler.. Future Hall of Fame .. enough said

On the Post-Gazette's Blog 'N' Gold:

Steelcity2: Too bad the Rooney family has lost the class they were known to exhibit. Two years in a row of decisions that bring their sincerity and morality into question. Farewell Hines, you have always been a class act.

Buffy: For those complaining about the release: what role was Ward supposed to play? He's mentored the younger players; the team can't afford to use a roster spot on someone whose productivity has declined. I like Ward and the way he hits, but he's at the end of his career. When T.O. tries to keep in the game, he looks pathetic, and I hope Ward won't do that. --

Cnfinder: I'm so, so sad about the Steelers releasing Hines. His value to the team goes way beyond the scoreboard and statistics. His smile alone lights up all of Steeler Nation and the example he sets for the younger players is invaluable. I think the powers that be are being shortsighted. I hate to see this happen. --

Dacorn: This is not what the Steelers organization has been about. We have always been a class act. This action is shoddy and SO beneath the loyalty of Steelers fans. What on earth were the Rooneys thinking? I am totally disgusted and feeling like it's hard to support the team next year.

Joe D: Steelers couldn't afford to keep Hines ... I want Wallace over Hines!!! We need to think about the future and the future is not Hines ...

Hines would not take the veteran minimum!! And Wallace and Brown are All-Pro's and don't need a mentor!! Love Hines... but he needed to do the right thing... and RETIRE!!! He forced Steelers hand and it didn't work. It's a business."

-- Compiled by Dan Gigler of the Post-Gazette


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