Steelers, Packers no strangers to sellout streaks, waiting lists

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Tickets for the game Sunday are tough to come by. And those that can be come by were selling for an average of $4,683 as of Wednesday.

That should come as no surprise to any faithful follower of the Steelers or Packers. After all, tickets for regular-season games for years have been harder to find than a Pirates fan willing to predict a winning season.

The Packers have sold out every home game at Lambeau Field since 1960.

The Steelers have sold out every home game at Three Rivers Stadium and now Heinz Field since November 1972.

The only numbers that trump the Packers' streak are those associated with the waiting list of those wanting to add to it.

Gary D'Amato of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Sunday that the list numbers approximately 86,000 names. About 90 tickets turn over each offseason. At that rate, No. 86,000 on the list can expect to have his own seats at Lambeau Field XXX just in time for the 2966 season.

Because of the wait, including place numbers in wills and signing up newborns have become common practices.

The Steelers also have a waiting list, though it hasn't quite become as mythologized as that of the Packers. In 2007, Forbes magazine reported it to be at about 40,000 fans long. Other reports peg it as high as 88,000.

No matter what, fans on the list shouldn't stock up on tailgating staples anytime soon.


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