1980s Steelers' drafts: year-by-year

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If the Steelers' drafts of the 1970s were among the best the franchise ever conducted, several of those in the 1980s were among the worst. Pick after pick -- especially most of those taken in the first rounds -- failed to pan out.

The Steelers did, however, pick Hall of Fame cornerback Rod Woodson in the first round in 1987, and procured greats such as Carnell Lake Greg Lloyd, Merrill Hoge, and Dermontti Dawson.

Picks listed by year and round selected:


1a. Worley, Tim (RB), Georgia.

1b. Ricketts, Tom (OT), Pittsburgh.

2. Lake, Carnell (SS), UCLA.

3. Hill, Derek (WR), Arizona.

4. Williams, Jerrol (LB), Purdue.

5. Arnold, David (DB), Michigan.

6. Stock, Mark (WR), Virginia Military Institute.

7. Johnson, David (CB), Kentucky.

8. Asbeck, Chris (NT), Cincinnati.

9. Jenkins, A.J. (DE), Cal State Fullerton.

10. Olsavsky, Jerry (LB), Pittsburgh.

11. Slater, Brian (WR), Washington.

12. Haselrig, Carlton (NT), Pittsburgh-Johnstown.


1. Jones, Aaron (DE), Eastern Kentucky.

2. Dawson, Dermontti (C/G), Kentucky.

3. Lanza, Chuck (C), Notre Dame.

4. No pick.

5a. Jordan, Darin (LB), Northeastern.

5b. Reese, Jerry (DL), Kentucky.

6. Williams, Warren (RB), Miami (Fla.).

7. Zeno, Marc (WR), Tulane.

8a. Nichols, Mark (DT), Michigan State.

8b. Hinnant, Mike (TE), Temple.

9. Lockbaum, Gordie (RB), Holy Cross.

10. Jackson, John (OT), Eastern Kentucky.

11. Dawson, Bobby (SS), Illinois.

12. Earle, James (LB), Clemson.


1. Woodson, Rod (CB), Purdue.

2. Hall, Delton (CB), Clemson.

3. Lockett, Charles (WR), Cal State -- Long Beach.

4. Everett, Thomas (FS), Baylor.

5. Nickerson, Hardy (LB), California.

6a. Johnson, Tim (DE), Penn State.

6b. Lloyd, Greg (LB), Fort Valley State.

7. Kelley, Chris (TE), Akron.

8. Buchanan, Charles (DE), Tennessee State.

9. Clinkscales, Joey (WR), Tennessee.

10. Hoge, Merril (RB), Idaho State.

11. Oswald, Paul (C), Kansas.

12. Young, Theo (TE), Arkansas.


1. Reinstra, John (G), Temple.

2. Williams, Gerald (DT/NT), Auburn.

3. Brister, Walter "Bubby", (QB), Northeast Louisiana.

4. Callahan, Bill (S), Pittsburgh.

5a. Tucker, Erroll (CB/KR), Utah.

5b. Jones, Brent (TE), Santa Clara.

6. Bryant, Domingo (DB), Texas A&M.

7. Carter, Rodney (RB), Purdue.

8. Boso, Cap (TE), Illinois.

9. Henton, Anthony (LB), Troy State.

10. Seitz, Warren (WR/RB), Missouri.

11. Station, Larry (LB), Iowa.

12. Williams, Mike (LB), Tulsa.


1. Sims, Darryl (DE), Wisconsin.

2. Behning, Mark (OT), Nebraska.

3. Hobley, Liffort (S), Louisiana State.

4. Turk, Dan (C), Wisconsin.

5. Jacobs, Cam (LB), Kentucky.

6. Carr, Gregg (LB), Auburn.

7. Andrews, Alan (TE), Rutgers.

8. Newsome, Harry (P), Wake Forest.

9a. Small, Fred (LB), Washington.

9b. Harris, Andre (CB), Minnesota.

10. White, Oliver (TE), Kentucky.

11. Matichak, Terry (S), Missouri.

12. Gillespie, Fernandars (RB), William Jewell.


1. Lipps, Louis (WR), Southern Mississippi.

2. Kolodziejski, Chris (TE), Wyoming.

3. No pick.

4a. Thompson, Weegie (WR), Florida State.

4b. Long, Terry (G), East Carolina.

5. Hughes, Van (DT), Southwest Texas State.

6. Brown, Chris (DB), Notre Dame.

7. Campbell, Scott (QB), Purdue.

8. Rasmussen, Randy (C-G), Minnesota

9. Erenberg, Rich (RB), Colgate.

10. McJunkin, Kirk (G-OT), Texas.

11. Veals, Elton (RB), Tulane.

12. Gillespie, Fernandars (RB), William Jewell.


1. Rivera, Gabriel (NT-DE), Texas Tech.

2. Capers, Wayne (WR), Kansas.

3. Seabaugh, Todd (LB), San Diego State.

4. Metcalf, Isaac (S), Baylor.

5a. Skansi, Paul (WR), Washington.

5b. Garrity, Gregg (WR), Penn State.

6. Williams, Eric (S), North Carolina State.

7. Kirchner, Mark (G), Baylor.

8a. Odom, Henry (RB), South Carolina State.

8b. Dunaway, Craig (TE), Michigan.

9. Wingle, Blake (G), UCLA.

10. Straughter, Roosevelt (S), Northeast Louisiana.

11. Raugh, Mark (TE), West Virginia.

12. Wiley, Roger (RB), Sam Houston State.


1. Abercrombie, Walter (RB), Baylor.

2. Meyer, John (OT), Arizona State.

3. Merriweather, Mike (LB), Pacific.

4. Woods, Rick (S), Boise State.

5. Dallafior, Ken (OT), Minnesota.

6a. Perko, Mike (DT), Utah State.

6b. Bingham, Craig (LB), Syracuse.

7a. Nelson, Edmund (DT), Auburn.

7b. Boures, Emil (C), Pittsburgh.

8. Goodson, John (P), Texas.

9. Hirn, Mike (TE), Central Michigan.

10. Sunseri, Sal (LB), Pittsburgh.

11. Abdul-Saboor, Mikal (G), Morgan State.

12. Hughes, Al (DE), Western Michigan.


1. Gary, Keith (DE), Oklahoma.

2. Washington, Anthony (CB), Fresno State.

3. Donnalley, Rick (C-G), North Carolina.

4. Martin, Robbie (WR-KR), Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo.

5. Martin, Rick (WR), New Mexico.

6. Hinkle, Bryan (LB), Oregon.

7. Little, David (LB), Florida.

8. Wilson, Frank (RB-TE), Rice.

9. Hunter, James (TE-OT), Southern California.

10. Mayock, Mike (S), Boston College.

11. Trocano, Rick (QB), Pittsburgh.

12. Sent to San Francisco as trade compensation.


1. Malone, Mark (QB), Arizona State.

2a. Kohrs, Bob (LB), Arizona State.

2b. Goodman, John (DE), Oklahoma.

3. Sydnor, Ray (TE), Wisconsin.

4. Hurley, Bill (QB), Syracuse.

5. Wolfley, Craig (G), Syracuse.

6. Ilkin, Tunch (C), Indiana State.

7. Johnson, Nate (WR), Hillsdale (Michigan).

8. Walton, Ted (CB) Connecticut.

9. McCall, Ron (WR), Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

10a. Wilson, Woodrow (CB), North Carolina State.

10b. Fritz, Ken (G), Ohio State.

11. Pollard, Frank (RB), Baylor.

12a. Vaclavik, Charles (DB), Texas.

12b. McGriff, Tyrone (G), Florida A & M.


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