Readers' Forum: Why do women like the Steelers?

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The Steelers have known for years their fan base included countless women - that was evidenced by all the pink official team jerseys they sell and the hundreds who attend their female training camp each summer.

Now the Steelers have proof that, when it comes to building a female fan base, Pittsburgh does it better.

According to a Scarborough Sports Marketing survey of 220,354 residents in 75 United States markets conducted last year, Pittsburgh has the largest base of NFL fans who are women. Pittsburgh is the runaway leader, with 34 percent of the women living in the Steelers' market identifying themselves as fans. [View a video report]

Why do women love the Steelers?

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The readers respond:

My parents had no sons, so they raised both their daughters to become Steeler fans for life. After going to church, we'd plan the rest of our Sundays around the Steelers' schedule. We lived and died with the results of each game, and jumped and "screamed ahr lungs aht."

I've worn the black and gold proudly ever since, maybe even more so since I moved to Arizona 12 years ago. Even though Ken Whisenhunt, Russ Grimm and some of the Steeler players have migrated here to the desert, we disagree with some of our friends' claims that the Cardinals are becoming Steelers West. The Cards are not our TRUE Steelers and never will be.

The Steelers have the most women fans because we're passionate about our families, and because we come from Pittsburgh, part of family life is enjoying the good the great football and great players and coaches the Rooneys have given usover the years. And yeah, I have to say it: the Steelers have some of the hottest guys around. -- Kathy Graden - ex-Burgher in Phoenix, Arizona

It doesn't matter what gender you are. If you're from Pittsburgh, you love the Steelers because you understand the meaning of home and loyalty. You root because your family roots together. You follow the team because it brings you joy. Because there's no better feeling, especially when you've had a particularly tough week at work, than knowing the home team worked hard and won the game.

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area. I moved to Central Pennsylvania seven years ago. No matter where I go, people who aren't Steelers fans laugh about the fact that I say "we" won or lost the game. They tell me I'm not actually on the team. But I disagree???

We've won five Super Bowls, and we'll win more. Because the people of Pittsburgh and its fans simply deserve it. -- Cheryl Kremer, Mechanicsburg, PA

I have lived all my life in Missouri. My mother worked at Rawlings and made a lot of athletic apparel and at the time she worked their they made helmets and other equipment. We had Pittsburgh Steeler jerseys and helmets growing up. I was a big fan as a kid in the 70's and have remained a loyal fan ever since. My daughter now is a fan also. -- Deena Elmore Houston, MO

My mom became a huge Steelers fan over the years because she didn't want to be a football widow on Sundays. Nowadays, she knows the game as well as my father and screams louder than either of us. Neither of my sisters live in Pittsburgh anymore but they both know that the Steelers are their team. Two years ago, I was on vacation in Bangladesh during the playoffs. I was sitting down to breakfast when I received a phone call on my cellphone. It was my mom, calling from Pittsburgh to tell me about the score of the Steelers-Bengals playoff game!! That was the main reason she called - Steelers football. Enough said. -- Maher S. Hoque (on behalf of his Black & Gold lovin' mother, Rumi Hoque), Monroeville, PA.

In Pittsburgh you are born a Steelers fan! It's a tradition. My whole family would watch the games together. I grew up during the "Superbowl Years" as we used to call them wearing Terry Bradshaw's jersey and eating his peanut butter.

It's the same way 30 years later, my neice and nephew enjoy the the Sunday games wearing Hines Ward and Ben Roethlisberger's jerseys. I'm not so sure about Big Ben's Beef Jerkey though.

You never stop being a Steeler fan no matter where you go.You can take the Steeler fan out of Pittsburgh, but you can never take the Pittburgh Steelers out of our fans hearts!

I'm always proud to be from Pittsburgh, thanks in part to our beloved Steelers past and present! -- Thank you, Michelle L. Maedinger

As evidenced by the sea of Terrible Towels waving over 75% of the Bank of America stadium at the Steelers vs. Panthers game last December, once a Steelers fan, always a Steelers fan. I felt at home among all of the now geographically-dispersed Steelers fans. No other NFL team plays with the heart and soul of the Steelers and in recognition of their dedication, fans stand by their team in both good times and bad. The playoff and Super Bowl traditions my sister and I fondly recall from the 70s were happily re-instated the other year (much to my sister's fianc??'s embarrassment.) Most importantly, the team focuses on the task at hand without the distracters of cheerleaders, et al. I have lived in Charlotte for almost 12 years but am now, and will always be, a die-hard Steelers fan. -- Kathleen Kost, Pittsburgh native and Steeler fan now living in Charlotte, NC

I was raised in the Pittsburgh area and football is the bloodline that keeps us all together. Now that I live in California and go to a Black and Golf venue to watch football it is amazing how many Steeler fans are in the area. Thou many fans are males, a lot are also females supporting their "male" friends, husbands and have been "officially" converted. I too have "converted" a many female friend into a Steeler fan. I think it's because of how close we feel as fans and of course how good we look in black and gold!!! It is an amazing football team with an amazing fan base!!! -- Kim Little, Highland, CA

My dad grew up in Squirrel Hill and raised my brother and I to be Steeler fans. My mom quickly understood the 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' situation she had on her hands, so she learned football with my brother and I. These days, she not only cares, but she's pretty knowledgeable. She's a good, solid Steeler fan. -- Sam Fleishman

The women love the uniforms, the terrible towels and Myron Cope! -- Howard, in Hawaii, born & raised in the Burgh.

For me, the Rooney Family and The Pittsburgh Steelers represent a city of hard working, friendly, principled, great people. They have without a doubt, the best looking uniforms in the league that spell "class" the minute they take the field. They don't get caught up in all the media hype, just continue to demonstrate hard work and wonderful skill and results.

I was born and raised in that wonderful city that The Steelers represent and have lived in many other states during my lifetime. There are no finer people in the world than Pittsburgh people and no matter where I live or have lived, Pittsburgh will always be my home. The caliber of men chosen for this team always seem to have high standards, not only for themselves as teammates but as human beings and contributors to society.

I am now locked in my own form of hell -- New England -- Patriot Country. I cannot tell you the disdain I have for this team. They are Laundry's Cowboys with the same arrogance and they disgust me. The happiest day of my life was Halloween 2005 when the Steelers wiped up the field with them and had Brady on his back most of the game!!! I would consider it a great gift if that could be repeated this 12/9!!

Women love the Steelers because they are a team with no divas just great determination and teamwork. Women are all about team work. -- Mary Ann Williams, N. Andover, MA.

One reason Pittsburgh has such large female fan base for the Pittsburgh Steelers is simple...because our men love them! What woman doesn't know the frustration of having plans sidetracked by a husband or loved one who wants to watch or attend a Steelers game? My philosophy is, if you cant beat 'em, join 'em. If your hubby wants to go to the game, you go too! Not only does it show you love the person, but it shows you're open to give a little in a relationship. Who knows, maybe you take him to a game today and he'll do the dishes tommorrow! -- Joanne Mule

I have my fondest memories of the Steelers growing up in the 70's. My mom would make dinner around kickoff. She was even a bigger fan then my dad.

I live in Brown's country now and even have Brown's season tickets ( I get to see one Steeler game a year, and yes I'm decked out in Black and Gold for the occasion!!) Even though the Brown's have a lot of history (from eons ago!) they fans are definitely not as rapid as Pittsburgh fans, and with a poor product on the field, you can't keep or get new fans, male or female! -- Beth Reynolds, Munroe Falls, OH, formerly of Coraopolis, PA

It is very easy to see why the Steelers have the best fans (female or male) around. The Steelers are a blue-collar hard working team that show up every Sunday and give 100% cause they know that their fans are behind them 100%.

I have been a Steeler fan since the first Super Bowls in the 70's and very proudly surrounded my desk with banners, Terrible Towels and black and gold pom poms and all the Steeler stuff I could buy during the journey to the Super Bowl in 2005 and I now live in Philadelphia Eagles territory.

The Steelers are the best team in the NFL (win or lose) and I will always bleed "black and gold"! -- Kathy Kellner, Shillington PA

I've been a Steelers' fan for more than 3 decades, especially admiring the defense, the Steel Curtain, the linebackers led by Jack Lambert and now Troy Polamalu and the secondary. I don't think real Steelers female fans would ever buy or wear anything pink. Maybe other female fans also admire real men who go out there, work hard, do the job and walk off the field, not complaining or whining. The Steelers offense are real men too. My husband is like this. He is a very successful professional who does his work and derives personal satisfaction from doing it right. The Steelers have been like this for as long as I can remember because the new players come in and see how things go and fit themselves into this atmosphere thus guaranteeing continuity. -- Nanit Noyb

My wife and I were reluctant transplants to Pittsburgh from the South, who ended up living in the area for 4 years. We found that becoming part of the "Steelers Nation" (which is so wonderfully accurate a term for dispersed Steelers fans, irrespective of its overuse by others)transcended football. It was an elemental part of becoming - and being embraced as - participants in the community at large. And that was due in large part to the fact that the experience was not limited to sports-loving men. More than once we had the experience of being out at dinner, talking about a given play or other event, only to have the family next to us, as well as the waitress, all jump in with strongly held and well-informed opinions directly on topic, as if we were sitting around the family room enjoying an "Arn". We have lived in 3 other NFL cities (New Orleans, DC and NYC), and that was an unique experience for us. Although we have moved away, we still very much miss that camaraderie (and suffer through Jets games), which will always epitomize our Pittsburgh experience, and be our Pittsburgh connection forever.

As an aside, a recent study in NYC mentioned in the "New Yorker" Magazine, stated that the general social health of a given area - in that study's case, a municipal park - is greater the greater the percentage of women within the population as a whole. And higher female presence/participation encourages further female presence/participation. In Pittsburgh, it was an element of hearth and home for a woman to be a Steelers fan. Can one extend the cited study to conclude that women being Steelers fans encourages, or at least validates, other women becoming fans? -- John C. L. Guyer, New York.

Because Black and Gold goes with everything. -- Daniel Wascovich

It comes as no surprise that the Steelers have the biggest female fan base -- for several reasons. First, Pittsburgh girls are those rare female who understand and love the game. No "football widows" in that town! We're right there with the guys yelling and chanting and coaching from the stands, the sports bar or the couch. Second, the Steelers have never alienated the real women of the City of Pittsburgh by bringing in scantily-clad Barbie doll cheerleaders like many other NFL teams. It just wouldn't fit with the team's persona. Finally, what Steel-town girl could resist the killer smiles of Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu? I must take issue with one thing -- most Pittsburgh girls I know, myself included, would never buy a PINK jersey. We bleed black and gold! -- Kara Erdodi Arguello, Originally of Bridgeville, PA, Currently residing in San Jose, Calif.

My husband is from Pittsburgh and all of his family resides there -- all Steeler fans. I've always loved football and never had a team to follow. When I met my husband, I admired his loyalty to the Steelers and got caught up in the "Steeler Fever" with him. On our last visit to Pittsburgh, we visited Heinz Field and went crazy in the gift shop. Our family room in CA is painted gold and our plasma is black. On game day, we fly a banner out front and open our doors and windows, so the neighbors can hear our enthusiasm.

Thank you Pittsburgh, and thank you Steelers for giving me a team to follow and for all the fun that goes along with being a real fan! -- Lisa Saly, Riverside, Calif.

Grew up my entire life in St Louis but have been a Steeler fan since 1977..

Women love them cause they are winners,play with heart and those outfits are sexy according to my wife who once she met me, is a Steeler fan for life as well as most of my family thanks to me being so dedicated to the Black and Gold.... -- Allen Hanner, Staunton Ill.

I'm a transplant to Pittsburgh, and have been a Steelers fan for 15 years. I grew up in Texas, but never cared for the Cowboys, or Oilers.

I joined the military, met my husband a Pittsburgh native, and learned about the Steelers organization. I was impressed with the history of the team, the Rooney family, and the type of men who were selected to wear the Black & Gold. I've grown to truly love the Steelers, and they are my team. I'll never forget us living in Georgia, sitting in our cars early in the morning to hear Steelers talk on KDKA radio, or spending the money to get Directv so we could have all the Steelers games on our tv. Every sacrifice, and penny I've spent to learn more about, and follow the Steelers has been worth it, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I love my Steelers! -- Jan Meyers, Pittsburgh

I grew up in Punxsutawney, PA where it was church on Sunday mornings, then come home and build a fire in the fireplace, and watch Steelers all afternoon. It was all about family and extended family and yelling and hollering for the beloved Steelers! Winning 4 Super Bowls back then didn't hurt either. Now I'm married to a devout Bronco fan and raising my children in Bronco country. But I'm happy to say that my son and daughter both proudly wear their Bettis and Roethlisberger jerseys. I took a lot of heat from the in-laws when the Steelers beat the Broncos in Denver to go on to win the Super Bowl, but the family arrived in Black and Gold to watch the Super Bowl! Go Steelers! PS. Another reason I love the Steelers: A few years ago I was pulled over for speeding here in Colorado. The officer walked up behind my Blazer and patted the Steeler emblem on my back window. I knew I was either in luck or in trouble...thankfully, he was a Steeler fan too, living in Bronco country. I got off with a warning. -- Dayna Scoles, Colorado Springs, Colorado (formerly of Punxsutawney, PA)

The survey results do not surprise me in any way that the Steelers have the largest female fan base. Women have generally been overlooked by the NFL, because in the past it was assumed that most women don't enjoy football. We just don't enjoy it, we LOVE it.

The funny part is, I learned about the Steelers through my mother. My dad was never a big football fan, but my mother was. She taught me who was who and the basics of the game.

I think we have the largest fan base because the Steelers, first and foremost are the epitome of class. From the owners on down, they emit professionalism.

Secondly, and most importantly, they are a hard-working, in-your-face team. They don't rely on cheerleaders, mascots or giveaways to bring the fans. They work hard, and we love them for it. They acknowledge the fans, and never talk down on us.

The Steelers have been around for 75 years. Over those 75 years, women have learned the game and look forward to any game the Black and Gold play. -- Joan McBride, Carnegie, PA

It's a family affair! You were born into the Steeler nation, so it doesn't surprise me one bit that we have the largest female fan base! A funny little story???.Growing up my younger cousin was a huge Dallas fan, and I honestly believed that because of that, he was to be adopted out of the family.and I was completely fine with that!!!! -- Jacquie Dragina-Etna (Etown!), PA

The appeal of the Steelers transcends gender because they are always relevant and the only thing we know about them is what they do on the field and what they do in community service. They may bitterly disappoint us at times, but they have never made us feel ashamed of them. -- Dave Pitts Marlborough MA (used to live in Rural Valley)

was brought up on Steelers football, right here in Southern California. I'm a native Californian, but both parents are from Western Pennsylvania. My dad lived and died wearing the Black and Gold and I'm proud to carry on the tradition. I have a twelve-year-old son who absolutely BLEEDS Black and Gold. He who looks to Steelers old and new as heroes, not just on the playing field but in terms of character and role modeling. The Steelers were, are, and (I hope) will always be a class act, peopled with real gentlemen who haven't forgotten the ideals of sportsmanlike conduct, wining and losing graciously, and working tirelessly to support the community in which they play.

My son's room is affectionately nicknamed "Heinz Field West" (Dunn Edwards' "Bumblebee" on the biggest wall, accompanied by a Franco Harris poster and enlargements of pictures from his birthday trip to Pittsburgh last year to watch the Steelers beat Tampa Bay). Our nearest NFL franchise is the Chargers--and they're a very nice little team, I suppose, but there's NOTHING like Steeler energy. -- Jill McKenna, Orange County, California

We love the Steelers because we are an educated fan base. Thanks to the success of the franchise in the 1970's, many of us grew up knowing and learning the games, not just watching them for entertainment. As we continued to learn more about strategy, we shared our knowledge with our girlfriends and sisters. Since the Rooneys have consistently put a great product on the field for us to enjoy, we have become more dedicated and knowledgeable. This is why Cleveland's female fans rank low on the list!! -- Amy Martin

This is Pittsburgh, and regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity, we are all Steelers fans! As the daughter of a steelworker, one of my earliest memories is watching the Super Bowl in 1980 with my Dad. The Terrible Towel was ceremoniously draped on top of the television, and we sat and ate our homemade pizza while cheering on the best franchise in the NFL! -- Jennifer (Taylor) Wallis, South Fayette Twp.

I love the Steelers because the men on their team have morals, strength of character and mind. The Rooneys are also a big part of the package. I just love the entire organization. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, moved to NJ as a teen, but have always loved the Steelers and raised my four children to do the same. My four sisters are the same way. We all get together every Sunday, (God Bless DirecTV) cook up a feast and watch the Steelers. We are going to the game this Sunday, and try to get there at least once a year. -- Nancy Martin, Howell, New Jersey

Pittsburgh is a football town. It is just natural that the Steelers would have the largest female fan base, because they have the best fan base. Once a Pittsburgher always a Pittsburgher. You learn Steelers football from birth and then you raise your children the same, who then raises their children and so on and so forth. I've lived in Cincinnati for 14 years, raised both of my children and Steelers fans and they will raise their children the same -- it then just makes sense that we female Steelers fans are so loyal -- we love our city and our team and want to raise our families to feel the same way. Besides -- no other women in other cities know football like Pittsburgh women do! -- Sherri Cmar, Batavia, Ohio, born and raised in Duquesne, PA

Why am I a Steelers fan? I was weaned on the Pittsburgh Steelers. If we didn't get to go to the games with dad, we were all sitting in front of the tv watching the game. We were brought up to keep on fighting for what we believed and that is how the Steelers are. There's nother better than watching the game with my husband Pat and cheering for the Black and Gold. Go Steelers! -- Glenda Kelly, Butler, PA

Because you can't be human and have grown up in Pittsburgh during the 70's and not liked the Steelers.

The success of the Super Bowls teams created such a pride in Pittsburgh that it has continued the momentum to this day. Plus, I think that Pittsburgh is a smaller city, so it helps to create more of a community spirit. -- Annette Aloe

What wonderful news about the women of Pittsburgh. Since day one with my husband of 43 years, it's always been Sunday football games (it was either with him or without him). I opted to join him. Then when you add two sons (both staunch football fans) now grandchildren that love the game - it is our way to gather our family together. During the game my sister calls from her home base with her family and Michael's sister calls from her home base with her family. We all talk about the game during the game. Notice I said the sisters call! -- Marlene A. Nikolich, Bethel Park, PA

This is an easy question.....growing up in Western PA, my family and relatives were all blessed with many children which consisted primarily of girls. While most family gatherings around the nation were centered around holidays, ours were around the Steeler games. Every home had a shrine of a room with Terrible Towels, Steeler memorabilia and the football game on so loud you couldn't talk (nor would you dare to unless it was a commercial). These are the memories and traditions that flood our hearts and we carry on to our children regardless of their gender. I will never forget the answer my father gave me when I was five and asked why the Steelers didn't have cheerleaders like the other teams....."Honey, REAL football teams don't need's about the game" -- Naomi Fecca, Die-Hard Steeler Fan, Vero Beach FL

Pittsburgh has the most females fans because the team represents who we are. We girls gew up with grandfathers who worked in the steel mills, dads and uncles who worked for the "Courier" and the "Pittsburgh Press". We're not impressed with the high maintance teams. We're used to blue-collar, hard-working men in our lives and the Steelers bring that to us. Sorry but pretty boy QBs and half-hearted defenses that afraid to get down and dirty have no place here. We want The Steel Curtain and Blitzburgh. I DARE any other team to steal our hearts! Monique R. Reed, Pittsburgh

women are caught up in the frenzy and hysteria that accompany Steeler games... plus, Steeler Sundays (or game days) are a beer-fest....people love to party...including women. -- Daniel Horning, originally from Natrona Heights and have been living in the Washington DC metro area for the past 25 years

Why? Because Pittsburgh IS football. I live in Indianapolis and wear my Steeler gear all the time and have two other women in my department, (there are only three women in the department) who are Steeler fans and we were told that we were not allowed to wear our Steeler stuff during the Colt / Steeler games. Boo!

Last year during the Super Bowl my older sister, who lives in Chicago, asked me if I rooted for the Colts? I told her NO WAY! I asked her if she had rooted for the Bears? She said NO WAY! My twin sister finds Steeler bars wherever she is living.

Again, you ask why? Because the Steelers rock! -- Ellen Dolinar, Indianapolis, IN

Oh my gosh! There is no better team to cheer for! Play hard, work hard, determination, work ethic and great team spirit! Every mom's dream is to have their son become a Steeler! Go Steelers! -- Donna Gano, Biglerville, PA

My fondest childhood memories involve making sauce, going to church and then spending the rest of the day watching the Steelers and only eating dinner at half time! It is such a rich tradition for all of us who thrived growing up with Steeler football on Sunday afternoons. I feel I can safely say that for all us Women Steeler Fans, we are everywhere and are a definite force to be reckoned with! -- From a HUGE female Steeler fan, Brenda Salzano Craven, originally from New Castle, PA but have lived in Winston-Salem, NC for 23 years!

Women love the Steelers for the same reasons men do! We love all the action; the never really knowing what is going to happen, the championship caliber teams, and the commitment to excellence. I think it is silly that women wear pink Steelers gear. The Steelers colors are Black 'n Gold! -- Catherine Conley, Arlington, VA

This is an easy one.

From my experience women like real men. Some women like the bad-boy criminal types, but not most women. Like most people women don't like a lot of BS and ego and distractions. This is also why Steely McBeam will be gone by year end. The Steelers have cornered the market on real men and low BS. -- Greg Bedford, TX

My mother, as well as her sisters, has always been the biggest Steelers fan I know, so it seems the norm to me that the Steelers would have a large female fan base. That was my experience growing up.-- a lifetime of family members from the Pittsburgh area means that it's simply part of our family history! Even though I wasn't a big football fan in the 70s (because I was too young) I can recite the names of all the players to this day. Now that I live in a different part of the country, it's a way to stay connected with fellow Pittsburghers. The team has such a sense of tradition that it's tangible, and I really enjoy that! -- Stephanie Przybylek, originally from Pittsburgh and Northwestern PA, now living in New Castle, Delaware.

I wonder if part of the reason is that Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania men and women, because of a culture of strong families, are more likely to want to socialize together and involve their children than in other parts of the country where it is more common for men do their thing, women to do their thing, and kids often doing still something else. Certainly that is my experience. -- Dennis Leyden, Greensboro, NC (who still misses Pittsburgh!)

Having moved away from the Pittsburgh area fifteen years ago, remaining an obsessed fan and being a part of the "Steeler Nation" is another way to stay connected to the city, and my family and friends still in Western PA. Also every member of my family is a Steeler fan, including my mother (huge fan) and we enjoy analyzing the games and weekly news. I think the fact that the Steeler organization is very much a family enterprise, with a strong emphasis on stability and fair-mindedness engenders strong support among the fan base. Even though I live in a small town south of Des Moines, IA, I have found Steeler fans at my church, my grocery store, in my civic organizations, and had several opportunities to discuss the Steelers with Tom Vilsak, the former governor of Iowa and former Presidential candidate - it's a great bonding subject! -- Maria Yuhas Wadle - Peru, IA (formerly of Pittsburgh and Johnstown, PA)

I've been a Steeler fan since the '70s. We go to training camp every summer that we can. For our second wedding anniversary my husband got tickets to a game, I was nine months pregnant with our first son and couldn't see my feet climbing down from our seats in peanut heaven of three rivers. The Steelers are our team -- what else can I say? -- LouAnn Haney, Wexford

Being from the Beaver County Area I grew up with the Black and Gold and the tradition and it never leaves you no matter where you live. When I first came out the CA (Rams & Raiders were still here) I went to a couple of games and I'm sorry it just doesn't work. It is in your blood and it never leaves. If you walked into my office you can immediately identify what I represent year round. -- Nadine Pate, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

I grew up in a football family. It was just natural to love the game, but back in the 70's and 80's, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Jack Hamm and all the other Steelers greats sealed the pact. I live in Charlotte NC now, but will always be first and foremost a Steelers booster. It's sooooo easy with the likes of Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu keeping up the old traditions! -- Eileen Muha, Charlotte NC

This question is so easy to answer. The reason the women of Pittsburgh love the Steelers is because the men who watch the Steelers games and go to the games are the greatest male fans of the NFL, good looking, and they know how to treat their women. That includes me because I am a devoted Steelers fan and I have a wife who is a devoted Steelers fan too!!!! -- Steelers fan forever, Tom Smith of Portvue

Speaking purely from my own point of view. My wife learned long ago that watching and rooting for the Steelers on Sunday was a part of me and it wasn't going to change. So, she used the old cliche, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em". Now she has as much Steeler apparrel as I do. Of course, it helps that she thinks Big Ben is a "Hottie". I'm going to say then, because their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, are such devoted fans they catch the fever as well. -- Chris Rowe

Why do I love the Steelers? Let me count the ways -- great history, championship teams, outstanding ownership and leadership, pride in Pittsburgh, commitment to the community, exciting to watch and I could go on and on. The Steelers are the "link to home" and our families have been fans for generations. -- Janet Magdic Reinsel, Hometown-Port Vue, Pa., now Columbia, MD. Work in Baltimore and am surrounded by Ravens fans.

Women, in my opinion, like the Steelers because they are nice guys and talented athletes. They play hard and avoid the controversies that seem to surround so many other teams. The team seems like a big family with a rich tradition. -- Leslie Turis, Perryopolis, PA/Columbus Ohio


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