Faneca says he wants out

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Peter Diana, Post-Gazette
Steelers offensive lineman Alan Faneca glares at new offensive line coach Larry Zierlein during mini-camp drills today.
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Guard Alan Faneca said today he is attending the required Steelers minicamp only because the team is making him and predicted this will be his last season with the Steelers.

Faneca, who has played in the past six Pro Bowls, said he will depart Pittsburgh Sunday night when practices end and won't return until training camp.

Faneca also said he has asked the Steelers to trade him but that he does not think that will happen. He said they have shown by their lack of progress in contract talks that they no longer want him beyond the 2007 season.

"This will be my last year as a Pittsburgh Steeler," Faneca declared.

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Steelers guard Alan Faneca returns to minicamp and tells the PG's Ed Bouchette that he wants out of Pittsburgh:

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He even said that it would be hard for him to serve as a co-captain of the offense again.

"You go somewhere, you've been here for nine years; to do what I've done to help this team out. The things I've done for this team ... and the offer I get is pretty much a non-offer. What am I to think? What are the guys in this room to think? If they can do it to me and everybody else and let Joey [Porter] go and do things like that, what does that say to the rest of the guys?"

Faneca said he's talked to "everyone" in the front office, including Art Rooney, Dan Rooney and Kevin Colbert.

"I've been asking since February, to trade me, to let me go,'' Faneca said in such an emotional interview that at times his left hand was shaking slightly. "I've done my piece, I've done my time, I've done everything I can for this organization.

"I lived and breathed Steelers football for nine years and gave them everything I had, helped them win a Super Bowl. In my mind, I've earned the right to be treated fairly. To make me go out there this year, play football with no security ... for what I've done for this organization, in my mind is not right."

More details in tomorrow's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


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