Quotes from Joey Porter's past

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Joey Porter holding forth to the nation's media at Super Bowl XL in Detroit. He had unleashed his verbal stylings on Seattle tight end Jerramy Stevens, sparked by Stevens' boast that the Seahawks intended to spoil the Detroit homecoming of Steelers teammate Jerome Bettis. The Steelers, in no small part thanks to Porter, went on to win the game and the trophy.

nce Joey Porter started talking, it was hard to predict what was going to be uttered next. Here are some of his more incendiary comments as a Steeler:

May, 2006: Porter joked that he had something to tell George W. Bush after the President invited the Steelers to the White House to congratulate the team on its Super Bowl victory. He later apologized.

"Yeah, I got something to say to Bush, I'm going to have a swagger when I walk in there, too. I'm looking forward to it. I have something to tell him, too. I don't like the way things are running right now. I feel like he has to give me some of my money back, so I got something to tell Bush."

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February 2006: Before the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens said it was unfortunate that Jerome Bettis wouldn't win the Super Bowl in his hometown and that Porter wouldn't fare well trying to blitz against Seahawks' All-Pro tackle Walter Jones. Porter responded:

"Now I'm looking for him on game day; now I'm looking for Stevens. He has to line up in front of me, and that information you gave me just got me started; so I'll be out there looking for him at the 50-yard line. That information will go a long way because he can't hide from me. He has to line up in front of me, and I'll remind him of [what he said] every time I put him on his back.

"I was focused on football until right now when you told me what [Stevens] said. I don't blame him for thinking they came down here to win; but he said what he said, and I'll be ready for him. I can never get an offensive player to say stuff like that no more; I'm always battling defensive guys. It is great that the tight end said it because I don't never get to go against a tight end like that.

"He should know his role. He hasn't done anything that makes anybody fear him, while Jerome is a Hall of Famer and everybody knows about him. Meanwhile, this guy is almost a first-round bust who barely made some plays this year. He has the nerve to say what Jerome is not going to do when he isn't going to be the deciding factor whether that happens or not. I'm going to make sure he don't have anything to do with the outcome of the game.

"I would think someone would say something, but I wouldn't think it would be him - he's too soft to say something like that. He'll have the opportunity to back up his words, but I'm going to have an opportunity to back up my words.

"You ever see the movie 'Underworld'? I was sleeping all week, but I got my first taste of blood right here; and it is great when you haven't tasted it in a while. This week was boring until now."

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January 2006: Porter blasted the Colts as being "soft" before the AFC divisional playoff game.

"They don't want to just sit there, line up and play football. [The Colts] want to try to catch you off guard. They don't play smashmouth football; they want to trick you! They want to catch you substituting, know what I mean? They don't want to just call a play, get up there and run a play. They want to make you think! They want it to be a thinking game instead of a football game!"

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December 2006: After the Steelers 27-7 victory against the Browns, Porter twice called Kellen Winslow a derogatory name associated with gay men. Porter apologized for using the word, saying he didn't mean to offend anyone "except Winslow." Porter was fined for the NFL for "his vulgar and inexcusable statements." He then blamed the media.

"Y'all keep talking about it. Y'all going to make them do something. If y'all wouldn't have just kept talking about it, [the fine] wouldn't have happened. Y'all need a story so you keep talking about it. So they say, all right, let's fine him then because everybody seems to be upset about it."

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September 2003: After the Steelers defeated the Ravens 34-15, Porter lashed out at Ray Lewis, who mocked Porter's signature kicking gesture after a big play. Porter sat out the game on the sidelines while recovering from a gunshot wound.

"I thought he kind of disrespected me. He came out here, he's doing the boot and telling me this is his house. I think that's negative. You don't come and disrespect a man who's hurt. Why are you worried about me? I'm not even playing. Why are you imitating me? That let me know he doesn't care. There were times when he was in trouble with the law, his shoulder was hurt, and I went over there and shook his hand and said, `Get through it.' Yet, he wants to make fun of me being hurt? I take that like a slap in the face. You never kick a man when he's down.

"He's running around there, running his mouth, doing all that, but if you watch him on film and really look, where was Ray Lewis? He was nowhere to be found. I could have tackled the water boy and had as many tackles as him. He didn't do nothing today. He's all mouth. When you talk like that, that's what happens: You get hit in the mouth. He's over there crying now, thinking about what went wrong. You got your [rear end] whipped, that's what."


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