'Here We Go' -- Steelers catchy fight song is in need of changes

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Nothing in the Steelers Nation realm is as infectious as singer Roger Wood rolling through the bass-driven lyrics of "Here We Go."

We've all heard it and, whether fueled by Pittsburgh pride or a few aluminum bottles of Iron City, we've all sung along.

... Here we go, Steelers, here we go, Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl, here we go ...

But as confetti fluttered to the Ford Field turf in the early February celebration after the Super Bowl XL triumph, the stinging reality hit -- the song would need to be updated.

No longer did the following lyric fit nicely in the song:

... Cowher Power will get the job done, this is the year we'll get that one for the thumb ...

With the fifth title, the Steelers got that one for the thumb and a new lyric is mandatory.

Now Wood is offering Steelers Nation a chance to sway the direction of Black & Gold history. Fans can have a direct impact on lyrics that will be sung, out loud, from the shower to the corner of Heinz Field's Gold 1A parking lot to Steelers bars in Southern California and anywhere Steelers fandom stretches.

A Richland resident who was born in West Deer, Wood, 43, has played in bands since he was in high school and is a lifelong Steelers fan.

In 1995, when the Steelers were on their run to the Super Bowl, Wood knew he had to do something. Hence, "Here We Go" was born. It was -- and remains -- an ode to the Steelers and the city they envelop in Steelers-mania.

"I can listen to the song again and again," Wood said. "It is like a Christmas carol. You never, ever get sick of it."

Over the years, the names of the players have been tweaked a little as some have retired, others have moved on and still others have lost their starting jobs. When those events occurred, Wood seamlessly replaced another Steeler in the lyrics, inserting the new name and omitting the old.

But this time, more of an overhaul is due. This isn't just a name that Wood is replacing, but one of the key lyrics, one of the song's catchiest hooks.

Wood cut four potential new lyrics, one of which will be incorporated into the hole created when the aforementioned lyric was retired due to that fifth trophy.

Wood has agreed that the top vote-getter will be the official new lyric when he cuts the final version of the song next month.

Online Poll: Results

We asked readers to vote for their favorite lyrics, written by Roger Wood, for an updated version of "Here We Go." In all, 14,653 votes were cast. Here are the results:
Track 1: "The best fans ..." -- 45.8% (6,713)
Track 2: "Stand up and chant ..." -- 30.3% (4,440)
Track 3: "Promise to Dan ..." -- 12.6% (1,850)
Track 4: "One for the fans ..." -- 11.3% (1,650)


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