Memorable quotes from President Bush at Super Bowl XL champions ceremony

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"Thank you all for coming. Please be seated. It sounds like some people have been drinking some Iron City beer here. It's such an honor to welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers here to the White House. Congratulations on being the champs. You had a ring for every finger; now you've got one for the thumb."

"I want to -- look, I was a Texas Cowboy fan, you know. Dallas Cowboy fan -- and -- yes, I know, I know. It's kind of hard for me to admit, but the Steeler franchise is one of the really great franchises in football history. And one of the reasons why is because of the Rooney family."

"[Cowher] is a -- he's an amazing coach. He's got the most unusual expressions on the sideline. So I told the vice president I was going to be able to congratulate coach Cowher in person, and he said, 'Well, get him to give me some tips on his scowl.'"

"About halfway through the season a lot of people were counting the Steelers out. They said you didn't have a chance. I kind of know the feeling. (Laughter.) But you won eight games in a row, including three on the road in the playoffs, and of course, Super Bowl XL in Detroit. You had some amazing unexpected players step up to help you play. You had the quarterback make an important tackle, and you had yourself a receiver make an important pass."

"Super Bowl XL included other entries in the record book -- Fast Willy Parker, 75-yard touchdown, the longest run in Super Bowl history. Looking sharp, too. Your quarterback was the youngest quarterback in history to win an NFL title. But the most amazing thing about the victory, it seemed like to me, and for a lot of other fans, was you had a fine man, a man you call "The Bus," retire in his home city of Detroit, with the Lombardi Trophy in his arms. It was a touching moment for football fans."


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