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What's your take on the depth chart for the wide receivers this year? I think the top three are set with Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, and Cedrick Wilson. I also think the No. 5 job has to go to Willie Reid because of his ability to return punts and kicks. That leaves Nate Washington and Dallas Baker for No 4. Sound pretty accurate?

Bogan Goughler, Fenelton, Pa.

BOUCHETTE: You're close. Ward and Holmes will start. Reid probably is No. 5, although he's looked good enough through his first week of training camp to challenge for a higher spot. Reid is their best punt returner and with all the emphasis being placed on special teams, if he does not return punts it's only because they found someone better -- I haven't seen one, but that's something that only can be seen in a game or live action, which they do little of in practices. Wilson and Washington may be interchangeable as No. 3 and 4 and it's possible the Steelers could use them that way. Baker looks like a practice squader, although that can change as camp moves on.


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