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Question: Why do most if not all NFL coaches stay with their starting quarterback when he is having a bad game? It should be obvious by the end of the first quarter that the starter's head is not in the game and the backup should be put into the game for a few snaps to, hopefully, get the starter's attention. Everyone in every occupation has bad days, and a quarterback is no exception.

Bob Holzer, Macedonia, Ohio

BOUCHETTE: So, would you do that with every player? If Willie Parker runs for 10 yards on five carries in the first quarter, do you yank him? What if guard Alan Faneca doesn't play particularly well? Or safety Troy Polamalu? You can't be jerking guys in and out of games in football. No team does it. Take, for example, the Steelers in Cleveland Sunday. What if Bill Cowher had yanked Ben Roethlisberger out of the game at halftime? There may never have been the fourth-quarter comeback.


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