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About the voter ID ruling, selected from reader comments at post-gazette.com

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So we won't deny the right to vote to seniors and veterans until the next election. Then we can continue to spend millions more on a problem that exists only in the minds of the state legislators according the state testimony under oath.

-- Janet Hill, Beaver

Viewed objectively the concept of showing photo ID is not so egregious. However, the timing of these efforts and the states where is happening make it highly suspect. This is a good ruling. And remember "vote early...and often".

-- Don Best, Best Insurance Agency Inc.

In this day and age, you can't get anything without proper ID, why should something as important as voting be any different. If you are too lazy to go get an ID, then you are probably going to be too lazy to get out and vote, so what difference does it make.

-- Kevin VanAmburg, Guitar teacher /tech/sales, Music One

Funny how this kind of thing was taking place in 17 states all controlled by the GOP. Whether your part of that party or not it's disgusting that they would trample on rights that people fought and died for. I hope Mike Turzi eventually pays the price for this despicable attempt at altering an elections results. This was about fraud you say? Too funny.

-- Jeff Gentile

To all of you people that say voter fraud exists...please point me to. Some documented cases of voter fraud...PA has spent over 40 million by its own estimate to correct a problem that state officials admitted doesn't exist...government at its finest.

-- Ed Dombrowski, University of Pittsburgh

I don't understand the flap or the issue with having to prove who you say you are. You need ID to board an airplane, buy alchohol, cash a check, purchase tobacca and open a bank account to name a few. No Photo ID no vote. There has been plenty of time since this law was passed to acquire the necessary ID if you didn't have it.. Pretty interesting its the democratic party that is objecting to this.

-- Scott Kohne, West Virginia University

A "Mother May I Commonwealth?". I am often am puzzled by today's Republican Party, which proclaims that it "gets government off your back." and then passes laws (unconstitutional ones at that) that puts government on your back to vote, in a woman's doctor's office, and sets aside rights of all others in favor of a few drilling companies. They would win the Olympic "Jump Through the Hoops For No Reason" gold medal if there was such an event.

-- Doug Shields, University of Pittsburgh

I do not understand why some people feel that seniors do not have ID. Most do, and the ones that don't, will get them thru the proper channels offered at the nursing homes, facilities, or do not care to vote. Unless you can show facts, it is not wise to repeat the blow-hard ACLU's statements.

-- Sarah Panza, Fox Chapel Area High School

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