Stephen Nesbitt's West Virginia football chat transcript: 10.30.13

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Stephen J. Nesbitt: Welcome to this week's WVU live chat, folks. West Virginia is coming off a 35-12 loss to Kansas State in Manhattan, Kan. Next up: at TCU (3-5, 1-4 Big 12).

Spencer: Weekly QB update ... who ya got?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Okay, here's the deal.  Ford Childress is still a few weeks away from returning ... and there are only four weeks left, so he might be on the shelf for the rest of the season. Clint Trickett was fine numbers-wise on Saturday (save the two fumbles) and Paul Millard was really not great, completing just four passes and throwing an interception. So, Trickett's still the guy.

Guest: Another road game, should we just chalk it up already as a loss?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: WVU is winless on the road, yes, with losses at Oklahoma, Maryland, Baylor and Kansas State. TCU is no Big 12 power, though. They have an identical record to WVU and can't get their offense moving. WVU coaches and players are adament that the home/road split doesn't mean a thing. If they want to go bowling, this is just about a must-win.

Guest: Is Oliver Luck leaving??

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, we'll have to wait and see, but every indication is that Luck is the front-runner for the Texas AD job. Everyone knows it. Luck hasn't made any comment on the situation, but Texas AD is seriously one of the great jobs in college athletics. As a newbie to the WVU scene, barring old allegiances I don't see why Luck wouldn't take that job.

Brandon Shaw: Great story, Steve.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Thanks, BShaw.

Ex Cane: Fellow NC native M Mangino apparently doing a grat job as YSU Asst. Any chance he returns to D1 as HC?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Don't know how you rate an assistant coach just based on his record, but a 6-1 start for Youngstown State is a pretty nice start. Mangino had a tough go at Kansas, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him return to D-1 within a few years.

Scott: Who would be the scariest zombie coach? Mangino would be scary but I think Charlie Weis would be worse. He's thinner now but that might make him quicker, yet he still can eat.

Guest: Do you have a Heisman vote?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: No. My vote would have been on Nick O'Toole, anyway, until that wind thing happened last weekend.

Scott: What would need to happen for Trickett to win the Heisman?

Scott: Mangino to eat 119 d1 teams

Stephen J. Nesbitt: The NCAA would have to rule the top 75 QBs in the country ineligible and not allow any other position to be considered for it.

Scott: My answer was better

Spencer: Why isn't WVU running more?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I'm just not sure what to say about the running game. WVU has a pair of very nice weapons in Charles Sims and Dreamius Smith, but if they're getting 8 and 7 carries per game they really aren't going to be able to get going.

Scott: Here are some rushing stats from my research department: Holgthorpe is 7-1 when we rush the ball 40+ times

He is 9-7 when we rush 30-39 times.

He is 4-5 when we rush less than 30 times.

Scott: And here are passing stats: 2-4 with 50+ pass attempts

8-5 with 40-49 passes

39 or less passes 10-4

Stephen J. Nesbitt: No idea if those numbers are correct, but I'm rather inclined to believe them. To win, you either have a considerable running game to complement a nice passing game or just be downright lethal through the air. WVU has neither.

Scott: Those are for Dana's career at WVU. He should have had a lethal air attack last year.

Guest: Is Holgy getting fired this year?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: No.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Do you want him to be?

Guest: YES.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: This team is pretty bad right now. Totally get it. But the team is losing because of a complete and utter lack of talent compared to last year. This one isn't on the coaching. Maybe the recruiting, but not the coaching (those two are separate).

Scott: New AD likes a new coach

Guest: Yes X2

Guest: The passing attack was pretty damn fine last year, Rushing game and defense sucked.

Name: What bowl are we making?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: None.

Scott: Rose Bowl baby!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: We're not talking about Michigan here, Scott. (Big game this weekend.)

Sam: TCU has an offense as bad as anyone? How many points do you think we nee to win and do you think we can get them?

Scott: There is literally no easier way to troll a B1G fan than mention the rose bowl

Stephen J. Nesbitt: You know what's worse than TCU's offense? WVU's offense.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: WVU is averaging 22.9 points per game; TCU is averaging 23.0 points per game.

Sam: Stephen. think about what you just said. We grossly underachieved last year, have failed to recruit well and are doing worse this year and you see no connection to coaching?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: In the recruiting/coaching divide, I'm only splitting two very different parts of the job. Yes, Holgorsen and his staff are the ones who have to get the players here and they haven't done that. But, in my mind, they haven't underachieved with the talent (or lack thereof) that they have right now.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: So, I'd say recruiting-wise they grade out poorly this year. Coaching-wise they haven't been that bad, in my opinion. Hey, they beat No. 11 Ok. State.

Scutt: There is no better way to troll a WVU fan than asking if they have a football team.

Sam: I didn't say worse; I said as bad as.

Reasonable: I'd trade Hoke for Holgy any day.

Scott: No way we throw deep lobs 40% of the time. At some point this season at last 6 of hem are going to connect in a game

Candice H.: I could have told y'all Dana couldn't keep it up. Seriously!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I can't believe Trickett hasn't been picked off more than he has. Really, you're not supposed to get away with tossing lobs 40 yards downfield.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Ask DC Keith Patterson and he'll tell you that the defense simply couldn't get off the field on third down. They were "in control" for the first three quarters and then just collapsed and couldn't stop a thing on third down in the last 18 minutes.

Sam: So you are saying we have a team no coach could get to .500 against our schedule? (You just said no bowl.)

Sam: I throw a flag for massive hyperbole!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I said Holgorsen's staff "hasn't been that bad," I didn't say no one could have done better. I don't think many teams would have much success without a true starting quarterback.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I don't think the coaching performance is fire-worthy, no.

Scott: Deforest has been bad

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Mostly because of the distraction he brought this fall.

Scott: Kenny - meet me at big times this weekend and I'll bring one

Scott: No he was responsible for the defense last year

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Ah, yes, thought you just meant this year.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Oh, media got to speak with Joe DeForst yesterday ... and was told not to ask about anything regarding Oklahoma State. So, that's neat. After a few minutes of talking special teams, someone asked if the last few months had been a distraction, deftly getting by the restrictions of the interview: "No comment," DeFo said. He got up and walked out, muttering, "At least I only got one questions about it."

Tony: Our team seems to run out of gas in the 4th quarter. I believe some of that goes to Strength and conditioning. Does Holgs ever discuss that aspect of the program

Vince: DeForest is a no brainer. Everything he touches turns to crap. He's a dead man walking.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Tony -- That's been my thought as well, but they all (coaches and players) simply blame execution, not endurance. They don't discuss the strength and conditioning and they never say they need to put it more work there because, well, everyone's already injured so they don't want to push things too far.

Scott: Was he wearing a backwards hat?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Nope, surprisingly.

Scott: Other than Bill Stewart as head coach, what special teams coach makes that much money?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Probably none.

Karen from Morgantown: Do you think it looks especially like WVU has egg on their face for the way they treated our last coach now that Holgorsen has ran the program completely into the ground, even though he hasn't had any DUIs or off the field issues yet?

Fish: Karen with the burn!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Does it look that way? Well, sure, at least a little bit, espeically because that's the opinion of a lot of West Virginians. I don't know that you can say Holgorsen ran the program into the ground because a large part of that is the recruiting futility under Stewart.

Tony: When looking at potential recruits for next year I don't see DL mentioned often. It seems we are then at that area. Your thoughts

Fish: But really, give us a scenario where Dana is gonna after this year and same after next. What would it take to get that b teamer out of there?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Not totally sure what your question is ...

Scott: Is DH the head coach in 3 years? 5 years?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Not much reason to take a guess at this, there are just too many variables. Not that many coaches last 8 years anyway, so maybe the smart answer is no.

Vince: Stewart's recruiting was little different than Rodriguez's or Nehlen's in terms of stars and overall solidity. He and the two coaches before him won games and almost always competed with rosters very much like this one (except QB).

Vince: I honestly don't think Holgthorpe's recruiting is significantly worse either. He's just totally incompetent.

Scott: If he's the coach in 3 years, that means he has had success so he won't be there in 5 years. If he hasn't had success in 3 years he is gone anyway.

Moonflower: How about instead of focusing so much on figuring out which coach is worth mega millions, why not skip the idea of a coach completely. College is about experiencing the world and learning about yourself and who you are. You don't need a coach. These guys have played football for how many years prior to coming to college? I didn't take all of those English Literature courses to expect a coach to tell me what the books meant when I got the school! Let the players learn what the plays mean to them, as individuals. Then balance will find its way to your program.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: !

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I'm laughing out loud. And I want to see that happen, Moonflower.

Scott: Wow moonflower with the epic burn

Jimmy the Greek: I'll give 20 to 1 to anyone who wants to put money on him being here in 2015.

Scott: I'd put $20 on that just because it could easily happen

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Tony: Back to your question about the D-Line ... the only commit at this point is DE Tyree Owens, a kid out of Florida, so you're right, no real answers there.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Time for a few more questions before we wrap up. What do you need to see from WVU on Saturday?

Scott: Pat White to get another year of eligibility

Phillip: Rich rod era football

Scott: Last year we played a good half of football per game. This year we play like 8 mins of good football. This is clearly a stamina problem and I think it can be solved by teaching the team to recite baseball stats

Slammy in K-town: Mr. Nesbitt, (I use a courtesy because the rest of your paper oddly does), any chance, "Let the players learn what the plays mean to them, as individuals," gets put in a frame in your office?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: That's totally going to happen, Slammy.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: For Holgorsen to be gone after this year? Lose out; have a new AD come in who doesn't have a liking for Holgorsen.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: For Holgorsen to be gone after next year? I think another 6-ish or less win season.

Sam: 3-9 this year and 6-6 or worse next.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Riveting, guys. Alright, that'll do it for this week's chat. Let's see if WVU can find a road win on Saturday.

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