Stephen Nesbitt's West Virginia football chat transcript: 10.23.13

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Stephen J. Nesbitt: Welcome to the WVU live chat here at the dawn of Kansas State week. I'm coming at you live from my newly-upgraded-to-OS-X-Mavericks laptop. It's the bee's knees.

Mike in Downtown: Why all the lob passes on deep balls from Trickett? The ball seems to hang in the air forever.

Gold n Blue Nation via Twitter: ALL TRICKETT DOES IS LOB GRENADES.

kels via Twitter: Clint Trickett should never throw the ball deep...ever again.

Ben Kercheval via Twitter: The thing about Clint Trickett's deep ball throws? They work once out of every 10 times or so. And that's enough to keep doing it.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I decided to look for people thinking the same thing as you. I found plenty. The lob passes are part of the game plan, Holgorsen said last week. Opposing defenses have been giving one-on-one coverage downfield, for the most part. But, yeah, they're terrifying, right? Trickett, it seems, has neither the rocket arm nor accuracy to make that game plan work.

Drew: K-State seems to find themselves in the same situation that WVU did after their Heisman finalist QB left...

Stephen J. Nesbitt: You got that right, Drew. WVU goes Geno Smith --> Trickett/Childress/Millard. KState goes Collin Klein --> Jake Waters/Daniel Sams. That's something that's happened across the Big 12 this year, if you take a peek around the conference. And it's been an ugly season for Big 12 QBs, in general.

Mike in Downtown: Does Childress take over again when healthy? Also, has Millard played his last game in the Old Gold and Blue?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I think Trickett's still the man even if Childress is healthy, and we really have no clue when that'll be. Millard will be in again before the end of the season, but not as a starter.

Guest: So was that the running game we should expect?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, it's certainly the running game the coaches would like to expect. WVU had 183 rushing yards (Dreamius Smith 89, Charles Sims 77), and that was due in large part to Texas Tech's approach, which was to limit the passing game and drop the safeties back. KState is relatively good against the run, averaging 156 yards against, so I'd imagine that number drops back to earth this week.

Guest: You tweeted last night that Jake Waters was Tim Tebow??

Drew: Tweeting is overrated.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: That comes via Shaq Rowell, who was teammates with Waters at Iowa Western (JUCO) in 2010. He said they called Waters "Tim Tebow" because the offense they ran was the exact same as Tebow's, not for his cult following or personality, apparently. Holgorsen said it looks like KState is going with Sams, though. He's a more athletic option and the team's leading rusher.

Clarence Oveur: Over/under on headsets busted on Saturday? Daddy needs a new blazer!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I think Holgorsen's been trying to take it easy on the headsets since busting a pair against Oklahoma State. The sideline-to-huddle communication with Trickett has apparently been far better, so that's a relief for the headsets.

Gibbs: You have a twitter account Stephen ?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Yes, you betcha. @stephenjnesbitt and @mountaineerspg

Drew: How does Holgorsen maintain a voice throughout the game? His press conferences sound like they hurt

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Yeah, I'm not sure. I took the opportunity to watch Holgorsen on the sideline instead of the play on the field a few times on Saturday, and it really is worth a good chuckle. Try it. He is just pacing back and forth in a constant fit of rage.

Troll: Trololo

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Who let that troll in. Not my troll, not my problem.

Kyle M.: Why not? Thought we were buds

Stephen J. Nesbitt: No no, sir.

Fred: In your opinion, will the Big 12 try to expand at any point in the next 2-3 years and get back to 12 teams and a conference championship game?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I'm no expert on expansion, but it would make sense to follow the model of the other major conferences. I think it'll happen, yes, but don't know if it'll happen within 2-3 years.

computerjumpstar: why is pitt wvu penn staet so bad last few yaers?

Troll: Why is computerjumpstar such an idiot?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: That's not nice, Troll. Well, Mr. Jumpstar, I don't know if you can really lump those programs all together like that. Penn State -- uh, NCAA tried dismantling them ... and coaching change. Pitt -- real lull in the program ... couple coaching changes. WVU -- like Pitt, switch to new conference put them behind the 8-ball, poor recruiting durting a coaching change.

From: How about that iPad air?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Wild, man. At some point, things have to stop getting slimmer and thinner, right? Like, just logistically.

Mike in Downtown: Does Shell get the carries next season that Sims is getting now?

Clarence Oveur: Stephen, not to mention being short 20+ scholarship players when Holgorsen took over. It's as if WVU sustained NCAA sanctions.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Got a story coming out Friday on JUCO transfers that touches on that Clarence.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, I don't think you can just dump those carries on Shell already. We'll have to see how he transitions after a year off. And, man, Dreamius Smith looks really good, doesn't he? What's to say he isn't the featured back next year?

Solomon: Other than Morgantown, what is your favorite venue in the Big 12 to cover a game?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I've never covered a Big 12 road game ... but I'll assume it would be Texas.

Clarence Oveur: JUCO transfers are a gamble, but WVU has had some success with them this season. Is that the path WVU will likely continue on in order to become something of a K-State?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: They've had a ton of success with JUCOs this year. Look at this list.

2003: (6) WR Derrick Smith (Ventura) DE Fred Blueford (Jones County) WR Durrell Robinson (NW Mississippi) QB Charles Hales (Jones County) LB Leandre Washington (Mesa) TE Jason Hardee (College of San Mateo)


2004: (4) WR Jubal Thomas (Los Angeles Harbor) DE Joe Sykes (Holmes) OL Michael Watson (Pasadena) RB Kay Jay Harris (Garden City)


2005: (2) S Dee McCann (Jones County) TE Lou Davis (Cerritos)


2006: (0)

2007: (3) MLB Archie Sims (Jones County) CB Ellis Lankster (Jones County) CB Anthony Wood (Lackawanna)


2008: (4) RB Zach Hulce (Glendale) DT D.J. Shaw (Copiah-Lincoln) S Courtney Stuart (Phoenix) DE Larry Ford (Coffeyville)


2009: (2) WR Terrance Moore (Mesa) DE Tevita Finau (Phoenix)


2010: (2) DE Bruce Irvin (Mount San Antonio) C Benji Kemoeatu (Lackawanna)


2011: (2) NT Shaq Rowell (Iowa Western) OLB Joshua Francis (Lackawanna)


2012: (1) OL Mark Glowinski (Lackawanna)


2013: (9) WR Mario Alford (Georgia Military) LB Brandon Golson (Georgia Military) P Nick O'Toole (Fullerton) DE Dontrill Hyman (Hinds) OL Stone Underwood (Copiah-Lincoln) OLB D'Vante Henry (Arizona Western) WR Kevin White (Lackawanna) WR Ronald Carswell (Itawamba) RB Dreamius Smith (Butler County) 

2014: (4) OL Sylvester Townes (Coahoma CC) OL Justin Scott (Pierce CC) DB Jaylon Myers (Hutchinson CC) LB Edward Muldrow (Copiah-Lincoln CC)

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Those are all the JUCO transfers to WVU since 2002. Of the nine JUCO transfers this offseason, all but Stone Underwood (redshirting), D'Vante Henry (dismissed after arrest) and Dreamius Smith (No. 2 RB) have started. That's crazy good.

Carol Hutch: Does getting juco transfers cheapen the success a program achieves? I mean there is something to be said for doing things the right way right?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: You could make that argument, sure, but I think it's just a different approach to recruiting that most programs outside of the Big 12 haven't looked at much. It's a lower risk situation but lower reward, maybe. You don't get the kid for four years, but you get him once he's physically matured and has experience at the college level (at least somewhat).

Joe Reilly: Can we trust WVU's internal investigation or do we need to send in some impartial investigators?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Yeah, if you missed it, WVU cleared itself of wrongdoing in the DeForest/SI situation. We weren't told who conducted the investigation and that information won't be provided us, so it's hard to say. We all expected, of course, that the internal review would come back clean, so this isn't a surprise. Whether you can trust it, though, is up to you.

Joe Reilly: Thoughts on a sit in to get the real story?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I won't lie to you, I've considered it. Sometimes, in this age of media relations, that's the only way to get the scoop. There's a lock on the door of the football building, though, so it's not easy to get in until you're let in. A sit-in is a definite possiblity.

Clarence Oveur: Do you believe that WVU will need to continue to recruit JUCO players in order to compete in the Big 12? I don't think WVU has a choice, but the success experienced this year is not going to be the norm.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I think they have to continue it, and it's proven as a viable approach. RB coach JaJuan Seider talked last night about how WVU needed the JUCOs this spring to not only add depth but to bring WVU up to speed in the Big 12.

Fish: What is Trickett's ceiling as a QB?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: It's tough to tell, but I do think there's a reason Trickett could never cut it to No. 1 on Florida State's depth chart ahead of EJ Manuel and then Jameis Winston. Oh, or maybe that's because those guys are legit and we all know it now. I think he can be a very good system quarterback, but I don't think he'll ever be a world-beater. With him at QB, he's going to need a good offense around him to win. And he's not going to be able to rely on the deep ball like he is now.

Bill Snyder: Damned right recruiting JUCOs is a viable approach, young man! Now let's go get some Taco Bell...

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Love me some Taco Bell, old fella.

Captain Blue: Looking like we could see a WVU - Michigan matchup in the elite 8 of the NCAA women's soccer tournament. Who do you have in that matchup?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Hey blue. I could say I don't have much expertise in NCAA women's soccer, but I'd be lying. Michigan has some real weapons, man. I'd love to see it.

Guest: Is the defense no longer good?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, it's certainly not as bad as it was a year ago, so take some small solace in that. Holgorsen felt he and DC Keith Patterson had identified a trend: WVU is good against mobile QBs. So, that's good to know. If there's a pocket passer like Texas Tech and Baylor had, they're in trouble. The good news there is that with Daniel Sams, Kansas State has a mobile QB.

Art Briles: How did my program get so good and become so enriched with talent? Are we reverting back to the ways of the ol' SWC? Not that I'd know anything about that...

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I know for a fact that you, Art, were not invited to this exclusive WVU chat. Sure, your team is good yada yada yada. Start giving Lache Seastrunk the ball more, man, his numbers last week were embarrassing.

Art Briles: Ah schucks...well in that case, what does my school have that WVU doesn't have? Money? Recruiting base? Thicker twang?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Yeah, all of the above.

Slammy in T Town: Stephen , I do not want to have a terrible Wednesday. I am here. Now what?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Make a comment. [done] Your day will be good now. Go varsity.

Hutch: Stephen -what's your twitter handle?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Hutch, pay attention. We went over this at the start of class. @stephenjnesbitt and @mountaineerspg

Clarence Oveur: Why is it that some WVU fans insist that some of the losses endured by the program in the past two years are "the worst" in our history, as if someone like Don Nehlen never coached in a blowout loss? Because he did, several times...

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Do not speaketh Don's name in vain, mister.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: It's still about that transition to the Big 12, as much as folks don't like to admit it. The recruiting needs to catch up, and the caliber of opponents is much higher.

Hey Blue: We've been talking a lot about juco transfers and the current team, but looking toward the future what does our recruiting look like? To go further, how is Dana as a recruiter? When do we bring home our next top 20 recruiting class? Sorry for all the questions Steve and thanks for answering!!!!

Clarence Oveur: Nehlen was 14-41-1 vs. ranked opponents (lightning bolt strikes)...but his power is awesome and omnipotent. All hail Don.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Hey Blue, appreciate the comment. The recruiting looks to be on the upswing, but Holgorsen still hasn't landed that bonafide blue-chip recruit. Hard to do, too, if you're a 7-5, 6-6 team. I think JUCOs are a fine place-holder to bring the team up to speed to the point where recruiting can stand for itself.

Brady: Hey Steve, now that you have two twitter handles, are you going to stop there or keep going? What will be your next twitter handle? Who will the audience be?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I don't see what's stopping me from making unlimited Twitter handles, as long as no one else has already taken it. Have a real interest in board games lately (7 Wonders, Puerto Rico, etc.) and would probably try to target that audience. Anyone in?

Slammy in T Town: Got it. I can feel my day improving already. In fact, I think the sun is coming out. Random question, but how does a WV writer in Pittsburgh pick up 4k followers?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Goodness and beauty, mostly. Or the fact that Michigan has an infinitely rabid fan base so if you're dedicated to Twitter they'll follow, and 3.5K of the followers still are Michigan fans. There hasn't been a mass exodus yet, so that's neat. Glad to hear your day is brightening up already. You know how we do around here.

Brady: Do you attribute the lack of a mass exodus to making a WVU specific handle and then keeping your personal one focused on Michigan news? If so, well done chap!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: It might help. I wanted to use the WVU handle to give more consistent, less-important (perhaps) updates that are WVU-centric. That way I'm not alienating the large majority of my followers by giving the update that Player X is injured and questionable on Saturday.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: A big part, too, is that I'm also a beat writer for Duquesne basketball, so if I'm live tweeting info from one of their games on my personal account, it'd alienate both WVU and Michigan followers.

Fish: Been a pleasure today, Steve. Hope you had a good time. Go Blue Go Gold. As they say in the old country, Country roads take you home to the place you belong.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Thanks for joining, Fish. 

Stephen J. Nesbitt: That'll do, then. Thanks for dropping by for the WVU chat, folks. See you on the Twittersphere. Gear up for WVU at KState on Saturday.

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