Stephen Nesbitt's West Virginia football chat transcript: 10.9.13

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Scott: Steve - Am I the only one who knew that Baylor had the best punter in the country, so Coach Holgs played out his gameplan perfectly by keeping him off the field?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Nick "Boomstache" O'Toole is truly one of the best punters in the country. As a JUCO transfer, he's top-20 in every punting category (look here

Stephen J. Nesbitt: But, Scott, you're not going to beat Baylor by trying to maximize the effectiveness of your punter. WVU's only chance was to somehow keep up with Baylor's offense score-for-score. It was a track meet and they couldn't keep up. Even if Baylor was pinned inside its 5-yard line each drive it was going to score 50-plus points.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: By the way, check this Boomstache profile I wrote last week:

Scott: O'Toole's mustache should fight Dana's skullett. 3/1 odds to the stache.

The Cabin.: Do you miss the University of Michigan? We all miss you. Hope the Post-Gazette loves you. Keep doing your thing and living life.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: College roomies on the chat? I like it. I miss old Ann Arbor, of course, but covering WVU is a thrill in its own way. Media access here is better than at Michigan in every way, so that certainly helps.

Scott: Wow, The Cabin. Keep living life? Might as well have told him not to kill himself.

Sam Hill: So ... what's the status of QBs??

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, Sam, here's your rundown.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Paul Millard: healthy, backup.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Clint Trickett: won't practice this week, right shoulder injury, should be back and ready to go next week. He's the presumed starter, though Holgorsen said yesterday if all three QBs were healthy he can't say absolutely that he'd go with Trickett, only because Ford Chidress never did anything to lose the job.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Ford Childress: torn pectoral, apparently practiced last week and should be a little healthier this week. Just questionable at this point.

Dana Holgorsen: Would you rather have a one-armed Trickett, a two armed Millard, or a two-winged Mallard? We all know what I think but most of the fans would probably go for the duck. At least you can shoot the duck.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Dana, man, I knew you were concerned about your QBs, but I didn't realize it'd gotten to this level of hypotheticals.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: By the way, I loved this quote from Holgorsen yesterday when asked if he watched Geno Smith beat the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football: "Yeah, it'd be nice to have him. It'd be nice to have any number of the six last [quarterbacks] that I've had.
"Who knows which one of these guys on our team now could end up improving to the point where they're the next guy. They've just got to keep playing."

Scott: I wish Brad Lewis was on the roster. Seriously.

Guest: Has Charles Sims been a disappointment? I can't decide.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: No. Not at all. We talked about this last week. First off, look at his numbers, they're fine for a starting RB, especially on an offense is so pass-happy. He's also been sharing the load in the backfield and is running behind an offensive line that's been a massive disappointment this fall. Sims has been exactly what he came here to be: productive.

Bill G.: Was this Baylor game the "night is darkest just before the dawn" moment?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Uh, wasn't that what the shutout against Maryland was supposed to be?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Look, halfway through the season WVU truly is exactly where they're supposed to be. 3-3, losses to three ranked teams (well, Maryland was at one point ranked). But you're right in the sense that the dawn is ahead ... just look at that schedule.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: No. 20 Texas Tech ... at Kansas State ... at TCU ... Texas ... at Kansas ... Iowa State.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: The toughest game there is the next one, and that's at home, where WVU just knocked off No. 11 Oklahoma State. Every single game is winnable, even for a struggling team without an identity. If WVU can establish its offense and go with a single, healthy quarterback, I don't see why they can't quite reasonably go 4-2 in those final six games.

Sam: What do you make of the fact Holgorsen's house has been under construction for over two years and the foundation is not yet laid?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Are we talking about a physical building here? Or is this a metaphor for his program?

Scott: Sam - I think its a good metaphor

Sam: LOL, his actual house.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I don't make much of it. I haven't been following up on his housing project lately. It's definitely odd that he's still living out of a hotel, but, whatever.

Scott: Did Rich Rod ever sell his house in Cheat Lake? Maybe Dana could move in there...

AnxiousEER97: Rich Rod sold his house to a lawyer ... and got sued.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: By the way, I think you folks are hilarious sometimes. (Generalizing.) I got several emails in my first month here asking that I NEVER mention Rich Rod in a chat or tweet or blog, and now this Pat White story comes and the commenters are asking for him to return:

Sam: Yeah, remember he got sued for allegedly concealing defects? I believe he ended up wining because the court founf the defects were apparent upon reasonable inspection. Again, not a metaphor

Scott: If you were Rushel Shell, would you look at the oline and consider transferring somewhere else? I wouldn't blame him.

Sam: He'd lose a year because he's enrolled, so I doubt he transfers

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I think Rushel is done transferring. But I can't imagine he loves what he's seeing. He'll have to compete with Dreamius Smith and Wendell Smallwood for playing time and the offensive line is pretty miserable right now. We'll see, a lot can change in a year.

Scott: After the OSU game I thought that maybe the entire Big12 QB lineup wouldnt have career highs against WVU again this year. Now, I'm not so sure.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: That final line was pretty ugly, yeah. I don't know, though. I truly think the secondary is much improved. Holgorsen said the defense reverted back to some of the things it did (and failed with) a year ago.

AnxiousEER97: Any sense the Holgorsen's sideline antics have gotten the attention of the AD? Speaking of ADs ... where is Oliver going to be this time next year?

Scott: Dodds doesn't retire until after next year.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Dodds is retiring in Aug. 2014, I believe. There really is no way to know either thing, AnxiousEER. Holgo is fiery, we all know it. They knew what they were getting, and they can see it on the screen every weekend. I doubt it would warrant a reprimand.

Scott: Luck is probably the most over-qualified person WVU could ever imagine having as an AD. You couldn't blame him for moving on to something else. Just hope that they don't hire Mike Parsons to replace him.

Sam: Any truth to the talk that Luck has hired a PI to shadow Holgorsen looking for evidence to invoke the for cause clause in his contract?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Oh man, I think y'all are spending too much time on message boards. Or live chats.

Scott: That was Bill Stewarts zombie. Don't get it twisted.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I talked to all my PI friends and they said nope.

AnxiousEER97: With out Luck, Manchin will be named the next AD.

Scott: We would play Marshall 12 times a year.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I think Pat White is next up as AD.

Hossnpepper: Do you think Dana will take the Texas job? And can we work it out so he could leave in early November?

Bill G.: People wanted more sideline emotion from Bill Stewart, yet now Holgs is too emotional. There isn't much middle ground there!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Let's make sure Mack Brown is leaving before we give that job to Holgorsen. And, no, I don't think Holgorsen would be Texas' first choice.

Scott: Bill - There is a place for a coach that acts in between a geriatric and a child

Sam: Marshall 12 times a year sounds pretty good. At least a winning record most years.

Scott: Doc is recruiting pretty well down there...

Sam: Still

Bill G.: If you were an AP voter, where would you place Baylor in your Top 25?

Sam: Top 10

Stephen J. Nesbitt: That's a tough call, Bill. Because, yeah, they still haven't played a single proven team. Samford, Buffalo, LA-Monroe ... and West Virginia. I don't think any of us (or the coaches) know how legitimate WVU is.

Scott: #1 Baylor #2 WVU

AnxiousEER97: Let's hope Baylor wins out and heads to a BCS game.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: But I'd have them top-10 until proven otherwise.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Right around 8-10, probably. They aren't proven, but their offense (and defense!) is no joke.

Scott: They looked like Slaton/White/Schmitt offense but even better

AnxiousEER97: Our offense is a joke.

Sam: What about WVU? Pretending there was a top 100, where would you have us?

Scott: 99

AnxiousEER97: 101

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, there are 125 FBS teams, so can't we make it a top-125?

Scott: Georgia State has to be 100

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Yeah, Georgia State and Florida International are the laughingstock.

Bill G.: After I sent that question, Dan Wetzel sent out on Twitter that a Vegas bookmaker would make Baylor a 7 1/2 point favorite over Ohio State...they're wrecking Vegas.

Sam: Do you really need the cushion to find a spot for us?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Sorry buddy.

Scott: There were only 118 the last time i bought NCAA football

AnxiousEER97: The Alabama game is going to be horrible.

Hossnpepper: Which is worse, not knowing how to use a headset or not using it because you are pouting?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Not knowing how. In this day and age, that's unforgivable.

Sam: Maybe we can pay the Tide to cancel like we did with FSU.

AnxiousEER97: Pouting with dino arms.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Real talk, though, I'm vouching for Alabama to win its third straight championship so that opener in Atlanta next fall is all the more hyped.

Sam: That's not fair. these are football coaches not engineers. I'd say half of them need help.

AnxiousEER97: Hopefully we will have settled upon a QB by then ... Millard will be the obvious choice. He will still have the most experience in the system. Cringe. Now.

Sam: I hear we have our eye on the greatest JUCO QB since

Sam: Cam Newton and he's interested.

Steven: Who wins?

Scott: I wish Tahj Boyd stuck with us...

Stephen J. Nesbitt: What's the consensus of the chat, by the way ... who is the safest bet of the three QBs for WVU? Who would you rather give the reins to the last six games, assuming that'll also be the starter next season.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: It's a bye week, Steven. I'm going with West Virginia over the bye week.

Guest: Who wins??

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Hey now, buddy. WVU by 7 over Bye Week.

Sam: That conditional clause is just cruel, son.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I don't pull punches, son.

AnxiousEER97: Childress. His ceiling has to be higher ... right?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: He also couldn't handle himself against Maryland, who allowed 63 [SIXTY THREE] points to Florida State.

Scott: 1. Trickett with two arms 2. Millard 3. Trickett with one arm 4. Childress

Scott: 5. Mallard

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I'm going to Photoshop a Paul Mallard photo later today. Book it.

AnxiousEER97: Trickett won't survive 'Bama's rush. They will crush him like a bug.

Scott: My company is hiring graphic designers in case this doesn't work out

Hossnpepper: Easily our best bet for QB is the guy that has the dreads.

Bill G.: Can we combine the 3 into a FrankenQB?

Scott: Mikell Hariison!!!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: ... I want to know which of these guys can grow dreads. It's gotta be Ford.

Scott: Mikell Harrison was the guy with the dreads that wore like 7 hats

Hossnpepper: At least one person recognizes talent. Thanks Scott.

Bill G.: How many seniors are on the 2 deep, by the way? It's not a huge loss of experience going into 2014, so my hope is to sneak to 6-6 and develop that offensive rhythm for next year.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Let's name the seniors on the two-deep: OFFENSE Nick Kindler, Pat Eger, Curtis Feigt, Ivan McCartney, Charles Sims.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: DEFENSE Will Clarke, Shaq Rowell, Doug Rigg, Darwin Cook

Stephen J. Nesbitt: So, plenty of returning talent. Offensive line takes a hit (is that a bad thing?)

AnxiousEER97: Yes - ending the season on a high note would be good. Seeing improvement would be awesome.

Hossnpepper: Is Paul Millard pregnant?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Good question. Those tummy pads make he and Clint Trickett look bulky.

Sam: Other than Ivan those are some big losses. could we be even worse next year?

Scott: If youre a sucky Junior, you might turn into a sucky senior.

Sam: Well if we want someone who can survive that, we should probably see one of the OL can handle a snap. And they are always supposed to be the smartest players so maybe one of the can decipher Holgs's spastic hand signals.

Scott: Why in the world did they take McCartney back? So he could drop more touchdowns?

Scott: Sam - the offense only takes three days to install, but Trickett couldnt learn it in 6 months. I'm sort of siding with Dana here...

Stephen J. Nesbitt: For those just tuning in, McCartney left the team last fall to go back home to Florida to be with his family and then returned. He's got a TD catch vs. Georgia State. He missed this last game with a concussion.

Guest: Pipeline to Miramar!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: He had a pretty awful drop early in the Oklahoma State game -- but Kevin White caught the next one to save the drive.

Hossnpepper: Fewer have bounced off Ivan's head than Carswell.

Scott: Wasn't that Doc Holliday?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Who loved that downfield passing game vs Baylor? Trickett just went bombs away, per the game plan, and very, very few landed.

Guest: Game plan? Are you suggesting we had one?

Guest: Game plan? Are you suggesting we had one?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, Holgorsen said that was the plan, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

AnxiousEER97: Trickett has one throw.

Scott: Kevin White looks like Randy Moss but plays like Rand Paul

Scott: As Madden would say, "Just chuck it up there dog, and I'll go get it"

Stephen J. Nesbitt: If I get the chance, I'll put together a YouTube video of all of Clint Trickett's deep throws. It'll be funny to watch.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I'll smile. You'll smile. We'll all shake our heads.

Sam: Yeah, I hear the it's a punt if picked off line, but it's still not much a of a plan.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: The arm punt is my favorite play in football.

Sam: We'd be better off sneaking O'Toole out on third down and quick kicking.

Hossnpepper: Three will definitely shake our heads. Does anyone think The Dude would accept an AD role at WVU?

Bill G.: Is this about what you expected for a bye week chat, especially one after that gongshow?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: This is exactly what I expected, Bill Gates.

Scott: The Dude is our only hope

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Oh, and if you missed it, WVU lose a commit over the weekend.

Scott: Stephen, how does the Dude get all his info. I mean, he's never been wrong. Is he really Joe Manchin or something?

Hossnpepper: He did nearly get us into the SEC. Or was it the ACC?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: The Dude is on the chat. This is good.

Guest: I think with dude's inside connections with the SEC, he'll end up there. Maybe he can then use his influence to get us an invite.. We'd dominate the SEC.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Someone posted this on Facebook, I'll give you the long read:

Stephen J. Nesbitt: All three losses have come against teams which were undefeated at the time and have been ranked by the AP at some point this season. Oklahoma (#12) and Baylor (#15) are the clear cut conference favorites. Oklahoma State (#22) was the conference favorite until they lost to, um, who was that they lost to? That's right, they were ranked #11 in the country 10 days ago when they came to Morgantown, and they left with a nine point loss. The future always looks bleak immediately after getting your tail handed to you, but that doesn't mean you can't come back and make some noise in a positive way the next game.

Roster: very young, very inexperienced
Geno Smith. Tavon Austin. Stedman Bailey. J.D. Woods. Heck, even Andrew Buie. You know what all of these guys have in common? Two things: they were very productive players on an extremely productive offense in 2012, and they are not in Morgantown in 2013. And the current offensive players we rely on to put up points? Trickett was at Florida St., Childress redshirted, Sims was at Houston, Smith, White, Carswell, Alford were all at JUCOs, McCartney was mostly in Florida, Thompson was under a rock, Smallwood and Shorts were playing Friday Night Lights. And I believe our offensive line had something in the range of 30-40 total career starts coming into the season. It's not easy to stick a bunch of guys out on the field who have never played together, in a new system, and expect good results. It takes chemistry. 2012's squad had a ton of it on offense, not to mention NFL talent at some important positions, yet they still struggled occasionally, as I'm sure Baylor will once or twice this season. As for the defense, they are still very young, and, Saturday night notwithstanding, seem to be improving by leaps and bounds.

Coaching Staff: work in progress
New offensive line coach, new defensive coordinator, new secondary coach, new QB coach. These guys should be given a chance to get their units in order before we declare them failures. Even DeForest with the special teams should get a chance (assuming he's not paying players to mow his lawn in January or "wash" his car on rainy days).

This isn't the end of the world. It will get better. It may get worse before it gets better, but better days lie ahead for this program. My gosh people, we haven't even visited all the stadiums in our new conference, have a little patience and let this process play itself out. WVU will be fine, we'll all be smiling at the right side of a 70 point scoreboard again soon.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

Scott: That is some hippy crap

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Them's fightin' words, Scott.

Scott: Oh I thought it was "someone" who posted it. Not the Sunshin Stevie...

Guest: Had me unti the suggestion _Fore** deserves more time. whoever that is either him or blind.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: If I ever referred to West Virginia as "we" I'd fire myself.

Scott: Paul Finebaum turned it into a ESPN gig.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Yikes.

Hossnpepper: I think the issue is more of how we are losing than who we are losing to. The reality is that those team we have lost to were who we happened to be playing early enough for them to be undefeated.

Scott: We'd lose to Florida State 100-0

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Can we take a moment and consider one thing: Once things were out of hand on Saturday, was anyone else rooting for Baylor to go for the century mark? You could say you saw a football team score 100 points in a real college football game.

Scott: We all know we're just biding time until Saban wants to come home. The dude said so

Hossnpepper: I suspect we lose to Louisville by 75.

Sam: No

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Sam -- even just a little?

Scott: I was at he bucs game on Tuesday and I wanted them to get no hit.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Bucco hater.

Bill G.: Baylor will struggle...David Ubben pointed out that they are a terrible road team, having not won in regulation on the road since Texas in 2010 (with an come-from-behind OT win against Kansas in 2011).

Scott: I love them, but its just a playoff game and there have only been two postseason no hitters EVER

Stephen J. Nesbitt: There's a fair chance of that, sure, but when you've got an offense that is averaging 70 points per game, I'm not so worried about them going on the road.

Hossnpepper: No. Never. I was hoping they would lose a star player to us and not be able to compete with Kansas.

Scott: I also find myself hoping the other team's players get hurt.

Scott: I'm a bad person

Stephen J. Nesbitt: You're the worst type of human.

Hossnpepper: He actually is.

Scott: Truly

Sam: Not even a little. I've resigned myself to a few bad years under this inept staff, but that would be a punch line long after this stench has dissipated. ESPN: In the worst beatdown since Baylor hug a 100 on the hapless...

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Alright, last five minutes. Fire in any last questions or comments, and give me your outlook on the last six games of the season.

Hossnpepper: Pain

Scott: 0-6 because I bring such bad karma to the team hoping the opponents tear ACLs

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Scott: The superfan WVU has, not the one they deserve.

Sam: Are you looking for a better program to cover?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Do you have one in mind?

Scott: I also predict cheap tickets in the blue lot. Meet me by the Kenyan flag!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I do start Duquesne basketball coverage in the next few days here. Is that a better program?

Hossnpepper: Maybe we beat Kansas. Maybe we O-fer.

Scott: Michigan State maybe?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: State? Oh man.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Although I could live at home on the farm if that were the case, and that would be at least a little bit awesome.

Scott: Duquesne is pretty sad. A shame really

Stephen J. Nesbitt: But it's right across the river from me, Scott. I can see the Bluff from my house.

Bill G.: The Penguins beat would be awesome to cover.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: If you weren't a Red Wings lifer.

Hossnpepper: I knew you ha a flaw.

Sam: you seem to think there's over a hundred, so your options appear almost unlimited

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Hah! Nailed it, Sam.

Scott: Hockey is the worst sport

Scott: When you get old and figure out the South Side is a terrible place to live, let us know.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Wrong, Scott. All wrong. Life is good living on the sunny South Side.

Scott: The only reason to go is the Shipwreck burger at wingharts. It changed my life.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: One minute left. Any last words of wisdom/advice?

Guest: Run!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: ALWAYS smart advice.

Scott: Turn your side mirror in when you park

Hossnpepper: Drink [water[.

Bill G.: If you live on the South Side, drink [more water]!

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Edited for family friendliness.

Scott: Don't go to Diesel. Ever.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Okay, hooligans. I'm out. Thanks for joining the chat. See you next week. Bye week like crazy.


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