Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 8.26.14

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Ed Bouchette: Sorry about the delay. Let's begin.

kjacksonpgh: Hi Ed, Congrats again for receiving, The McCann Award. I really appreciate your articles and your chats. Has your opinion of McCullers' changed of being an on the roster developmental nose tackle?

Ed Bouchette: I think it could go either way for him.

steelmann58: ED will the steelers be keeping 3 or 2 QB

Ed Bouchette: As you may know, I've written why they COULD go with two. However, I believe they will stick with three again. They are worried they would lose Landry Jones if they tried to put him on the practice squad and do not want to have to train another young QB at this point.

steelmann58: Ed Any Chance James might get a call with the shakiness at that olb position.

Ed Bouchette: It would have to be proven to them that they really need his talents. I believe that would take at least failures over the first two games.

JM: Ed, Do you think Keisel is going to start/get significant playing time, or was the move to stricly provide depth at the position?

Ed Bouchette: I'm not sure he will start, that will depend on how others perform. I also do not believe he was brought here to not play.

kjacksonpgh: Ed. At Tomlin's presser he indicated that some starters won't play due to his satisfaction with their play. How could anyone be satisfied with last weeks performance on offense or defense?

Ed Bouchette: I did not hear him give that as a reason. He talked about protecting them, which means older players like Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu will not play and slightly injured starters like Cam Heyward.

Dude_From_Cali: Ed: I assume Spence makes the team and will rotate with which STARTER? Timmons or Shazier?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think there will be a rotation system. Timmons and Shazier will start and not rotate with anyone. Spence will have to cut it on special teams until/if he gets the chance to play because of injury to someone.

Ed Bouchette: Spence also does not back up Timmons, he backs up Shazier. Vince Williams backs up Timmons.

Chris: Do you think any team would put Landry Jones on their active roster given what he's shown so far?

Ed Bouchette: Not by what he's shown, but someone might take a flyer on him as their No. 3 QB based on what he did in college, that the Steelers drafted him fourth and that he's only had one year and not much playing time to show what he can/cannot do.

John B.: How is everything with Podlesh? is his wife ok? ive just heard the sports side of it.

Ed Bouchette: What I've been told is that she is improving and will eventually be fine. Do not count him out yet.

dave: Are they really trying to sign Cortez Allen to a new contract? Do they think he's going to be a dependable starter?

Ed Bouchette: He's young and they do not have much there.

Wayne From Waynesburg: Ed, Do Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert travel on the team's charter to away games? I ask because neither Bell nor Blount seemed at all concerned that they would be reeking of pot smoke and exhibiting telltale signs of drug use as they boarded the plane and sat inside the cabin for an hour for the flight to Philadelphia.

Ed Bouchette: Yes, they travel on the charter. Maybe they planned to douse themselves with cologne.

Dannyboy: I see Dennis Dixon was cut upgrade over Jones ?

Ed Bouchette: No, that ship sailed a long time ago.

John in Ohio: Has Dan McCullers performed well enough not to be cut? And if cut, would he make it to the practice squad?

Ed Bouchette: I'm not sure about your first question. If cut and not claimed off waivers, I would believe he would go to the practice squad.

kjacksonpgh: Ed, the corner position has been very week with no help in sight. If the front seven cannot put pressure on the QB what in your opinion can they do? Especially if the game will be officiated like the preseason.

Ed Bouchette: There is not much they can do. Waive a white flag maybe? They have to pressure the QB and have put great emphasis on that.

dave: Why haven't they brought in another punter to compete with Wing?

Ed Bouchette: Mike Tomlin expressed some satisfaction with Brad Wing today. They have been concentrating on him trying to get hang time and I think that has hurt his distance a bit.

DSF: Independent of draft status, who would you start at LOLB?

Ed Bouchette: Jason Worilds, who will start there.

JM: Are the stellers forced to keep an extra RB that they were not planning on keeping on the roster due to the uncertainty of when/if 26 & 27 mess up again?

Ed Bouchette: No. None of the other RBs after Dri Archer has shown anything.

DB84: I have seen many projections with Chris Carter making the roster. Since he only has one year left and I doubt they really want to re sign him. Could it make sense to bring back Harrison? If both are one year rentals I would rather have Harrison who would be a good back up and sub to have. Thoughts?

Ed Bouchette: Much has been made of the fact that James Harrison could not play on special teams. Chris Carter does.

JW: Ed what do you feel about chances Ike gets let go on final cut down and steelers go w/ blake, Gordon or some young cb"s Lake is high on. and maybe start one opposite cortez Allen.

Ed Bouchette: Steelers have never asked a veteran to take a paycut and then cut him. If they set that precedent, the next veteran likely would not take the pay cut and force their hand in March, not August.

Guest: I'm Ben R. I have more than enough money, and I'm 2 SB's away from being in the conversation as the best QB ever. Why would I not play for pennies and tell the front office to stack my team?

Ed Bouchette: We can say that about a lot of players. If the Steelers did not want to pay him, someone else would. You cannot grossly underpay your star quarterback when it's time for him to do a contract.

DSF: You mentioned that Dennis Dixon is way better than Jones. Why not bring him back and release Jones?

Ed Bouchette: No, I was asked a question about whether Dixon WAS better, assuming at the same stage. They are at different stages in their careers now, plus the Steelers let Dixon go the first time.

Ryan H.: What's your take on Suisham? He hasn't been very great at all this preseason thus far.

Ed Bouchette: Let's see how it goes when things count and remember that he's had to adjust to a new holder and in the last game a new long-snapper.

The Man: Love the chat Ed, can you fill us in on how stupid our two starting RB's have to be to get caught driving down the street smoking indo, sipping on gin and juice?

Ed Bouchette: I think you just answered your own question, although I had not heard about anything involving the sipping part.

Guest: moye or justin brown

Ed Bouchette: Justin Brown

Holly: Ed: IYO.........what is the best cologne to use to cover the stink of MJ.....Old Spice?

Ed Bouchette: Maybe that stuff the hunters pour on themselves to attract deer?

JM: Does Heyward-Bey have any shot to make the team with the emergence of J. Brown? I would assume Bryant has an inside track due to his possible upside and the 5th WR doesn't play much unless there is injuries.

Ed Bouchette: Mike Tomlin was effusive in his praise of Darrius Heyward-Bey today, so I would think he has a shot if they keep six.

DSF: I mean ROLB!

Ed Bouchette: James Harrison.

kurtc1800: Do you think Mike Adams makes the final roster?

Ed Bouchette: Yes.

Jax KC: Ed...What is your gut on how the Steelers are going to handle the two RB's?

Ed Bouchette: A quiet fine and then let the NFL deal with the rest. This notion that the Steelers might suspend one or the other on their own is folly.

Guest: I see the Steelers have cut Vic So'to...can he make the practice squad. Or has he to many years in the NFL to nullify that?

Ed Bouchette: I believe he is eligible

Adrian C: How is that E Sanders goes to Denver and puts up over 100 yards receiving in a pre season game with some good catches made and when he was in Pitt he couldn't catch cold! Does that reflect on our receivers coach?

Ed Bouchette: I think you are being overly harsh on his playing time here. Plus, didn't Wes Welker get hurt, making ES the go-to receiver in that game? And I think Denver likes to throw a whole lot more.

Ed Bouchette: Tune in the morning of the opener, where my blog on that will have not just their record through the first 6 games but the entire season! Hint, I was way off the past 2 years.

Schneply: Can teams start signing players to the practice squad now, or after the final round of cuts?

Ed Bouchette: They must wait until they clear waivers after the final cut.

FD Cox: Ed, 8 or 9 OL on final 53?

Ed Bouchette: Since Mike Munchak wants 9, I say they give him 9.

Steeler_in_VZ: Good afternoon, Ed. Would Rice´s absence be a factor in the outcome of next Steelers-Ravens match?

Ed Bouchette: it certainly will not help the Ravens nor hurt the Steelers that he cannot play in that game.

The Man: Would the Steelers ever trade for Wallace? They took back McFadden, Foote, and William Gay...

Ed Bouchette: No, especially with the contract he carries.

Ed Bouchette: Thanks for another great chat. See you next Tuesday, I hope on time.

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