Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript: 11.12.13

Dude_From_Cali: Ed: even with healed torn biceps, will Foote b-Bach next season?

Ed Bouchette: Really, I do not know. It might depend on how Vince Williams plays the rest of the year.

Tommy: Do you think Timmons will ever make a pro bowl or are we looking at another over-priced player the Steelers talked themselves into resigning?

Ed Bouchette: To me, Lawrence Timmons was their best defensive player this year or that and was deserving of the Pro Bowl last year.

Ed Bouchette: Let me rephrase: He was their best defensive player last year and is again this year.

FreddyMack1: Shouldn't there be more criticism for Ian Rapoport given that he never checked the story with Ben or Steelers front office, and his "Steelers source" apparently is a radio talk show host.

Ed Bouchette: I have no idea who Ian's source or sources were. I doubt that it was a radio talk show host. I am satisfied on my end that the Steelers were not shopping Ben Roethlisberger, will not try to trade him and that he does not want to be traded.

Dude_From_Cali: Ed: what is Moye's weakness that he can't be in the red zone plans?

Ed Bouchette: The fact he is the No. 5 receiver at the moment would be a start. He also dropped one pass in the end zone.

kjacksonpgh: Ed, I was as well as many of us glad to see the Steelers come away with a victory against Buffalo. Do you believe that with the lack of success that some coordinators and coaches will be reevaluated at the end of the season? Not the head coach of course.

Ed Bouchette: Everyone will be evaluated, whether they make moves is another matter.

Teddy ballgame: People seem to be upset the Steelers did not take that 3rd rounder from New England for Sanders, but what they fail to realize is the Steelers would have most likely taken a bust anyway, so why get upset? This team is in serious trouble beyond retaining a fourth receiver on a good team.

Ed Bouchette: They must have been doing some drafting right if they won two Super Bowls and went to a third since 2005, and were 12-4 in 2011.

BIg City: Do you think the Steelers whiffed again in the draft by passing on Eddie Lacy for Bell. Lacy clearly looks like a special back at this point.

Ed Bouchette: Lacy has 669 yards and a 4.2-yard average, playing eight games. that's not bad. Let's give it another year or so before judging that one.

Dude_From_Cali: Ed: Being 2-6 was Heinz field 100% full with fan support vs Buffalo? [ I live in Cali, no cable nor dish ]

Ed Bouchette: They had about 6,000 no-shows.

dave: Did Bell look better in training camp than he does now?

Ed Bouchette: I thought so, but then in training camp he was running against his own teammates, most of the time not live.

Subspace Interference: Do the steelers have a slight advantage over other teams in the race to acquire Jonathan Martin given that the Dolphins owe the Steelers a third round draft pick?

Ed Bouchette: The Dolphins don't owe the Steelers anything. If the Steelers get a compensatory pick for losing Mike Wallace to them, that's just a pick the NFL adds, it doesn't come from another team. I don't know that teams are lining up to start a race to sign Jonathan Martin, who lost his starting job with the Dolphins before he left the team.

Tucson Ken: Do you think the Steelers can change the second half of the season around and make their final record 8 and 8 or better?

Ed Bouchette: They can turn it around, I just don't see it at this point.

Guest: I missed the game sunday-Is there any sites I can watch a replay of the Bills game?

Ed Bouchette: Not unless you pay a place like NFL Game Rewind

Upset Steeler Fan: Ed, when is the 2 Super Bowl credit come to an end? You seem to fall back on that and ignore the past few years and the many draft whiffs? Are you going to be saying the same thing 5 years from now??

Ed Bouchette: Where were you when they drafted those guys you say are whiffs and why didn't you question them then? And, who are these "whiffs?" and have any other NFL teams had them as well? The facts are, the same people who were drafting in 2007 are drafting today. In 2008, in 2010 were you complaining about their draft picks? Or, is that just a simple way to explain why they are 3-6 this year?

Stillerman: Any reason to believe Steelers will ever pull an Atlanta Braves deal and bail on Heinz Field? Especially considering their war with the SEA over the new seat funding.

Ed Bouchette: Not likely.

Jim in VT: Is Dwyer now solidly in place as the third down back? he seems much inproved out there

Ed Bouchette: He's not the third-down back, they've been using him in some short yardage and as a spot player. I think you'll see him move ahead of Felix Jones as the primary backup this week.

BeepBeep: Given the lackluster crowds and empty seats at Heinz Field, have the Penguins finally taken over as the #1 show in town?

Ed Bouchette: I think if you check the TV ratings -- or even the number of people who read Post-Gazette stories -- there still is no contest. The Steelers blow everything else away. There is only competition for second place.

dave: Don't they have to consider drafting a punter next year? They're not having much success finding ones off the scrap heap.

Ed Bouchette: They didn't have much success drafting one either.

Steelers: Talking about our fair weather fans, would they prefer a 5 & 5 team like the Cowboys with terrible management? I would take the Rooneys over Jimmy Jones every year!

Ed Bouchette: Yes, but I think the fans would take 5-5 at this point over 3-6, no?

Nick: Is Ben worth another $100m? How many NFL players have received multiple $100m contracts in their career? Cant be many.

Ed Bouchette: Only the great ones get those, and I would include him in that.

Dude_From_Cali: Ed: Have Steelers eve WON a THURSDAY game on 3 days rest?

Ed Bouchette: Not on the West Coast

NotDanielSepulveda: What ever happened to that really talented punter the Steelers drafted out of Baylor?

Ed Bouchette: You mean 3 ACL surgeries and as many missed seasons later?

dave: Who do you think made the call to draft Worilds instead of Sean Lee?

Ed Bouchette: From what I've heard, that was Mike Tomlin's man, and he convinced them to take him.

Upset Steeler Fan: Right on, Ed. I hated the picks going back to Mendenhall and the glass wide out. 2007 draft was a JOKE! The only decent pick they had was Pouncey who seems injury proned. What about Mike Adams, Ziggy Hood, etc?

Ed Bouchette: I'll give you Ziggy Hood. I'll wait on Mike Adams.

nerdbird: after 40+ years of rooting for the steelers, I'm supporting my now hometown team the Phishhacks(SEa) do I qualify as a fairweather fan given all the rain in seattle

Ed Bouchette: You qualify as someone who likes to follow a winner. Nothing wrong with that.

Nick: Ed, you seem to keep forgetting that if the Steelers dont win the Super Bowl, yinzers would prefer the first draft pick and nothing in between. Ridiculous, I know.

Ed Bouchette: Yes, I understand that. Many of their "fans" hope they will lose to get a higher pick. But that doesn't guarantee a good pick. I will repeat that some of the best drafts have gone in the late rounds, such as 1974.

Ed Bouchette: Thanks for another great chat. See you next Tuesday.

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