Shelly Anderson's Penguins chat transcript: 5.12.14

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<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Well, the Penguins are on the brink of ... something. Much to chat about. Deep breath. Here we go.<p>

<b>Pucks Joey:</b> Straight to the point -- do you think Bylsma is coaching for his job Tuesday night?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Yes, I would imagine so, although that's not coming from any upper-level source in the organization.<p>

<b>Ross:</b> Too give you a break with playoff questions... Kris Letang has a strap or piece of cloth hanging down from the front of his pants. I dont see anyone else wearing similar on the team or NHL. Lucky charm?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> I've seen that. I think at times over the years I've seen the same thing with Sidney Crosby. Sometimes a strap is just a strap.<p>

<b>Jason:</b> Is Crosby hurt? Sid/Kuny/Stemp are -10 (while Geno/Juice/Neal combine for +10). Over 100 players have scored more goals than Sid in this playoff so far. And he's embarrassing the organization with slew footing, groin shots and whining. When is enough?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> This question died almost completely after Crosby scored a goal. No, I don't think he has an injury that would impede him. And yes, I think a few players fell into old habits of losing composure.<p>

<b>Anna Gross:</b> Don't give up Boys, We have come this far, and i know my penguins can do it.I will never give up hope with you, so lets get a win tomorrow night. LGP<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Don't really see a question there.<p>

<b>Nick:</b> Any news on orpik?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> No, nothing. I'm not sure he made the trip to New York for Game 6. It would be shocking if he is a candidate to play in Game 7 on Tuesday. This injury (separate from an earlier one) appears to involve his right knee.<p>

<b>Guest:</b> Can you provide any details or specifics on what Dupuis's presence (obviously off-ice) has been during these playoffs? Haven't seen him shown at all.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> I can only tell you that I've seen him around and that he's doing his rehab from his knee surgery with the team medical staff. Whatever interaction he has with his teammates is away from the cameras and reporters.<p>

<b>Alicia:</b> Shelly, I heard that 66 came to the locker room last night to talk to 87. Any idea what he said?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> All I can do is guess -- betting it was supportive in nature.<p>

<b>Nick:</b> It's unreal how mentally weak this team is at times. from our coaches and their lack of ability to keep players focused and determined, to the players themselves almost coming across with self pity and an obvious lack of desire. With all of the constant ups and downs from this team, Who do you think is most likely to go?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Not necessarily anyone if the Penguins advance. As mentioned before, coach Dan Bylsma would seem to be on the hot seat, and there could be several other personnel changes if they don't advance.<br/>However, I have not seen any self-pity, not that the players are lackadaisical about losing.<p>

<b>Emily:</b> The penguins said in Round 1 that they had to shake off the fear of losing. You think it has crept back in? So frustrating how they were playing there best hockey in game 3 and 4!<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> You make an excellent point. It looked for all the world that the Penguins had reached the point you would expect of them as a playoff team and then, pffft. That's a difficult one to explain.<br/>I think in the first round, they talked more about playing not to lose than having a fear of losing. Kind of difficult to play not to lose when you fall behind.<p>

<b>Nick:</b> I think Sid has done a good job of coming across composed through the playoffs so far. Last night was obviously a step in the wrong direction. I've always thought the complaint about lack of leadership coming from him was exaggerated, but I can't ignore the signs anymore. He too often gets agitated and looks like he feels sorry for himself, and as sid goes so does this team. What's your opinion on what you've seen from Sid and do you agree?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> I've always thought, and still do, that he is a competitor extraordinaire whose expectations of himself exceed any that others have for him. Again, I don't see self-pity, but also again, the composure thing is an issue at times.<p>

<b>Marcus:</b> This team has an identity crisis. They play shut down D for two games. They play run and gun hockey for two games. Do Shero and Mario see this as a problem with coaching or the team itself?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Neither has confided in me or anyone else in the media, but it stands to reason that they are deeply concerned with consistency issues.<p>

<b>Bill:</b> Games 3 and 4 played like Cup contenders; Games 5 and 6 played like non-playoff team...what gives?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Million dollar question. I don't know that anyone really knows the answer. Some of it is desperation -- the Rangers had more of it.<p>

<b>Nick:</b> I still think the pens will win Tuesday, and then get obliterated by Boston because their Columbus on steroids. Once that happens what things do the pens need to improve on.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Not sure it will be a matter of improving; more like an overhaul.<p>

<b>Ron Shock:</b> Quite simply if they lose this game will Mario fire Blysma and Shero?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Nothing is for sure, but, again, it would seem as if Dan Bylsma would not survive a series loss to the Rangers. I really don't know about Ray Shero, but my sense is that he is safer than Bylsma.<p>

<b>Guest:</b> Is the Malkin/Crosby/Kunitz line being overused? It used to be for a change of pace, but now it's all the time, and I'd think that is trickling down to really hurt the productivity of the other lines.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Over the years, Crosby and Malkin have played together for stretches ranging from a shift here and there to several games in a row. It's a good idea at times, and was a masterful move by Bylsma in the Columbus series. Bylsma strongly hinted after Game 6 that he would break up that line for Game 7, and that's probably a good thing -- might take pressure off of one big line and help players such as James Neal get a spark.<p>

<b>SDWC:</b> At this stage it looks like the Pens are going to have to win a 2-1 game to move on. Are they capable of that?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Sure, they are capable. They shut out the Rangers twice in this series. What will happen in Game 7? I have no idea.<p>

<b>Jordan:</b> Why is the team never practicing. I think they have had one practice in all of round 2. And they clearly could be at least working on the powerplay. Yes I know they meet and talk, but wouldnt working on the ice be helfpul?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> This has been a common criticism. They feel strongly about managing the players' energy level. I guess you never know if the series will be decided in a third overtime.<p>

<b>dave:</b> Would you expect Mario to speak with the players before game 7?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> That hasn't been his style -- the famous text came before Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, a bit different than the second round. But who knows?<p>

<b>dave:</b> Why do you think Glass has been a scratch lately, and do you think he'll dress for game 7?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> When Brian Gibbons got healthy, they wanted him in the lineup and made a choice for Gibbons speed and some skill over Tanner Glass, who brings energy and a physical edge. Don't know if Glass might dress for Game 7 and who he would replace.<p>

<b>Alicia:</b> Let's be honest even if they win Tuesday the Bruins will beat them, no?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Again, I don't do the prediction thing. Montreal has given the Bruins a good series, and the Penguins would go in with a huge chip on their shoulders. But it would be a tough series -- assuming Boston beats the Canadiens.<p>

<b>Tyler:</b> Has Byslma lost the team? They seem to give very different effort levels depending on the day of the week.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> That's a good question. I don't think so, but I can see how from the outside it could appear that way.<p>

<b>Guest:</b> How's Fleury's peace of mind? He's been phenomenal in this series.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Assuming you mean his state of mind. Seems pretty good, actually.<p>

<b>Big City:</b> Are people being a little dramatic here? I think the difference the last two games has simply been the Rangers getting better bounces and Lundquist outplaying Fleury.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> You make valid points. Plus, the Rangers got through that tough scheduling stretch and got a second wind. But the fact remains that the Penguins have huge expectations attached to them, and they had a 3-1 series lead.<p>

<b>Kay:</b> The Rangers had a full practice today while the Pens had an optional practice. Wouldn't you say that it looks like one team is more concerned about game 7 than the other?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> No, just different approaches. And the Penguins haven't had their optional yet, so we don't know how well-attended it might be.<p>

<b>Harry:</b> What will it take for the penguins to finally land a stable goalie? Fleury is giving up freebies again, I'm just tired of him.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> Sorry, you're on an island. There were a couple of softies the past couple of games, and the pressure is on Marc-Andre Fleury, but he's hardly the reason the Penguins are on the brink of elimination.<p>

<b>Harold:</b> I'm no fan of Glass or Engelland, but at this point they can't be any worse than some of the players like Vitale and Adams that are invisible on the ice. At least those two would be hitting the Rangers, not playing the passive game that's been in evidence for games 5 & 6.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> That's something that might occur to the staff, but you rarely see NHL coaches make changes because "they can't be any worse."<p>

<b>Guest:</b> Shelly, why do players who just come up from WBS look better than say, someone who has been up and on the team for a while now? Like Gibbons vs. Glass?<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> That doesn't always happen, but don't overlook the adrenaline rush those guys get from being promoted. Also, Brian Gibbons might look like that partly because he's a very fast skater.<p>

<b>Shelly Anderson:</b> OK, well, tomorrow night looms large. Thanks for your questions.

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