Wildlife: Visit to a picturesque desert

If you visit the desert, be prepared with water, polarized sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen.

about 10 hours ago

Three rivers, three states bike tour with family

Tour three states and three rivers with proceeds benefiting the Major Force Youth Cycling Program. The tour includes a Family Ride.

1 day ago

Wildlife: New threat to everyone's favorite turtle

Ranavirus infects at least 25 species of turtles and amphibians and has been detected in 26 states since 1997.

1 week ago

Ride or shine, rain doesn't stop some bicyclists

Rain can be seen as a bicyclist friend or foe. Here are some tips if you are caught in a downpour.

1 week ago

 Bicyclists cross Liberty Avenue, Downtown, as part of the Open Streets Pittsburgh event on May 31.

Merchants divided on Open Streets road closings

Open Streets PGH, part of a national movement to foster outdoor activity, closed more than 25 city intersections from 8 a.m. to noon May 31.

1 week ago

 “We’re almost maxed out in Pennsylvania as far as coyote density and range. They’re everywhere,” said Tom Hardisky, chief furbearer biologist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Coyotes are 'everywhere' in Pennsylvania, but they pose little threat to humans

“Our strategy is to live with them. Do things differently so we can coexist,” said Tom Hardisky with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

1 week ago

Fishing report

Conditions on area waters.

1 week ago

 Mt. Lebanon commissioners discuss deer management improvements during a Monday meeting.

Mt. Lebanon's deer management meeting sparks no protests

The meeting was not billed as a decision-making event, and no decisions were made.

1 week ago

Bike, paddle or ride the train during the Conservancy sojourn

Enthusiastic bicyclist head out on a 192-mile ride for the 14th annual Rail-Trail Sojourn, sponsored by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

2 weeks ago

District fishing report: 6.19.15

Report your catch, and submit digital photos, at fishingreport@post-gazette.com.

2 weeks ago

Bills would allow Pennsylvania hunters to use semiautomatics

Proponents of legislation to allow hunters to use semiautomatic rifles urged lawmakers Monday to end the nation’s only ban on the practice.

2 weeks ago

Wildlife: Bullfrog’s croak signals summer’s start

Bullfrogs emerge in early spring, but delay breeding until late May, so their booming voices announce the arrival of summer.

3 weeks ago

District Fishing Report: 6.12.15

Report your catch, and submit digital photos, at fishingreport@post-gazette.com.

3 weeks ago

 Ron Taylor of Moon released these fine largemouths during a bass tournament on Tappan Lake, Ohio, in May. Pennsylvania regulations ban bass tournaments during the spring spawn.

Good bass bite prompts complaints about state ban on spring bass tournament

The improved conditions have prompted complaints about the state ban on spring bass tournaments.

4 weeks ago

 At around 4 p.m., May 25, a 48-inch muskellunge weighing 30-plus pounds was on submerged structure near the Allegheny River shore in Allegheny County. It went for an 8-inch live chub rigged for catfish. On the other end of the 15-pound line was Pat Contillo of North Irwin.  “It fought for five or 10 minutes, but mostly when it got to shore,” he said. “It opened its mouth and made a muskie-size hole through the net and went back in the water.”  After wrestling it ashore and snapping a few quick photos, Contillo released the fish.

Outdoors notebook: Regional parks among the best for family fishing

Four state parks located in western Pennsylvania have been rated among the Top 100 Family-Friendly Places to Boat and Fish in the U.S.

4 weeks ago

Biking: Library Viaduct vying for more attention on Montour Trail

While the Library Viaduct is finished on the Montour Trail, it still has a few rough patches to smooth out.

4 weeks ago

District Fishing Report: 6.5.15

Report your catch, and submit digital photos, at fishingreport@post-gazette.com.

4 weeks ago

Rabies, coyotes and ticks, oh my! Perils abound in the backyard this summer

Wild animals, birds and bugs can be a danger to people and their pets during warm weather, when more time is spent outdoors.

1 month ago