Brumbaugh Brothers: We asked, they answered

Brothers engage in a lively give-and-take with Post-Gazette sports writer

The Brumbaughs are by far the most prolific passing family in the history of high school football in Pennsylvania and you could see all three of them on fields -- high school and college -- this fall.

At South Fayette High School, Brett, 17, is a senior who has a good chance to break the all-time WPIAL career passing record. Luke, 20, is a redshirt freshman at Robert Morris who was No. 1 on the depth chart entering preseason camp. Christian, 21, is a redshirt junior battling for the No. 1 position at William & Mary.

Before they left for preseason camps, the Brumbaugh brothers sat down with Post-Gazette sports writer Mike White to talk about a number of subjects.

Have you guys ever realized how unusual it is for three brothers to start at quarterback for high school teams?

Brett: I don't think we ever really thought about it. I never thought I would be a quarterback. I thought I would play tight end or maybe focus on basketball. Then in seventh grade, I started playing quarterback.

Luke: Christian was the only true quarterback all the way. I remember I just wanted to be like him.

Didn't you guys think you would be basketball players?

Luke: I actually thought baseball would be my sport.

Christian: I was focused on basketball, and once I hit about seventh grade, that's when I shifted my focus toward football.

Brett: I think I started to focus on football at the end of ninth grade. My AAU basketball team was pretty good in eighth grade and I didn't start in football until the end of ninth grade.

What if you all start for your teams this year?

Brett: Our parents will be busy.

Christian: But I don't know about Brett starting this year for South Fayette [laugh].

I'm sure you watched that ESPN 30 for 30 show on the Manning brothers and how they fought so much when they were young. Were you guys like that?

Luke: Ohhhh [laugh]. Christian would beat me up, I would beat Brett up. He would always tell my mom and then I would get in trouble and Brett would get out of everything.

Christian: We always fought, Luke and I would sit in church and fight. He'd bump me in church and we would start fighting [laugh].

Ever a fist fight?

Luke: We never hit each other in the face.

Christian: I think I actually hit Luke in the face once. I went to hit him in the arm and he ducked and I hit him in the face. I was like, 'Oh, I didn't mean to do that.'

When you were younger, who was the soft one, the sissy?

Luke: Oh definitely it was Brett. One-hundred percent Brett.

Brett: Yeah [laugh]. I had to take it. I took beatings. I couldn't fight back because they had that older brother thing going.

Who has the strongest passing arm?

Christian: I think Luke does.

Luke: I think Brett is catching me.

Christian: Mine is the weakest. I don't know what happened to my arm, but it's Luke definitely.

You guys have been so successful. But Christian and Luke, do you ever wonder why you weren't recruited by bigger schools and do you think Brett should have more offers?

Christian: I've watched Brett play and I've watched film of him. He can play. I've seen a lot of competition the past three or four years and I don't see any reason why he shouldn't have more offers. A lot of schools get wrapped up in 40 times, but once you step on the field, it's a completely different game. You're not going to line up and run the 40-yard dash when you are sitting in the pocket.

Alright, who is the smartest?

Luke: Definitely Christian. He's a genius. He can fix computers, electronics, everything.

Christian: Alright, I'll take this one. I had to set the bar high in the house.

Is there a question that you're tired of hearing?

Brett: I don't like always being asked about college recruiting.

Christian: Yeah, it's been like we've been through this for six years. People used to always ask me. Then it went to Luke. Then they would ask me about Luke. Now they ask us two about Brett. Recruiting is a draining process. It's fun to get the opportunity to play college football, but the recruiting thing is draining.

Is there anything you guys would like to say about each other that has never been in newspapers or been mentioned anywhere?

Luke: Yeah, I think people get the misconception that just because I went to a different high school that we're not close. But these two guys are my two best friends by far.

Christian: I think that whole story got blown out of proportion. It just so happened that he went to a school that played South Fayette. But we are all very close.

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