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 Pirates' Jung Ho Kang throws out Padres' Derek Norris in the during a game earlier this month at PNC Park.

Ron Cook: Kang in Rookie of the Year conversation

Jung Ho Kang’s remarkable transition, progress and impact on Pirates makes him a candidate for the award.

about 7 hours ago

 Gregory Polanco is mobbed after hitting the winning single in the 10th inning July 12 against the Cardinals, one of the many big plays the Pirates right fielder had made this month.

Ron Cook: Hurdle's belief in Polanco is paying off

The Pirates right fielder was struggling entering this month, but his manager’s encouraging words have made a difference.

1 day ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: As Planned Parenthood squirms, America reflects

Pro-life advocates, don’t falter right now: the video exposing Planned Parenthood’s inhumane procedures is a moment to rally support.

1 day ago

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: On a faraway planet, they're making plans

Earth is looking harder for life on other planets, but don’t expect the universe to have a positive reaction.

1 day ago

David M. Shribman: The Ozzie-and-Harriet revolution

Gay activists’ family values had a lot to do with the acceptance of same-sex marriage.

2 days ago

Jack Kelly: Trump tells it like it is

And he’s willing to take on illegal immigration.

2 days ago

Gene Collier: Baseball in the 21st century is filled with advertisements

The amount of product placement in baseball today prevents fans from fully enjoying the game.

2 days ago

 Given his age and list of accomplishments, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is on pace for a Hall of Fame career.

Ron Cook: Despite some lost pieces, the Steelers' core remains

With Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Heyward and Mike Tomlin all signing extensions, the Steelers’ future looks bright.

2 days ago

 Aramis Ramirez is back with the Pirates after getting traded to the Cubs in 2003.

Ron Cook: Ramirez might be just what the Pirates need

It has been 12 years since Aramis Ramirez last played for the Pirates, but he can still provide the power the team’s lineup needs.

4 days ago

Jennifer Graham: The American family, hacked

The American family is failing, at least in part because the Internet has made it so easy to cheat.

5 days ago

 A fan painted with the Quebec Nordiques colors cheers during the Blue March rally, held to pressure the federal government to invest in the return of the NHL team, on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, in an October 2, 2010 file photo. Canadian telecom and media conglomerate Quebecor Inc submitted a formal expansion application to the National Hockey League on Monday in an effort to return a team to Quebec City. The Montreal-based company had been widely expected to make a bid as part of its efforts to bring the NHL back to a city that has not had a team since the Nordiques left for Denver and became the Colorado Avalanche in 1995.

Gene Collier: Expansion is always on the agenda

The NHL isn’t the only organization exploring expansion. The big four sport leagues consistently look to widen their reach.

5 days ago

Dan Simpson: Waking up to the real world

Returning to reality from a week in Maine shocks the system.

6 days ago

 Will the Steelers kiss the Vince Lombardi trophy again as Jerome Bettis did after beating the Seahawks at Ford Field in Detroit to win Super Bowl XL in 2006? Sure, why not, Gene Collier says, as its only July.

Gene Collier: Super Bowl predictions arrive, creating artificial need to make one

Super Bowl predictions flow in, as usual, in July, so the Post-Gazette’s sports columnist makes one, too.

6 days ago

Reg Henry: Irritation from passwords is no secret

It’s no secret how passwords can drive a man crazy.

6 days ago

 Katie Tontala demonstrates a cat massage technique at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Cat massage training can help owners be purr-fect

Like with people, massage for cats is catching on to ease stiffness and improve circulation and well-being.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Trump’s delusions will catch up to him

Donald Trump’s denial of John McCain’s sacrifices as a POW show he’s ill-prepared to be national leader.

1 week ago

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: If only Obama could teach Wolf

If only Obama could teach Wolf a lesson about how to work with Republicans.

1 week ago

 In a recent statement by House Speaker John Boehner, the word "and" speaks volumes.

David M. Shribman: The power of ‘and’

The House speaker speaks, and one word speaks volumes.

1 week ago

 Of fixing up Saint Vincent, the training camp home of the Steelers, chairman Dan Rooney said: "Every year we’ve done more.”

Gene Collier: Rhode Island summers paved way for Steelers training camp in Latrobe

The days of the putrid Steelers teams starting their seasons in the northeast seem awfully long ago, but Saint Vincent wasn’t always home.

1 week ago

 Pirates catcher Chris Stewart congratulates Mark Melancon on one of his National League-leading 29 saves.

Ron Cook: Take it from Melancon, being an All-Star is a lot of work

The Pirates’ Mark Melancon has turned into an All-Star closer, but it didn’t happen overnight and takes plenty of dedication to stay there.

1 week ago

 The Pittsburgh Promise website, recently updated.

Brian O'Neill: Pittsburgh Promise is refiguring how to help

Pittsburgh Promise is missing the support it needs to do all it wants to do.

1 week ago

Jack Kelly: Appeasement in our time

Seeking peace with Iran nuclear deal, Obama likely will get war.

1 week ago

 The Pirates' Pedro Alvarez celebrates after getting a walk-off hit over the Padres in the ninth inning July 6 at PNC Park.

Ron Cook: Pedro Alvarez — for better or worse — is key to Pirates season

The first baseman has struggled in many areas, but still has the kind of potential to put the Pirates over the top.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: You can’t erase Cosby, Confederacy

You can’t erase all trace of what Bill Cosby and the Confederate flag now represent.

1 week ago

 Novelist Taylor Caldwell

Jennifer Graham: Taylor Caldwell, MIA

Once a best-selling author, she’s been silenced by the grave.

1 week ago

 The Pirates' Gregory Polanco is mobbed by teammates after hitting the based-loaded single that won Sunday's  game against the Cardinals in the 10th inning at PNC Park.

Gene Collier: Time to reflect on significance of Pirates games before break

The adrenaline flash flood that occurred when the Pirates took 3 of 4 games from the Cardinals has some thinking two words: World Series.

1 week ago

 Pedestrians past the display windows at Macy's along Fifth Ave. Monday morning. The company has announced it will close the the Downtown Pittsburgh store.

Brian O'Neill: The view from a Downtown Macy's worker

Dave Malehorn, 52, stocks the shelves of Macy’s Downtown from 6:30 a.m. until opening. Now he knows what G.O.B. means.

1 week ago

Dan Simpson: Go ahead, cut defense spending

The U.S. can easily afford to field fewer troops.

1 week ago

 Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli is thrown out by third base umpire Larry Vanover Saturday at PNC Park.

Gene Collier: To err is human, but not for umpires

Why are athletes, such as Pirates starters A.J. Burnett, allowed to make mistakes, yet umpires are not allowed?

1 week ago

Gary Rotstein’s Morning File: Downtown Pittsburgh’s become a dream to some

A man can only dream of what Davey Lawrence would think of Pittsburgh’s changes.

1 week ago

 Pirates General Manager & Senior VP Neal Huntington during February workouts at Pirates City in Bradenton, Florida.

Ron Cook: Neal Huntington's offseason work splendid

Pirates general manager relied on his staff but the moves to get Francisco Cervelli, Jung Ho Kang and A.J. Burnett were golden.

2 weeks ago

Tony Norman: A lesser Atticus Finch jumps off page

Newly published work from Harper Lee reveals a shadier, and more realistic, version of Atticus Finch.

2 weeks ago

 Catcher Francisco Cervelli was one of several heroes for the Pirates Sunday night and over the course of the weekend at PNC Park.

Ron Cook: Best should be yet to come for this Pirates team

Sunday at PNC Park was thrilling, but as the NL Central race heats up, the second half of the season should be quite a ride for the Pirates.

2 weeks ago

Gary Rotstein’s Morning File: Rain is unquestioned this summer, except for these

Amateur weatherman takes a stab an answering your questions about the rain.

2 weeks ago

David M. Shribman: A good man

Whether a pastor or a president, the test of a well-lived life is always the same.

2 weeks ago

 The politics of liquor legislation in Harrisburg can make one head spin.

Brian O'Neill: Liquor legislation’s politics can make your head spin

Theory has it that the Republican-dominated Senate passed a liquor privatization bill because they knew Gov. Tom Wolf would veto it.

2 weeks ago

Jack Kelly: Don't blame Trump

Two killings illustrate failure at our borders.

2 weeks ago

 After another strong outing, Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole waves to the crowd while he exits the game against the Cardinals on Saturday at PNC Park.

Gene Collier: For Pirates, patented formula works again

The Pirates’ pitching staff led the way, and the offense improved in Saturday’s win against the Cardinals.

2 weeks ago

 It has now been more than 60 years since Roberto Clemente debuted with the Pirates, an organization that has helped break down plenty of cultural barriers since then.

Gene Collier: Pirates organization a magnet for diversity

Much cultural history is weaved throughout decades of Pirates baseball, a franchise that is a veritable but perhaps unassuming melting pot.

2 weeks ago

 Jung Ho Kang is called out at third base against the Cardinals in the fourth inning Thursday at PNC Park.

Ron Cook: Bad start to big series, but three more games of Pirates-Cardinals

The Pirates can still produce a successful weekend against their NL Central nemesis St. Louis, but Thursday night didn’t go as planned.

2 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Bill Cosby loses any claim to credibility

The truth, his family members probably tell themselves, is more benign and less felonious than what they insist is a smear job in the media.

2 weeks ago

Jennifer Graham: America on drugs

Are you forgetful? Disorganized? Unfocused? There’s a drug for that, especially if you’re a menopausal woman.

2 weeks ago

 The Pirates' Travis Ishikawa rounds third base before scoring the go-ahead run Wednesday against the Padres.

Gene Collier: Pirates series against the Cardinals sure to be a good one

The Pirates are rolling ahead of a pivotal four-game series against the National League Central leaders.

2 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: OK, green light that shared streets idea

The time has come for a free-for-all in shared space at busy Downtown intersection.

2 weeks ago

Dan Simpson: France, always fascinating

It’s hard to figure out the French, but it is worth the effort.

2 weeks ago

Reg Henry: The hottest thing about men is grilling

When the heat gets hot, the men get grilling.

2 weeks ago

 GTECH staffers Gavin White, left, and Lydia Kramer clear weeds in new Propel Northside charter school lot.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Grant program helps give vacant lots a future use

A weedy lot near the Propel Northside charter school will become a classroom when students return.

3 weeks ago

 Pirates closer Mark Melancon catches the final out May 27 against the Marlins.

Ron Cook: Pirates' Melancon most deserving of All-Star honor

The Pirates’ day started bad with Harrison’s injury, but ended on a high note with a victory and All-Star nods for Melancon and others.

3 weeks ago

 With Pedro Alvarez and the offense on a roll, this season could go to some pretty nice places for the Pirates.

Ron Cook: Pirates have makings of something special

With their stellar pitching starting to get a whole lot of help lately from the offense, the Pirates’ future looks very bright.

3 weeks ago

 A great spot for Super Bowl LVII.

Gary Rotstein’s Morning File: Dream about Super Bowl coming here in 2023

Bringing Super Bowl here is something worth dreaming about for the next eight years.

3 weeks ago