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Dan Simpson: You have to laugh

Or our politics and foreign policies will make you cry.

about 19 hours ago

 Ben Roethlisberger takes the Heinz Field turf against Cleveland earlier this month after Landry Jones left the game with an ankle injury early the first quarter.

Gene Collier: It's been a tough year for NFL quarterbacks, and not just with Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Vick and Landry Jones have all started for the Steelers this season, and all three have come in in relief, too.

about 19 hours ago

Reg Henry: Nothing to fear except fearful common sense

Common sense suggests we defeat Islamic terrorism with the help of decent Muslims who want to be our friends.

about 11 hours ago

Tony Norman: Trump's dark carnival of lies and vulgarity

Mr. Trump’s relationship to facts has always been tenuous. He recently “recalled” seeing Muslims in New Jersey support the 9/11 attacks.

1 day ago

 Director Chris Ivey, in action.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: 'Youth Rising' by Chris Ivey gets inside the kids of Shuman

The “East of Liberty” filmmaker expands documentary to address youth culture and violence with youth at Shuman Detention Center.

1 day ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: Refugees need compassion; Americans deserve respect

Our fear is not hysterical. It is completely rational. Rhetoric that asserts the contrary is not only illogical, it is bullying.

2 days ago

David M. Shribman: The challenges ahead for Hillary Clinton

She remains in a commanding position, but still must overcome some obstacles.

3 days ago

 Artist's rendering of the Trek proposal to incorporate the historical buildings into new housing at Federal and North.

Brian O'Neill | North Side Story: battling over a blighted block

A developer’s serious plan for the festering Garden Theater block has broad support. A few neighbors object to the size. Cue the molasses.

3 days ago

 Paul Martin, now with the San Jose Sharks, has no complaints about his Penguins career as he looks back.

Ron Cook: Sharks' Paul Martin remembers Pittsburgh and Penguins with great fondness

San Jose defenseman Paul Martin loved his time in Pittsburgh and with the Penguins and his teammates.

3 days ago

Tony Norman: The power (and some folly) of campus protests

At Princeton University, the archaic term “master” has been retired and will no longer be sanctioned by the school to refer to leaders.

5 days ago

 Pitt's Chris Jones reaches for a rebound against St. Joseph's Jordan Seele in the first half of Tuesday's game at the Petersen Events Center.

Gene Collier: Rule changes in college basketball require a trip to the classroom

There are more than 30 new rules in the game this season, partly because scoring recently reached near-historic lows.

6 days ago

Brian O'Neill: So you’re older than the old guys?

You run the comfortable old lies through your head. Age is just a number. Getting older beats the alternative. None of those bromides work.

6 days ago

 Near Le Carillon restaurant, one site of last Friday's attacks in Paris, a woman checks her smartphone in front of a poster showing Marianne, the symbol of the French Republic, crying.

Dan Simpson: U.S. war-making led to Paris attacks

When will our leaders realize that we can’t bomb our way to peace and security?

1 week ago

Reg Henry: It’s best for us to carry on, calm or not

The British slogan that never got to promote wartime sang-froid is subject to endless jokey variations today. We were once amused.

1 week ago

Doors are opening to Obamacare

We had more significant hints last week that the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare will eventually be universal.

1 week ago

 The Rev. Glenn Grayson with a collage of photographs at Hill District pop-up museum.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: 'Our Hill, Our Home, Our Stories' pops up to honor the Hill District

A museum of hours, not of years, represents the fleeting transit of personal history that leaves the stage when we do.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Bashing Syrian refugees: Christian hypocrisy on parade

I am embarrassed about identifying as Christian when so many of my co-religionists act like heartless fools at every opportunity.

1 week ago

 Steelers safety Mike Mitchell intercepts a pass in front of Browns receiver Travis Benjamin in the fourth quarter Sunday at Heinz Field.

Ron Cook: Browns made it easy, but Steelers defense stepped up

Cleveland shot itself in the foot plenty, but the Steelers defense made sure to take full advantage of it and make some plays of its own.

1 week ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: Vet the candidates, scrutinize the vetters

The national race provokes the vetting. It is absurd to decry its necessity. But who does the “vetting”?

1 week ago

 Steelers receiver Martavis Bryant celebrates after scoring late in the first half against the Browns, who — shockingly — can add being unable to cover Bryant to their long list of deficiencies.

Gene Collier: Cleveland Clowns help Steelers cruise to win

The Steelers had no trouble with yet another hapless bunch of Browns from Cleveland’s inept football organization.

1 week ago

 It certainly seems possible that the Steelers and likely quarterback Landry Jones could find a way to do just enough to lose to the lowly Browns today at Heinz Field.

Gene Collier: Steelers-Browns matchup a recipe for disaster

Cleveland’s football team is predictably lousy, but all that really means is that it will probably win today at Heinz Field.

1 week ago

 Pedro Alvarez: The poster boy for whatever significant changes Neal Huntington and the Pirates might make this offseason?

Ron Cook: Tough calls await for Pirates, Huntington

Neal Huntington’s bid for general manager of the year in 2016 begins now as he tries to shape the Pirates roster for next season.

1 week ago

 Plenty of greens: the Hill District Shop ’n Save.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Hill District Shop ’n Save needs more shoppers

Hill District Shop ’n Save is a good option for those in the city.

1 week ago

David M. Shribman: Candidates have some moments that are not too Swift

The writer Jonathan Swift died 270 years ago this fall and thus is not around to comment on the 2016 election. More’s the pity.

1 week ago

Jennifer Graham: Bad kids are not to blame

It’s parents, religious and nonreligious, who let them get away with doing bad things.

1 week ago

 The Penguins' Pascal Dupuis, left, celebrates his goal in the first period with Sidney Crosby against the Canadiens at the Consol Energy Center on Wednesday.

Ron Cook: It's the thrill that keeps Pascal Dupuis going

The winger returned to the starting lineup Wednesday night in the Penguins’ win against Montreal, scoring 13 seconds into the contest.

1 week ago

 The front logo on a T-Shirt promoting the Pittsburgh vs. Cuba boxing event.

Brian O'Neill: Let's have Cuban boxers on Clemente Bridge

The local delegation landing in Havana today is pursuing many links. Why not showcase a Pittsburgh landmark with a sporting match?

1 week ago

Dan Simpson: Postcard from India

I found a land full of people, problems and promise.

2 weeks ago

 Steelers' CB Ross Cockrell takes down Raiders' Michael Crabtree in the third quarter Sunday at Heinz Field.

Gene Collier: Steelers defense must shake inconsistency

The Steelers have had their moments on defense, but will need to have many more now to help make up for a Big Ben-less offense.

2 weeks ago

 Fitbits: modern-day torture devices

Reg Henry: Fitbit and other algorithms of tyranny

Much of modern living makes life worse. Exhibit A: Fitbit, the intrusive device that disables the body’s natural state (such as, repose).

2 weeks ago

 Steelers TE Jesse James celebrates his 4th quarter touchdown with teammates during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Heinz Field on Sunday.

Ron Cook: Local kid Jesse James takes advantage of opportunity with Steelers

Steelers tight end Jesse James of South Allegheny High and Penn State was active for first time and made an impact in win vs. Oakland.

2 weeks ago

 Supporters of Concerned Student 1950 celebrate following University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe's resignation announcement Monday.

Tony Norman: Money talked in Missouri, but justice was done

Racial unrest roiling, the University of Missouri president resigns under multiple pressures. Let the healing begin, but with level heads.

2 weeks ago

 The Hill District Shop 'n Save: plenty of greens

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Hill District Shop 'n Save just needs more shoppers

It was a long process to get a real supermarket in this food desert. Residents are grateful, but neighbors should check it out, too.

2 weeks ago

 Volunteer Michelle Bonaventura, 27, chats with Vietnam War veteran Richard Chambers, 75, at the Stand Down Pittsburgh Services Fair in late September. The event invites the community to come together with the goal to serve between 750-1,000 veterans and homeless at a daylong services fair.

Ruth Ann Dailey: To err toward giving is divine for vets

After a long hiatus of charitable giving, I made one donation to a vets group. More appeals followed. Many more. What to do?

2 weeks ago

David M. Shribman: Lake Superior never gives up her dead

The Edmund Fitzgerald sank 40 years ago but sails on in maritime lore.

2 weeks ago

 George Carlin used to say, “Inside every silver lining, there’s a dark cloud.’’

Brian O'Neill: Your biggest worry should be about having no worries

Don’t worry unless you think you have no worries, a new study suggests.

2 weeks ago

 Steelers receiver Antonio Brown makes a catch after beating Raiders defensive back David Amerson along the sideline for a first down Sunday at Heinz Field.

Gene Collier: Antonio Brown makes life simple for any Steelers quarterback

Antonio Brown got some time to himself — well, a few Raiders defenders were sometimes around — and made offense look easy for the Steelers.

2 weeks ago

 It doesn't seem all that inappropriate that Mike Tomlin's team is 4-4 — no better, no worse.

Gene Collier: However middling, Steelers a perfectly balanced 4-4

Despite what some may tell you, it hasn’t been all bad for the Steelers this season — not that it has been all good, either though.

2 weeks ago

 What will he say next?

Tony Norman: What's Ben Carson's biggest obstacle?

The Republican candidate does well among conservative white voters. These days, though, black people can’t stand him.

2 weeks ago

Jennifer Graham: Should churches pay taxes?

It’s not a blasphemous idea and it ought to be considered.

2 weeks ago

 Gene Collier laments that it's only 22 weeks until baseball games of consequence are played again. Here, Pirates' CF Andrew McCutchen warms up for his at-bat in the fourth inning against the Tigers Wednesday at PNC Park. All players wore number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson day, April 15, 2015

Gene Collier: Looking forward at baseball season's end

Chris Davis and his 47 home runs might not be coming to PNC Park, but that doesn’t make the game any harder to miss.

2 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: City tortoise beats housing market hare

Since 1980, Pittsburgh’s housing-price index has risen 218 percent,  as close a match to the nation’s 237 percent increase as you can get.

2 weeks ago

 Steelers' LB Alvin "Bud" Dupree interviews Ashton Pellegrina, 5, of Jefferson Hills, during a visit to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh with other members of Steelers rookie class.

Ron Cook: People benefit from Steelers' charitable deeds

Some current and former Steelers pitch in to help charities to benefit of many people, and that’s how it should work.

3 weeks ago

Reg Henry: GOP’s media complaints are laughable

The CNBC debate reminded me a bit of Oscar Wilde’s famous quip about fox hunting — the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.

3 weeks ago

 Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger walks off the field disgusted after throwing an interception in the fourth quarter against the Bengals Sunday at Heinz Field.

Ron Cook: Steelers deserve their mediocrity

The mistakes that the Steelers made in three key losses will haunt them all offseason if they don’t make the playoffs.

3 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Harrisburg is one big case of obscenity

Obscenity is on full display by politicians and jurists in Harrisburg.

3 weeks ago

 Wilksboro Avenue footbridge, closed since 2007.

Diana Jones' Walkabout: Preservationists make new plea for what to save

Young Preservationists Association’s Top 10 list gives another nod to pedestrians.

3 weeks ago

 Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore gets an unsought endorsement.

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: There’s one fewer presidential candidate — me

It’s time to leave the presidential race to better candidates, like Jim Gilmore.

3 weeks ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: Deliver us from political bewilderment

If all of us truly stumped by this election cycle could pick our jaws up off the floor and get together, we might be the majority of voters.

3 weeks ago

David M. Shribman: Democrats and Republicans switch places

Contention reigns in the GOP, just as it did a half-century ago on the other side of the aisle

3 weeks ago