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Tony Norman: Putting guns in schools is reason to recoil

Arming school employees seems like just one more American folly.

about 2 hours ago

Brian O'Neill: Hunters have bad aim to hike firepower

Some hunters want to go too far in the field with their firepower.

1 day ago

 Pittsburgh Pirates' Ike Davis, left, rounds the bases past Boston Red Sox second baseman Mookie Betts after hitting a three-run home run in the fifth inning of a game Wednesday night at PNC Park.

Gene Collier: Pirates banging away toward playoff bid

A win Wednesday night against Boston marked the 49th consecutive game in which the Pirates had a least one extra-base hit.

1 day ago

Dan Simpson / Don’t sweat the small stuff

The president should focus on China, India, Russia, Germany — not Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, the world equivalent of double-A baseball.

2 days ago

Reg Henry: Politics, football both throw us for a loss

Kicking the political football is all the rage.

2 days ago

Tony Norman: NFL-level violence gets its start at home

When it comes to corporal punishment, the culture of violence starts at home.

3 days ago

 Russell Martin stands on second base after doubling against Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Jacob Turner in the second inning Sunday at PNC Park.

Ron Cook: Enjoy Russell Martin while he's still here

Pirates GM Neal Huntington admits Russell Martin's pricetag likely will be in a financial area the Pirates do not wish to go.

3 days ago

 A view from the first floor of the Paramount Film Exchange.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Paramount building’s sequel is a new start Uptown

The sturdy building, where theater owners saw previews of films, was vacant for years. Saved and restored, it’s filled with new businesses.

3 days ago

 Pirates utilityman Josh Harrison inches closer to the National League batting title.

Ron Cook: Pirates' Harrison never forgets to have fun

The Pirates have a chance to nab the NL Central crown with Josh Harrison winning the batting title, which would be tons of fun for everyone.

4 days ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: In ignorance we trust

Reaction to an effort to put “In God We Trust” in the county council’s meeting room revealed a lack of historical and religious knowledge.

4 days ago

David M. Shribman: Mitt Romney, the new GOP hope

Some Republican strategists now think he may be their strongest candidate in 2016.

5 days ago

Jack Kelly: Liberals lose the high moral ground

They’re lying about GOP foreign policy.

5 days ago

Brian O'Neill: Motorists, bicyclists creep toward truce on city’s busy streets

It’s getting a bit like an old Western, only instead of the farmers against the cattle ranchers, it’s the cyclists against the motorists.

5 days ago

 Ben Roethlisberger  -- No TDs in six quarters

Ron Cook: Negatives far outweigh positives for Steelers in 1-1 start

There's been a bit of good, but a lot more bad and ugly for the Steelers so far, and Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin are far from blameless.

5 days ago

Tony Norman: U.S. prefers to focus on fears, not facts

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

1 week ago

 Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger shows his disgust alongside coach Mike Tomlin in the final seconds of their loss Thursday to the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Ron Cook: Rotten night all around for Steelers, from big hits to blunders

Even with all the Ravens are going through, it was the Steelers who looked like a wreck Thursday night in Baltimore.

1 week ago

 Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is sacked by the Ravens' Elvis Dumervil during Thursday night's game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Gene Collier: Roethlisberger not good enough
 for Steelers' offense in need of life

Shouldn’t Ben Roethlisberger, the guy we accept as way more than merely good enough, be better than to lead such a sputtering offense?

1 week ago

Brian O’Neill: School volunteers show help equals hope

It’s a great library now, this little slice of wonder in Manchester PreK-8 that had been all but barren.

1 week ago

Dan Simpson: The U.S. keeps risking retribution

We cannot forever attack people in other countries with impunity.

1 week ago

Reg Henry: Focus on fashion really wears on him

In honor of Fashion Week, let me describe how I prepare in the morning for another busy day at the word factory.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: NFL and NBA struggle to maintain decency

NFL and NBA grapple with some sensitive issues with varying degrees of success.

1 week ago

Ruth Ann Dailey / Robin Williams' gift: a closer look at suicide prevention

Significant actions to address the suicide crisis have been taking shape for a while, both locally and nationally.

1 week ago

David M. Shribman: Struggling with the presidency

LBJ chose not to run for re-election; Ford chose to pardon Nixon.

1 week ago

Jack Kelly: President Feckless

Obama’s ‘happy talk’ suggests he’s deluded about what's going on in the world.

1 week ago

Gene Collier: William Gay ensures happy ending for Steelers

Steelers defensive back William Gay turned in the play of a game in which it was a shame either team had to win.

1 week ago

 If the end of the win against the Browns was any indication, Markus Wheaton certainly has the trust of Ben Roethlisberger.

Ron Cook: Markus Wheaton wastes no time proving worth to Steelers

Second-year receiver Markus Wheaton showed encouraging signs in the Steelers’ season-opening win, and his quarterback certainly noticed.

1 week ago

Gene Collier: A pleasant result for Browns vs. Steelers? Not likely

Some things might seem strange in the lead-up to Steelers-Browns, but other things not so much -- like the odds of a Browns victory.

1 week ago

 Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau

Ron Cook: LeBeau tunes out defense's many doubters

Dick LeBeau doesn't hear the criticism of the Steelers defense, but at the same time he knows they can't disappoint again.

1 week ago

 Cameron McLay, named to be the next Pittsburgh police chief

Tony Norman: Cameron McLay looks like the police chief Pittsburgh needs

The former police captain from Wisconsin’s capital arrives with high praise from all quarters. Let the reforms begin.

2 weeks ago

 Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin talks to players as they stretch before practice Wednesday on the South Side.

Ron Cook: Steelers lucky to have Mike Tomlin as coach

Tomlin likely to remain one of NFL’s elite head coaches for a long time.

2 weeks ago

 Patrick D. Gallagher talks with well-wishers after a University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees meeting in February at which he was elected as the new Chancellor of the university.

Gene Collier: Right balance is the goal for new Pitt chancellor Gallagher

Patrick D. Gallagher, Pitt’s new chancellor, talks balancing education and athletics at one of the region’s leaders in research and fandom.

2 weeks ago

Dan Simpson / Fall is for football

But foreign crises and presidential politics intrude.

2 weeks ago

 Dan Rooney talks with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin during workouts last month at St. Vincent College in Latrobe.

Gene Collier: If bad news comes in 3s, Steelers flirt with danger

Steelers facing the possibility of going 8-8 for a third consecutive year, but 9-7 or even 7-9 seems more likely.

2 weeks ago

Reg Henry: Obama not super, but who is?

While George W. Bush wasn’t Mr. Popularity by the end of his presidency, he always had diehard fans. Obama doesn’t have that luxury.

2 weeks ago

 Josh Harrison singles Sunday against the Reds at PNC Park.

Ron Cook: Pirates’
 resiliency is 

After all the injuries, slumps and losing streaks, the Pirates have stepped up. With the playoff race intensifying, expect more of the same.

2 weeks ago

David M. Shribman: The world is changing fast and the United States seems stuck

Perhaps only a few times before have world leaders returned to their posts to so dangerous a mix of global conditions.

2 weeks ago

Brian O’Neill: Something stinks about how people act in public now

This page regularly runs “Random Acts of Kindness.” Might we get just as many letters if we went with “Random Acts of Rudeness”?

2 weeks ago

 Making his first start after re-signing with the Steelers, defensive end Brett Keisel battles Panthers lineman Amini Silatolu Thursday at Heinz Field.

Ron Cook: Steelers had positives, but none brighter than the end of preseason

The only important thing to come out of the Thursday night’s 10-0 loss to Carolina was the Steelers injury report.

3 weeks ago

 Mayor Sophie Masloff in May 1989.

Brian O'Neill: Sophie Masloff was thinking young with tax cut

Mayor Sophie Masloff’s wage-tax cut is still with us, and so are more young workers.

3 weeks ago

Dan Simpson / Potential American allies in the fight for Iraq are a sorry lot

Americans favoring letting the Islamic State and the other malevolent elements fight it out among themselves are, in my view, right.

3 weeks ago

 Tony Watson pitches in the eighth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals during the game at PNC Park on August 27, 2014.

Gene Collier: Watson digs in, finds right answer

Reliever Tony Watson stares down the pressure and silences the St. Louis Cardinals at key time in a key game.

3 weeks ago

 Ike Davis hits a three-run home run to help the Pirates stop a two-game losing streak.

Gene Collier: Now is time for Pirates to really, finally, get hot

Ike Davis and the Pirates converted a major tipping point Tuesday night, but can they do it again and again and again now that they need to?

3 weeks ago

Reg Henry: Cornhole is nothing to dismiss out of hand

It’s a corny game, but it makes summer fun.

3 weeks ago

 James Patrick and Jolene Dames at Stonehenge.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Pittsburgh couple's route to dream lifestyle is global house-sitting

Some people have dream jobs, some have dream vacations. You would be lucky to have both, but dreams are all about interpretation.

3 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Islamic State puts a pacifist in a tough place

Between the unrest in Ferguson, renewal of American bombing in Iraq and more, it was easy to get lost in a thicket of bad vibes last week.

3 weeks ago

 Pirates starter Francisco Liriano was taken out Monday night after 91 pitches.

Ron Cook: Pirates loss spoils stellar start by Francisco Liriano

Pirates starter Francisco Liriano, in another return to his 2013 form, deserved much better than what he got in the loss Monday night.

3 weeks ago

Gary Rotstein’s Morning File: This douse of news should feel no better than an ice bucket

News of the summer is worth recapping with a quiz.

3 weeks ago

David M. Shribman: Hillary Clinton and the price of being on top

She  has a clear field in the presidential preseason, but the perils of tripping are high.

3 weeks ago

Brian O’Neill: Militarization of police has its hidden costs

Events in Ferguson remind us of the G-20 and how a city withholds details of new gadgets and weaponry.

3 weeks ago


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