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Tony Norman: Sad words barely sum up loss of Leila

There’s nothing like a dog, and nothing like losing one.

1 day ago

 Instructor Brandon Perpichof the Arthur Murray Dance Studio coaches Karen Lindsey on Penn Avenue during Open Streets Pittsburgh last year.

Jennifer Graham: Ban cars in Downtown Pittsburgh

Open Streets Pittsburgh is great. Let’s do it all the time.

2 days ago

 Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford discusses a trade in which the team acquired Phil Kessel from the Toronto Maple Leafs at a press conference at Consol Energy Center.

Gene Collier: Kessel trade will determine Rutherford's legacy as Penguins GM

Phil Kessel is said to have great hands; now they are Jim Rutherford’s legacy as general manager of the Penguins.

2 days ago

Brian O'Neill: Pension mess rooted in bad 2001 bill

Shortsighted pension boost 14 years ago set the stage for the mess that needs to be addressed in Harrisburg now.

2 days ago

Dan Simpson: Americans have allowed guns to spread and unions to fail

Americans are acting against their own best interests by allowing unions to be smothered and by not controlling guns.

3 days ago

 Manager Clint Hurdle asks the crew chief for a video replay during the first inning of the interleague game against the Tigers on June 30, 2015 at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan.

Gene Collier: Baseball's video reviews are many seconds we'll never get back

What could prompt more than one sports pundit to long for humans wrestling bears at a baseball game? Increased use of replay, that’s what.

3 days ago

Reg Henry: Marriage decision timed to perfection

Court’s timing on gay marriage decision couldn’t have been better.

3 days ago

 Pete Rose was banned from baseball in 1989 after violating the No. 1 rule in sports by betting on games while he was managing the Cincinnati Reds.

Ron Cook: Shameless Pete Rose will do anything to make a buck

The Washington Wild Things’ quest to sell tickets brings disgraced major leaguer to Western Pennsylvania tonight.

4 days ago

Tony Norman: Marital traditions include sorry history

When critics of gay rights talk about marital tradition, they forget to consider the whole picture.

4 days ago

 Brick steps, part of the Haberman Avenue right of way, descend to Cedarhurst Street in Beltzhoover.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Haberman link seems like the right path for Hilltop

If you know and love Pittsburgh, you will understand the existence of Haberman Avenue.

4 days ago

 Neil Walker hits a fifth-inning two-run home run against the Atlanta Braves June 5 in Georgia.

Ron Cook: Alvarez, Walker fall short in Pirates' 2-1 loss

The Pirates offense is in a bind with neither Neil Walker nor Pedro Alvarez hitting consistently or producing runs this season.

5 days ago

 Welcome to the USA

Gary Rotstein’s Morning File: Pittsburgh missing the boat on immigrants, for now

If you look up the definition of “irony,” you just might find a description of Mayor Bill Peduto’s “Welcoming Pittsburgh” immigration push.

5 days ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: Downtown cineplex doesn’t add up

The proposal for a movie theater in the already-crowded Cultural District seems unlikely to answer some key questions.

5 days ago

David M. Shribman: Democrats swoon for Sanders

The former socialist from Vermont can’t win, but he will push Hillary Clinton to the left.

6 days ago

 As previews roll at the Dependable Drive-In in Moon Township, lights from nearby businesses give off a faint glow behind the trees.

Brian O'Neill: Drive-ins make nice story that's more than nostalgia

No need to just be nostalgic about drive-ins when you can still go.

6 days ago

Jack Kelly: Take down that flag

And follow the example of love and forgiveness.

6 days ago

 Andrew McCutchen reacts after being hit by Julio Teheran in the first inning Saturday against Atlanta at PNC Park.

Ron Cook: McCutchen gets hit, Pirates hit back

Andrew McCutchen got hit by a pitch for the eighth time Saturday against the Braves, but the Pirates got their revenge.

6 days ago

 About triples, Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose once said, “You don't get a triple between second and third. You get a triple between home and first.”

Gene Collier: Pirates take triples trend to unfortunate low point, and that's no fun

There are fewer triples in MLB these days everywhere, not just here, but the Pirates are nothing short of the poster boys for that.

6 days ago

 Pirates starter A.J. Burnett needed 104 pitches, but he got through six innings Thursday night against the Reds and gave his team a chance to win.

Ron Cook: A.J. Burnett does his part to get Pirates rotation back on track

He didn’t get a win, and at times had to grind, but veteran starter A.J. Burnett clamped down when he needed to Thursday vs. Cincinnati.

1 week ago

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Here’s the story on that Earl-girl film

What’s that girl-Earl Pittsburgh movie all about anyway?

1 week ago

 The South Carolina palmetto flag.

Jennifer Graham: The South needs a new symbol

Long ago, I thought the Confederate flag could stand only for Southernness.

1 week ago

 Pirates starter Gerrit Cole had his second-shortest outing of his career Wednesday night against the Cincinnati Reds at PNC Park.

Gene Collier: Cole Train goes off the rails

Pirates starter Gerrit Cole again fails to beat the Cincinnati Reds, allowing four runs in the first inning.

1 week ago

Brian O'Neill: Pittsburgh’s population challenges stand out

Had Pittsburgh played by Sun Belt/​Drought Belt rules, folks in Peters and McCandless and past the airport would be residents paying  taxes.

1 week ago

 A man begs for money in the streets of Athens. Greece's European neighbors are tiring of monthly crises as the country's debt payments come due

Dan Simpson: Postcard from Europe

Everyone’s talking about Greeks, migrants and Russians.

1 week ago

Reg Henry: U.S. pols just keep getting curiouser

Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland has nothing on modern America’s curious state.

1 week ago

 Pirates first baseman Pedro Alvarez had an RBI double against the Reds on Tuesday, but has struggled with runners in scoring position throughout the season.

Gene Collier: Pedro Alvarez comes out of the dark

Though he played a role in the Pirates’ game-winning rally against the Reds, Pedro Alvarez was still disappointing on Tuesday night.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Killer’s bid to trigger race war rejected

Dylann Roof has cause to be disappointed with outcome of his deranged effort to trigger a race war.

1 week ago

Dan Simpson: In praise of contrarians

They keep us honest, or at least keep us thinking.

1 week ago

 The Emanuel AME Church in Charleston Sunday morning before  the first worship service since nine people were fatally shot at the church during a Bible study group last week.

Ruth Ann Dailey: In the Charleston atrocity, faith sows seeds

The very Bible passage the Emanuel AME victims discussed alongside their killer Wednesday night presaged this harsh beauty now unfolding.

1 week ago

 What hue's for you?

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Will Pittsburghers dare show their true (bridge) colors?

For the sake of city’s bridges, we’re saying give puce a chance.

1 week ago

David M. Shribman: There were many 1960s

It was a liberal decade, but its more powerful legacy may be modern conservatism.

1 week ago

Jack Kelly: Media ignore the big story

In the press, the Dolezal affair overshadows cyberwar.

1 week ago

 Former St. Louis executive Jeff Luhnow, right, is now the Houston Astros general manager and appears to be the target of the Cardinals hacking scandal.

Gene Collier: Baseball's new form of DH is designated hacker

The St. Louis Cardinals hacking investigation is no surprise given this era of analytics, data mining and information-hungry baseball.

1 week ago

 New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's Deflategate appeal will be heard June 23.

Ron Cook: Tough spot for Goodell to make decision on Brady

With Tom Brady’s role in the Patriots controversy, it’s not a good time to be NFL commissioner Roger Goodell — but there’s no sympathy here.

1 week ago

 Hugo Garcia, a Pittsburgh boxer, takes a break from preparing for the Olympic qualifying tournament.

Brian O'Neill: Local boxer takes a roundabout route to pursue Olympics

Pittsburgh Irish sell burritos to send teen named Garcia to Ireland so an Olympic gold medal boxer can train him to qualify for U.S. team.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Inspiring teacher draws baffling critics

Curious things are going on in how students are taught nationally.

2 weeks ago

 Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli has received the third-most votes among National League catchers for this year's All-Star game.

Ron Cook: Voting system for All-Star Game stinks and MLB should change it

They won’t eliminate it because there’s too much television and promotional money at stake.

2 weeks ago

Jennifer Graham: Sugar-coated insults to our intelligence

Most of us know that sodas are bad for us and sleep aids can make you drowsy.

2 weeks ago

 The Penguins still have the players who make up their core — such as goalie Marc-Andre Fleury — but can they pull off what the Chicago Blackhawks just did?

Gene Collier: Penguins need wingers and good health to thrive in postseason

To the degree they’re attainable, more speed, more skill and better health are most of what the Penguins need to be parade capable.

2 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: Call goes out to mayoral descendants

Roundup of all Pittsburgh mayoral descendants is a herculean task.

2 weeks ago

 Charlie Morton helped deliver the Pirates' third straight shutout in their 3-0 win against the White Sox Tuesday.

Collier: Pirates' pitching rotation will not crack at the moment

The 3-0 win against the White Sox on Tuesday was the Pirates’ third straight shutout, a feat the team hasn’t accomplished since 1976.

2 weeks ago

Reg Henry: Road trash picker nearly cleaned up

There’s money to be made in cleaning up highways, if only for a minute.

2 weeks ago

 Pirates starter Francisco Liriano pitched eight shutout innings against the White Sox at PNC Park on Monday as Pittsburgh's starting rotation continues to roll this month.

Ron Cook: Pirates rotation’s identity the best

A stellar performance from another Pirates starter Monday further validates the team’s rotation as one of the best in the majors.

2 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Rachel Dolezal twists the racial puzzle

Rachel Dolezal’s deception only adds to the racial puzzle for many people.

2 weeks ago

 Theresa Sabilla, left, with customer Larry Tatum at Anthon’s.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Basically, East Liberty eatery is ending an era

End of Anthon’s will be the end of an era -- the old East Liberty.

2 weeks ago

 Andrew McCutchen made one of several excellent defensive plays for the Pirates Sunday.

Ron Cook: Superb defense bails out Pirates offense in win

Defense hasn’t always been a strength of the Pirates lately, but it was magnificent Sunday when it needed to be to beat the Phillies.

2 weeks ago

Ruth Ann Dailey: Rachel Dolezal and the politics of self-invention

A giant train wreck of glorification of rabid individualism and the modern insistence, in some quarters, that “the personal is political.”

2 weeks ago

The Morning File: Let’s add a guy and make it the Fortunate 51

Something’s somehow unfortunate about the PG’s “Fortunate 50.”

2 weeks ago

 In this 2010 file photo, Republican nominee for senator Marco Rubio, right, is greeted by former Gov. Jeb Bush during his "Reclaim America Victory Celebration" at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Fla.

David M. Shribman: Bush vs. Rubio, Perry vs. Cruz

Perhaps never before have two states had two favorite sons running for president.

2 weeks ago