Stephen Nesbitt's West Virginia football chat transcript: 11.6.13

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Guest: Where did this Josh Lambert kid come from?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Garland, Texas, to be specific. Lambert, who had the game-winning kick in OT last weekend, is a redshirt freshman and has hit his last nine field goals. I'll have a full story up on him late tonight, but I'll give a little preview in that's been fighting some pretty tough "groin and butt" injuries. How'd they come about? He simply had been overkicking. He takes a long time to warm up, so he'd been kicking 50-60 kicks in practice each day and it wore his body down. He's missed quite a bit of practice, he said, and is fixing his issues by just kicking less, simple as that. A typical practice means about 20-25 kicks now.

Spencer: After that breakout performance from Charles Sims, the coaching staff would have to be crazy not to give him the ball more, right?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: You'd think so, and I think the coaches are finally coming around to that realization. The excuse after each game where Sims didn't get many carries was that "you just have to go with what the defense is giving you, and they were giving us the pass." Talking to RB coach JaJuan Seider last night, he said the key to getting Sims going for 150 yards and two TDs vs. TCU was simply "we gave him the ball more." WVU ran all over Texas last year, and Texas struggled against the run early in the season, so expect Sims to get a lot of work on Saturday night.

carmelgowvu: Thoughts on Trickett vs. TCU?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Better. He was 25-41 for 267 yards, two TDs and two INT on Saturday. The important thing was that he finished strong. Holgorsen said that Trickett had his best quarter of the year (the fourth) right after his worst of the year (third).

Scott: So uhh, what does Oliver Luck do now? Come back with his tail between his legs?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: It's a little bit of a peculiar situation. For the second year in a row, Luck is wooed by another school and ends up returning to WVU. The truly odd part of this is that Luck never made a comment on the situation so we don't *know* that he actually was ever interested in the Texas gig or interviewed there. So, technically, he could return to WVU and nothing changes. He'll likely never admit his interest, I'd expect, so unless someone on Texas' end confirms, again, we won't know the extent of the communication.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: But it's quite clear that folks at WVU expected or at least were prepared for the thought that he might be gone, so while he'll never comment on it virtually everyone knows there was serious communication between Luck and Texas.

guest: Has DeFo said anything more about Oklahoma State?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: He's been advised by university lawyers to not speak about it, so that's a no. He's quite willing to chat about anything else though, had a good conversation yesterday about Lambert.

Buzzsaw: What are the chances WVU makes a bowl game, at this point?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Well, they need two wins in their last three games. WVU still hasn't won consecutive games this season, so that'll have to change. The easiest games are going to be the last two, of course, with Kansas and Iowa State both sitting in the Big 12 basement. What are the chances? I put it at 50 percent.

Guest: What's the deal with Carswell?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: WR Ronald Carswell has been suspended indefinitely for a "violation of team rules." No idea what that might be, it's the blanket excuse for any suspension. Holgorsen said he'll revisit Carswell's status at the end of the season. Doesn't sound great.

Bob: Will WVU play Pitt anytime in the near future?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: There's no set date yet, but I've been told both sides are hoping to renew the Backyard Brawl sometime in the near future. Now, the way things work now, the near future probably means 12 years down the road.

Scott: We're playing Georgia State in BBall soon. What's the deal with playing Georgia State in everything?

Stephen J. Nesbitt: The Panthers are a great cupcake opponent who is just looking for a chance to play top programs, so they're great for WVU.

Scott: There's no reason you couldn't kick off Georgia State and get a home and home started with Pitt in bball.

Bob: WVU was looking for a dance partner a few years ago and the Big 12 was the only one that answered. WVU geographically is better fit in the ACC, will this ever be re-opened?

Scott: The ACC is a terrible conference

Stephen J. Nesbitt: I think WVU is settled into the Big 12 for the time being. It takes a lot of work and time and money to switch conferences.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Wrapping things up in a moment. Any last questions?

Scott: Plus you could have a home slate of NCST, UVA, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Big 12 definitely allows for a stronger schedule, even if the travel is awful.

Bob: I beg to differ about ACC being terrible. Basketball is better. FSU is bad huh, Clemson

Scott: Clemson is a flash in the pan

Scott: Kansas State was pretty awesome last year

Bob: FANS travel is a big deal. WVU used to travel well but not to WACO, Lubbock and Kansas. Thsi isn;t Kansas anymore

Stephen J. Nesbitt: Alright, that'll do. Thanks for joining the chat today. Check out the blog later today; there's going to be a terrific blackmail post on Holgorsen and the assistant coaches. You'll love it.

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