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Movie review: 'Mistress America' follows zany paths

Two New Yorkers, one a college freshman and the other a madcap gal about town, join forces in this fizzy close to the summer movie season.

Movie review: 'Robots' like you have never seen them before

Playing at Carnegie Science Center, “Robots” explores the exciting frontier of humanoid robotics research; two of the stars are from CMU.


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Family Film Guide

Family Film Guide: 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.'

What you need to know about Guy Ritchie’s film reboot of TV’s Cold War spy series.

Family film guide: 'Pixels' and 'Paper Towns'

The videogame comedy “Pixels” is suitable for ages 8 to 9 and up, while the drama “Papertowns” is for mature tweens and teens and older.



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