Stargazing: Celestial triangle greets early risers

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Sunday morning, early risers will have the opportunity to witness a beautiful conjunction between Venus, Spica and an incredibly thin and delicate crescent moon.

The moon will wane from last quarter to a very thin crescent this week. It will pass Venus and Spica, Virgo's brightest star, Sunday morning before it's lost in the sun's glare and the old moon becomes a new moon, starting the lunar cycle anew next week.

Look for the celestial trio of Venus, Spica and the thin waning crescent moon Sunday morning one hour before sunrise. The trio will sit about 15 degrees above the east-southeastern horizon. The thin waning crescent will be located about 5 degrees to the lower right of dazzling bright Venus, our grand "morning star" and about 7 degrees to the upper right of Spica.

Venus will continue to dazzle in the morning sky for the next four months before it returns to the neighborhood of the sun and re-emerges in the evening sky around early May.



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