Stargazing: Venus and the crescent moon

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This weekend, a wafer-thin crescent moon will join dazzling bright Venus just above the southwestern horizon after sunset.

Friday's new moon signals the start of the next lunar month. That's when the moon will be in line with the bright sun and cannot be seen on Earth. On Saturday, the moon will begin to move east away from the sun and a very young wafer-thin crescent moon will sit just 4 degrees to the right of Venus just above the southwestern horizon at 5:30 pm.

As the young moon continues to move away from the sun on Sunday, it will climb about 12 degrees higher above the horizon and sit about 8 degrees above and to the left of our sister planet.

This weekend's conjunction between Venus and the crescent moon will be repeated at the end of December when the next lunar cycle begins. Venus will sit about 10 degrees higher in the sky by the end of the year, making the conjunction easier for viewing.


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