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The PG Puppy Cam!

Xante (pronounced ZAN-tee), a Golden Retriever, was born in mid-December 2009.

He was at the Post-Gazette from February 2010 through June 2011, before he started advanced training to become a Seeing Eye dog in Morristown, N.J. He completed his training in mid-November 2011.

On the days that Xante was at the Post-Gazette, we put him on a Web camera several hours a day.

Below, you can see photos of him, as well as videos, including "weigh-ins" using the press room scale.

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Xante's photos
Feb. 5
Feb. 12
Feb. 19
March 2
29.9 pounds!
March 5
March 15
March 18
March 25: Xante gets a visit. From left, Lauren Haag, of Carrick; Susan Frost, of McCandless; and Denise Williams, of Nottingham.
March 26: Another visitor. Georgia Elek, daughter of PG Web editor Mike Elek.
April 5
April 9
April 21
44.8 pounds!
April 23: Xante has a playdate with Finn -- a cairn terrier.
May 3
May 5
May 11
May 17
June 4
June 10: Xante enjoys his fan mail from Winchester Thurston School.
June 25
June 30
July 9
July 15
July 20: Xante visits with Hannah, left, and Eleana, nieces of PG Publisher John Block.
Aug. 11 / guest puppy: Sitting in for Xante is his "sister," Hannah.
Aug. 23: Ready to play. Watch the video below.
Sept. 1: With one of his office favorites, PG celebrations coordinator Deb Sacco.
Oct. 29: Is he cute, or what?
Dec. 3: A special guest -- Gov. Ed Rendell. He has two rescue dogs -- both are female Golden Retrievers.
Dec. 22: Xante was busy with his rawhide ... too busy to pose for the photographer.
Dec. 22: Post-Gazette Publisher John Block holds Sparky, a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier mix. Finn, a cairn terrier, is at his side.
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Jan. 10: Hey, that's my rawhide!
Jan. 28: The afternoon nap
Feb. 8: With his pal, Pittsburgh Councilman Bruce Kraus
Feb. 8: With his City Council proclamation
June 7: A visit with Henry LaBelle, son of former PG photo chief Dave LaBelle.
June 14: A visit from Saundra Waseleski, wife of PG Editorial Page Editor Tom Waseleski.

Xante was on vacation when he went into a bookstore on Martha's Vineyard. A voice called out, "I have to meet that beautiful dog." And the person who wanted to meet Xante was singer, songwriter and author Carly Simon, who was there for a book signing. (5/28/2011)
JUNE 9, 2010
JUNE 10, 2010
JUNE 22, 2010
JULY 14, 2010
AUG. 17, 2010
AUG. 23, 2010
OCT. 21, 2010
DEC. 3, 2010
DEC. 10, 2010
DEC. 10, 2010

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