Mark Dent's Penn State football chat: 11.8.12

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Mark Dent: Hey everyone, let's get this thing going. Fire away with any Penn State questions!

Wild Bill: Hello Mark, Sorry if I missed a chat last week. The Ohio State game did worry me in regards to the line play, and they did handle us like nobody else has. Is Nebraska's line as good, as we face a tough road game this week?

Mark Dent: Nebraska's line is not quite as good as Ohio State's. It is pretty good as a pass rush but is not the best at stopping the run, giving up 183 yards a game

Mark Dent: As far as the overall road atmosphere, it will be like nothing PSU has experienced. Nebraska is a really hard place to play and even harder when Nebraska is good. Iowa has loud fans but they aren't like Nebraska fans

Wild Bill: I thought that the overall attendance at Purdue, while not a nice day, was still embarrassing to that university. That program may be more down than I realized, even when they started well this season.

Mark Dent: Yeah I think the fan base is just sick of Coach Hope. I read that the actual attendance at the game was closer to 23K rather than the 40K that was announced. And keep in mind that PSU fans probably took up about 5K of that number. So needless to say Purdue needs to make some changes

Wild Bill: Do you think that Jordan Hill has any real chance to play on Satruday, or are we just being coy in calling him "day to day"?

Mark Dent: I think they're just being coy. He has a sprained knee. That's a serious issue. Other sprains this season (of ankles) have led to Bill Belton being out for three weeks and Kyle Carter out for at least this week.

Wild Bill: I'm interested in your thoughts on the new spate of charges and arraignments this week, incuding Spanier's.

Mark Dent: Yeah, to say the least, it does not look good for those three men. The Grand Jury presentment that came out last week was thorough and accused Spanier of keeping documents away from the attorney general for over a year after they were subpoenaed. And further, Spanier kept this info from everyone at the University.

Mark Dent: What the presentment showed overall was that Spanier, Curley and Schultz actively tried to conceal things, and the new charges clearly reflect that accusation

Wild Bill: I'm not sure what to think about Bo Pellini. Sometimes he's seemed to me a bit of a jerk, and at other times more classy? How do you size him up?

Mark Dent: I've encountered a couple of times, back when Nebraska played in the Big 12 championship in Dallas. He's very intense and very much a stickler to fundamentals. I think his attention to detail makes him easily irritable and thus like a jerk. At the end of the day, he's a lot like most football coaches. I think he wants to do the right thing but can be a little stuck in his ways

Wild Bill: Wouldn't one of our PSU senior linebackers look good in a Steeler uniform down the road?

Mark Dent: Ha, already heard that from some fans. Maybe the Steelers could take Mauti or Hodges. I gotta think those guys will be mid-round draft choices and well-deserving of it. Hodges in particular I think could be a beast at the next level

Wild Bill: Key to winning on Saurday?

Mark Dent: Stopping Taylor Martinez. If he performs the way fellow dual threat QB Braxton Miller did, PSU has no chance. I think PSU's offense will do its thing. It needs to stop Martinez

Wild Bill: What other teams have you enjoyed watching this year? Please, not Alabama.

Mark Dent: Unfortunately, I haven't watched too many other games. The PSU Saturday's usually take up most of my time. But I've enjoyed watching K-State. I'm a KU grad but that team is fun to watch and Bill Snyder is one of my favorite coaches. I generally like watching the Big 12, too, like Texas. I know Texas is terrible this year but I'll always watch them when I can.

Wild Bill: I'll be at the Wisconsin game. Do you think that' a game we should win?

Mark Dent: Definitely. Penn State should have all kinds of pride on the line for the last game of the season and for the seniors the last of their career. Plus, Wisconsin has not been very good this year. The offense has been inconsistent. Unless PSU really falls off these next two weeks, I can't imagine PSU not being favored and rightfully so.

Mark Dent: All right, well I gotta go. Wild Bill, thanks for stopping by. I'll see ya next chat psusports


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