Judge refuses to curb voter ID advertisements

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Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson has denied an attempt by voter ID opponents to stop the Corbett administration's advertising of the suspended law before Election Day.

In an Oct. 2 decision, Judge Simpson suspended requirements that all Pennsylvania voters show photo ID on Nov. 6, but he kept them in place for future balloting.

The Department of State has continued advertising that says voters will be asked, but not forced, to show ID on Tuesday, and opponents sought a new order from Judge Simpson to block the campaign.

Voter ID opponents said the advertising is confusing and could result in those voters who do not have ID refraining from going to the polls because they believe they need ID.

The judge denied the request Thursday. His opinion said the opponents did not prove the advertisements would disenfranchise voters. Beyond that, the judge said the court could do little to enforce such an order.

"Petitioners' invitation to manage the conspicuity and comparability of disclaimers in all commonwealth broadcast, print, electronic, Internet or other advertisements, displays and robocalls leading up to Election Day contemplates an endeavor for which courts are ill-suited," he wrote.



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