Pennsylvania bonus scandal: Stephen A. Keefer, director of information technology

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Stephen A. Keefer didn't set out to be a computer expert -- his background was in marketing.

Burly, shaven-headed, a man fond of both photography and motorcycles, Mr. Keefer combined a tough-guy appearance with an artistic side. His landscape photography, posted online, manages subtleties of light and composition that point to a man attentive to detail.

He was the choice of then House Democratic Whip Mike Veon to take over the caucus's internet technologies department, where he quickly emerged as both a Veon loyalist and a sometimes tough boss. He saw his role as primarily administrative; his knowledge of computer science, he admitted at the time, was limited.

Mr. Keefer was among seven top staffers fired in a single day by House Majority Leader H. William DeWeese, D-Greene, as part of a wholesale purge as details emerged in a payroll bonus scandal. He has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and insists that his administrative work saved taxpayers millions.

A single father who lives in a rambling housing development in nearby Fredericktown, Mr. Keefer ran for county commissioner as a Democrat in Lebanon County -- a fairly futile exercise in that heavily Republican region. Since his firing, he has worked selling heavy equipment.


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