Pennsylvania bonus scandal: Earl Mosley, Democratic House staffer

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HARRISBURG -- Calm, easy-going and religious. Unlikely to be caught up in any kind of wrongdoing.

That's how one legislative aide described Earl Mosley, one of the current and former Democratic House staffers whom prosecutors are targeting for allegedly arranging to use taxpayers' money to fund political campaign work, which would be illegal.

If Mr. Mosley has one flaw, it is that he's obedient to a fault, said the long-time Democratic caucus staffer, who asked not to be identified for fear of losing her job.

"Earl just got caught in the middle. How are you going to tell your bosses you're not going to do something? He would have lost his job for insubordination. He had to do it," she said.

Another longtime caucus staffer, who also asked not to be identified, said the same.

"All this is shocking to me. Good people who got caught up in this rigamarole because they were told to do something and they did it," he said. "I would have done the same thing if they asked me."

Mr. Mosley was known in the caucus for being amicable, faithful and easy-going. The only time he got excited was over sports, the staffers said.

He coached for many years at Harrisburg High School. That's where he first met Tyron Arrington, the college wide receiver who interned in Mr. Mosley's office during summer break from Dakota Wesleyan University in 2007.

Mr. Arrington has told prosecutors that Mr. Mosley directed him to shred boxes of personnel records that are believed to include time slips later sought in the grand jury investigation.

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