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 This simple dessert is the perfect vehicle for mulberries.

Let's eat: Mulberry Clafoutis

Turn a neighborhood nuisance into a delicious dessert.

1 day ago

 Strawberries, Parmesan cheese, red chicory and chives top a ready-made pizza crust.

Pizzas that taste just like summer

Whether the pie is made with a from-scratch shell or slice of Italian bread, it can accommodate any type of seasonal topping.

4 days ago

 The pick-me-up taste in the Salted Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies comes from the sesame seed paste and flaky salt.

Tahini is becoming a star in confections, condiments

The sesame seed paste adds flavor in cookies, salad dressings and smoothies.

4 days ago

 American Flag Cheesecake Bars.

Unfurl the red, white and blue with patriotic cheesecake bars

Celebrate Flag Day with creamy, fruity cake cut into bars.

1 week ago

 Garden Swiss chards don't have as thick and tough a rib as store-bought ones.

Miriam's Garden: Colorful leafy Swiss chard brings cheer to the garden

Chards might be related to beets, but they are all about the leaves.

2 weeks ago

 The finished product.  Angel food cake roll is frosted with cream cheese icing and topped with berries.

Roll out angel food cake with summer berries

Follow a step-by-step tutorial to make a light fruity and creamy log.

2 weeks ago

 Creamy Shrimp Salad with Radish and Cucumber is a simple dish to make but comes out elegant.

Radish adds a lovely hue in creamy shrimp salad

After you buy your radishes at the farmers market, add them to a shrimp salad for spice, crunch and elegance.

3 weeks ago

 Spicy Chicken Kabobs with Vegetable Rice

Let's eat: Spicy Chicken Kabobs with Vegetable Rice

You will impress at a cookout with this colorful kabob dish in which you can add your own ingredients and adapt your own spice level.

4 weeks ago

 Rhuberry Bluebarb Pie  Two fruits combine making a new spin on rhubarb pie.

Tart rhubarb flaunts its sweet side

The tart and fruity side of it comes through in compotes, crumbles and of course, pies.

1 month ago

 Spatchcocked Chicken with Fig Glaze.

One good recipe: Spatchcocked Chicken with Fig Glaze

Spread your wings this Memorial Day with a butterflied chicken on the grill

1 month ago

 Smashed avocado and fried mushrooms on toast come together in a snap.

Let's eat: Smashed Avocado and Fried Mushrooms on Toast

It’s trendy, but avocado toast also is one of life's great culinary simple pleasures.

1 month ago

 Bunches of raw white asparagus at the Market District store in Pine.

Whether green or white, asparagus is a rite of spring

Green asparagus is easier to grow and cook while the white variety is nuttier, juicier and creamier.

1 month ago

 Strata Frittata.

When it comes to fast, easy, nothing beats a frittata

The baked egg dish ranges from spicy to savory to sweet, and can be made with meat, seafood or vegetables.

1 month ago

 Skillet Spinach Pie can be made ahead of time and served at room temperature.

Let's eat: Skillet Spinach Pie

Short on time? A foolproof one-skillet meal will wow Mom on Mother’s Day.

1 month ago

 Homemade Caramels

Surprise Mom with homemade food gifts on Mother's Day

Make Mom homemade lollipops or chocolate-covered cherries or buttery salted caramels.

1 month ago

 Bethany Zozula, executive chef at Whitfield at the Ace Hotel in East Liberty.

Bethany Zozula imbibed street-smarts of cooking from her mother

Whitfield executive chef’s first lesson in cooking was making tortillas with her mother.

1 month ago

 Chef Lilly Tran on Thursday, May 4, 2017, at Soba in Pittsburgh.

Lily Tran is most influenced by her mother's cooking techniques

Soba’s executive chef was advised to always taste the foods she prepares and to be patient.

1 month ago

 Csilla Thackray, executive chef of The Vandal in Lawrenceville. photo taken on Thursday, April 27, 2017.

Csilla Thackray's mom taught her to be strong, independent

The Vandal’s executive chef picked up her penchant for keeping the kitchen clean from her mother.

1 month ago

 Jessica George, sous executive chef at Legume.

Jessica George's favorite 'chef': Mom

Legume executive sous chef says her mother is her biggest cheerleader.

1 month ago

 Grilled Marinated London Broil

Let's eat: Grilled Marinated London Broil

An informal poll of runners preparing for the Pittsburgh marathon confirmed my suspicions: A salty piece of meat hits the spot afterward.

1 month ago

'Onions Etcetera' elevates the humble vegetable

“Onions Etcetera” weaves 100-plus recipes, tips and photographs, along with the history of alliums.

1 month ago

 White Cheese Enchiladas with Salsa Guajillo

Let's eat: White Cheese Enchiladas with Salsa Guajillo

Celebrate Cinco de May on May 5 with these classic, rustic cheese enchiladas

1 month ago

 Clockwise from left: Spicy mango barbecue sauce, red wine sauce and peanut sauce.

Enliven chicken, pork and beef with these sauces

Sauces can take a ho-hum steak or pork or chicken and make it something special.

2 months ago

 A handful of green garlic.

Subtle green garlic is part of glorious spring

The immature garlic looks like a scallion and sometimes smells like a ramp.

2 months ago

 Sweet Pea Oven Risotto with Garlicky Microgreens is a taste of spring.

Let's eat: Sweet Pea Oven Risotto with Garlicky Microgreens

Celebrate Earth Day with a dish that speaks to the season.

2 months ago

 Sabudana khichdi is made with tapioca pearls, cubed potatoes, peanuts, green chilies and lime juice, garnished with cilantro.

Simple tapioca pearls dress up breakfast and beyond

They are tossed with cumin seeds, chilies, coconut, peanuts and lemon juice in sabudana khichdi.

2 months ago

 Bacon and cheddar twists.

Build a bountiful brunch for spring

Include seasonal favorites in the menu, and don’t forget the cocktail for a lively brunch.

2 months ago

 Pasta with Abruzzi-style Lamb Sauce.

A global feast for Easter

Serve traditions and recipes from around the world at your holiday table.

2 months ago

 Silky smooth and refreshingly cold, Sour Cream Panna Cotta with red wine-strawberry sauce contains no eggs.

Where panna cotta is cool, creamy and winey

The cooked cream is served with a red wine-strawberry sauce and is refreshingly smooth and cold.

2 months ago

 Pan-Fried Rainbow Trout with Crispy Sage and Brown Butter.

Kick off trout season with no mess or fuss

Panfry or broil a rainbow trout and top it crisp sage, pecans and orange zest.

2 months ago

 Rabbis at Manischewitz Co. looking at Passover matzo dough.

How complicated is it to make the 2-ingredient Passover matzo? Very

The unleavened flatbread must be mixed, shaped and baked within 18 minutes under close observation by supervisors.

2 months ago

 St. Rita Quesadillas are filled with mushroom, onion, black beans, corn and cheddar cheese, and topped with feta, cilantro and jalapeno slices.

Boozy, cheesy quesadillas get a kick from tequila, jalapenos

St-Germain, mushrooms, onion, black beans, corn and plenty of cheddar are the other team players in the filling.

2 months ago

 Chocolate Meringues from "Guittard Chocolate Cookbook."

For a sweeter Passover treat, go with chocolate meringue

The French-style cookies are light and airy under a crisp shell.

2 months ago

 Dreamy Lemon Cheesecake.

When life gives you lemons, bake a cake

A puckish/sweet dessert is the way to break the Lenten fast.

2 months ago

 Pimiento Cheese sandwich.

Pimento cheese: Spreading the Southern love

Whether you spell it pimento or pimiento, get acquainted with the sandwich spread that is a tradition at the Augusta Masters.

2 months ago

 Cherry Cola Mayonnaise Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake.

Cherry cola, mayo, sauerkraut, chocolate cake? April Fools!

Somehow all these ingredients work together to create a cake with lightness and a punch of flavor.

2 months ago

 Peas & Carrots Mac 'N' Cheese.

Add spring flavor, color to mac ’n' cheese with peas, carrots

′The vegetable combo along with roasted garlic and a double dose of cheese make the pasta dish special.

2 months ago

 With just a handful of ingredients, Spicy Green Beans with Pork and Garlic stir-fry comes together in 15 minutes.

Let's eat: Spicy Green Beans with Pork and Garlic

A quick and nutritious stir-fry marries green beans, pork and garlic

3 months ago

 Buried Avocado Chocolate Mousse.

Cut down on food waste and save money in the process

At a time when one in eight families struggles to put dinner on the table, 40 percent of the food produced in the country never gets eaten.

3 months ago

 Super Submarine Sandwich with Olive-Pepper Relish.

Whether they are heroes, subs or Zeps, they are sandwiches

Sandwiches can be served hot or cold but need to be loaded with filling.

3 months ago

 Spring Green Pilaf , with asparagus, edamame and leeks, in a bowl.

One Good Meatless Recipe: Embrace spring with a green pilaf

Toss in asparagus, edamame, leeks, dill and pistachios, and don’t worry about how much.

3 months ago

 Celebrate La Festa di San Giuseppe with Spaghetti with Garlicky Bread Crumbs and Anchovies.

Let's eat: Spaghetti with garlicky bread crumbs and anchovies

Garlic, bread crumbs and anchovies team up for a cheap flavorful pasta dish to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day.

3 months ago

 Roasted white potatoes with mint and preserved lemon.

Potatoes in an herb state of mind

Dress up the down-to-earth potato with chic down-to-earth herbs.

3 months ago

 Guinness stew with beef and spring vegetables.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Guinness beef stew

The stout, which is high in iron and minerals, and considered something of a health tonic.

3 months ago

 Spinach and Feta Quiche With Quinoa Crust.

One meatless recipe: Quinoa is godsend for making gluten-free quiche crust

Protein-packed quiche is loaded with spinach, feta and deliciousness.

3 months ago

 Broccoli + Red Pepper + Pesto Galette.

One Good Meatless Recipe: The forgiving galette is unforgettable

The laid-back pie has a loosey-goosey attitude when it comes to the crust, filling and technique.

3 months ago

 Spicy Asian Wings:  The sauce is a combo of fresh ginger, ketchup, brown sugar and a hit of sriracha, adding a mix of heat and sweet to these wings.

Wing it for March Madness with flavorful sauces

Glaze baked wings with a spicy Asian, honey-mustard or tikka masala sauce.

3 months ago

 Vadouvan-Roasted Cauliflower With Harissa Chickpea Curry is a spicy bowl of vegetarian goodness.

Let's eat: Vadouvan-Roasted Cauliflower With Harissa Chickpea Curry

Want a vegetarian dish that hits on at least three of the hottest food trends for 2017?

3 months ago

 Top pan-seared shrimp with a slightly sweet sherry vinegar-shallot sauce before serving them with Parmesan polenta.

Plunge into the art of seafood cooking for Lent

Many are intimidated but local fishmongers say fear is unfounded. Seafood is simple and need not be quite so costly.

3 months ago

 A touch of honey in the dressing highlights the sweetness of the oranges in this citrus salad with mixed greens and avocado.

Seasonal oranges add color, zest to salads

It’s best to combine the sweet cara caras and tart blood oranges.

3 months ago


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