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 Minty Pea and Chevre Toast from "Toast: The Cookbook" by Raquel Pelzel

A toast to Punxsutawney Phil, hoping that spring is around the corner

Say it with toasted rustic bread slices topped with chevre, peas, mint, lemon zest and a drizzle of olive oil.

4 days ago

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50

Fifty tasty ways to nosh while watching the Super Bowl.

5 days ago

 Cinnamon Vanilla Candied Almonds.

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Snacks

New ideas for snacking during the Super Bowl.

5 days ago

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Chilies

A few chili variations for Super Bowl Sunday.

5 days ago

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Sandwiches

Sandwiches for the Super Bowl smorgasbord.

5 days ago

 Toffee-Walnut Blondies.

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Desserts

Sweet treats for Super Bowl Sunday.

5 days ago

 Mango-Pomegranate-Pineapple Salad

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Salads

Something semi-healthy to offset all the calories consumed during the Super Bowl party.

5 days ago

 Anchor Bar Buffalo Chicken Wings.

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Wings

Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings

5 days ago

 Creamy Parmesan Dip

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Dips

Dips to make the Super Bowl Sunday delightful.

5 days ago

 Thai Chicken Potstickers.

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Dippers

Some interesting new things to dunk during the game.

5 days ago

 Irish Nachos are made with waffle fries.

50 MVPs for Super Bowl 50: Nachos

From Classic Nachos to an Irish recipe, there is something for every taste.

5 days ago

 Chicken and root vegetable soup.

Warming up to winter vegetables

From the stellar cauliflower and squashes to hardy greens and tubers, it’s the season of rustic-chic vegetables.

1 week ago

 Former Steelers linebacker Andy Russell in his Pittsburgh office.

Former Steeler Andy Russell to serve a taste of the NFL on Super Bowl Eve

The annual food-and-wine Super Bowl event raises money for Pittsburgh Food Bank.

1 week ago

 Chicken Thighs with Potatoes and Olives.

Lidia Bastianich gives a lesson in Italian cooking

The chef and restaurateur’s latest cookbook, “Lidia’s Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine,” goes back to the basics.

2 weeks ago

 Medhu vadai with coconut chutney.

One Good Recipe: Medhu vadai, an all-occasion savory doughnut

The Indian snack might not be showy, but it is worth seeking out.

2 weeks ago

 Chef Michael Gulotta of MOPHO, New Orleans, will serve up a Feast at Carnegie Museum of Art on Feb. 12.

Food Column: Carnegie Museum serves a feast of fine food and art

Chef Michael Gulotta will prepare a New Orleans-Vietnamese fusion meal to pair with a current museum exhibit for the Feb. 12 Feast.

2 weeks ago

 Emily Palombo, 18, and Sara Oros, 17, both seniors at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School in Coraopolis, get wedding soup in the school's cafeteria.

A soup(er) school lunch: A Catholic high school cafeteria serves heavenly soup

One lunch item has grown so popular at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School in Coraopolis that parents are ordering it for takeout.

2 weeks ago

 Tropical Smoothie with banana, mango, strawberry and pineapple.

Watch your portions, eat calorie-smart meals

Vegetables, fruits, grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy are all desirable elements on a plate.

3 weeks ago

 Congee with Bok Choy, Golden Fried Garlic, Green Chili and Soy.

Nutritional, versatile power of grains

Grains are loaded with vitamins and high in protein, and are team players in soups, salads and cereals.

3 weeks ago

 Denver (Western) Omelet, left, and a pierogi omelet from Clev and Rachel's Diner in Emsworth.

Here's your playoff breakfast: Pittsburgh omelet vs. Denver omelet

They are both easy to make and just as satisfying for breakfast or dinner.

3 weeks ago

 Quinoa Crusted Catfish.

Food for thought when making resolutions for the new year

Among food trends is the growing interest in tailoring diets to meet health, ethical and environmental concerns.

1 month ago

 Snickerdoodle Custard Pie.

Lighten up with creamy, dreamy desserts

Go for leaner sweets that cut the fat but not the flavor.

1 month ago

 Baked Haddock with Ginger and Tomato.

Let's Eat: Baked Haddock with Ginger, Tomatoes and Pine Nuts

An easy, healthful fish dish to ring in the new year

1 month ago

 Moldovan Lazy Flatbreads.

End 2015 in good taste, begin 2016 with lucky foods

Make a feast using cabbage, pork, beans and chocolate.

1 month ago

 Galette Complete.

Let's eat: Galette Complete

An elegant French breakfast that’s quick and easy.

1 month ago

 Christmas Salad.

Easy, make-ahead dishes for a festive Christmas Eve buffet

Think easy quiches, luscious pasta, appetizer-sized soup and a giant, sumptuous salad.

1 month ago

 Linda and Frank Sam pose at Atria's before the lunch hour opening.

It won't be Christmas Eve without white clam sauce

Atria’s co-owner Frank Sam learned to make the holiday favorite from his father-in-law.

1 month ago

 "Jacques Pepin: Heart &Soul in the Kitchen."

Jacques Pepin serves heart, soul with his home-cooking style

Family plays a big part in the chef’s latest book, “Heart & Soul in the Kitchen.”

1 month ago

 Pecan maple blue cheese bourbon tart.

Holiday happy hour: Easy appetizers for your holiday party table

Appetizers so delicious-looking they make everyone’s mouth water, but healthful enough that no one feels guilty about eating a ton.

1 month ago

 Eggnog Coffeecake is made with just four ingredients.

The magic of eggnog: Make it into a cake

This holiday coffeecake requires only 4 ingredients.

1 month ago

 Lisa Kozich.

Food Column: Crockin' Moms creator shares tips, recipes, inspiration

Lisa Kozich of Canonsburg shares recipes on website, radio, TV, blog and in cookbooks.

1 month ago

 A spicy Mexican dish in a smoky red sauce. That’s Chicken  Tinga, a long-simmering dish perfect for a weekend.

Let's eat: Chicken Tinga

Spicy, smoky chicken dish offers fabulous Mexican flavor

1 month ago

 Cut-out Christmas Sugar Cookies

Simple, easy tips for rolling out perfect Christmas cut-outs

Be sure to sift the flour and measure ingredients carefully.

2 months ago

 Eggnog Pumpkin Pie.

Food Column: Dine with Santa, feast on cookies and revel in festivals

Holiday events also include classes, demonstrations and fundraisers.

2 months ago

 French toast gets a twist from Swedish limpa bread, chopped pecans, maple syrup-infused whipped cream and a dash of cayenne.

Humbling French toast can take on haute flavors

Stale bread can be put to a delicious use with a sweet or savory custard.

2 months ago

 Larry Roberts/Post-Gazette   20151202   christmas cookies  for the traditionalist  ginger snap  story by Arthi Subramaniam

Cookies for the traditionalist

These classic recipes given by family or friends instantly evoke warm memories.

2 months ago

 Larry Roberts/Post-Gazette   20151202   christmas cookies  For the avid baker  Candied Fruit Slices

Cookies for the sophisticated

When the holiday treats are flavorful, looks are not that important.

2 months ago

 Chocolate fudgies.

Cookies for the rookie

Any novice can make a cookie. Just measure, add, mix, stir, portion and bake.

2 months ago

  Linzer Tort

Let's eat: Linzer Cookies

This recipe from Brenda Kurczewski of Moon is among 75 selected for publication in “The Barnes & Noble Cookie Bake-Off” cookbook.

2 months ago

 Savory Cheddar Cheese Crackers.

When gifting, wrap up a taste of home for the holidays

Give homemade gifts from the kitchen for the holiday season.

2 months ago

 Latke with Gravlax.

Hanukkah shines light on symbolic foods

From foods fried in oil to those based on cheese, cook up a feast for the Festival of Lights.

2 months ago

 Graham Elliot.

Graham Elliot gives tips on how to cook like a master chef

Reality TV judge and Chicago restaurateur to visit Pittsburgh and discuss his new cookbook.

2 months ago

 Kentucky Hot Brown with Manchego-Jalapeno Mornay Sauce comes from the book "Southern Heat: New Southern Cooking Latin Style" by Anthony Lamas.

Let's Eat: Kentucky Hot Brown with Manchego-Jalapeno Morney Sauce

A spicy variation of traditional Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich (created in Louisville in 1926) gets extra kick from jalapeno peppers.

2 months ago

 Make-Ahead Gravy

As countdown begins, reduce anxiety with Make-Ahead Gravy

The gravy can be prepared at least two days ahead of the holiday in a stress-free environment.

2 months ago

 Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Muffins.

Here's a few ideas for those Thanksgiving leftovers

For a post-holiday meal, make muffins, griddle cakes and chowders with the leftovers.

2 months ago

 Crustless Pumpkin Pie is served with a simple granola topping for crunch and whipped cream for glamour.

A crustless pumpkin pie for pastry scaredy cats

The creamy Thanksgiving dessert with a crunchy granola topping doesn’t require a crust.

2 months ago

 Avocado Shrimp Toasts.

Food Column: Celebrate Thanksgiving, the Peanuts way

Bring out the toast topped with avocado and shrimp; popcorn flavored with sesame seeds; and jellybeans.

2 months ago

 Food, family and gratitude are what Thanksgiving is all about for these famous Pittsburghers. Pull up a chair and join the holiday feast, by sampling their favorite recipes.

Notable Pittsburghers share their Thanksgiving recipes, gratitude

Food, family and gratitude are what Thanksgiving is all about. Pull up a chair and join the holiday feast by tasting their favorite recipes.

2 months ago

 Pecan Pie with Pretzel Crust.

Ace Thanksgiving pies and cakes the Duff Goldman way

These pies, cakes and puddings give the holiday tradition a paradigm shift.

2 months ago

 Gluten-free Cheesecake.

Gluten-free diners can feast on Thanksgiving, too

From cornbread stuffing to cheesecake, those with wheat sensitivities can indulge in a mega meal.

2 months ago


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