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 The Superiority Burger is chef Brooks Headley's version of the veggie burger. It's made with quinoa and chickpeas, and is one of 90-plus recipes in "The Superiority Burger Cookbook" that hits store shelves in June 2018.

Recipe to try this summer: The Superiority Burger

Chef Brooks Headley’s vegetarian Superiority Burger puts all other veggie burgers to shame. Plus, it’s super easy to make at home.

about 22 hours ago

 Chocolate sugar cookies will satisfy any cookie lover.

Just don't call chocolate sugar cookies, cookie cutters

The dough for these cookies doesn’t need to be chilled nor does it need to be rolled out and shaped with cutters.

1 day ago

 German chocolate cake topped with coconut and pecans

The German chocolate cake is actually Texan and not German

A classic cake is usually three-tiered and topped with a custard-y topping with coconut and pecans.

1 day ago

 Parmesan Shot with Salsa

Five great finger foods from the grill for your Memorial Day cookout

The grill is a perfect vehicle for creating incredible small bites for summer get-togethers.

2 days ago

 Perfect Instant Ramen is doctored up with American cheese and a poached egg.

Let's Eat: The best bowl of ramen you will ever eat

This cheesy spin on ramen noodles is a guilty, silky pleasure.

6 days ago

 Ginger-Rhubarb Scones are studded with tart bits of rhubarb and crystalized ginger, and gilded with a crunchy coarse sugar topping.

Tart and sweet rhubarb is spring's darling

The cold weather has delayed much of the rhubarb this spring, but recipes cake, compote and scones are worth waiting for.

1 week ago

 Kevi Lee Furgason, a pastry chef at Spork in Garfield, bakes her version of the royal wedding cake. Her riff on the recipe from Claire Ptak, owner of London’s Violet Bakery, includes white cake, lemon curd and elderflower buttercream. It will be served at the restaurant through May 19.

Now you can sample the royal wedding cake, too, at Spork in Garfield

Spork’s pastry chef will offer her version of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake through May 19.

1 week ago

 Serve this Classic Ham and Bacon Quiche with a salad dressed in a vinaigrette.

A classic French quiche is always in style

Whether you’re serving brunch, packing for a picnic or simply want a light dinner, a flaky quiche Lorraine always pleases.

1 week ago

 Jessica Merchant of North Huntingdon prepares avocado toast with arugula, pickled onions and fried eggs at her home.

This Pittsburgh food blogger makes pretty dishes

Food blogger Jessica Merchant is crazy about easy-to-make, honest food. She shares 150 of her favorite recipes in a new cookbook.

2 weeks ago

 Beef and Bean Taquitos

Let's eat: Grab a cerveza and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this favorite Mexican finger food

Taquitos are easy to make, don’t require a plate and will get you in the spirit of fiesta.

2 weeks ago

 Giada de Laurentiis was born in Rome and grew up in Los Angeles, where she now lives with her daughter, Jade.

Why Giada stands up for #MeToo and Calabrian chili paste

The celebrity TV chef/cookbook author will be opening her third restaurant in Baltimore on May 16.

3 weeks ago

 "Taste of Millvale" recipe book.

Millvale celebrates its 150 birthday with recipes

The Taste of Millvale on Saturday will offer samplings of residents’ recipes along with a cookbook so you can make them yourself.

3 weeks ago

 Potato Pancakes with Avocado and Pulled Chicken

Let's Eat: Potato Pancakes with Avocado and Spicy Pulled Chicken

Elevate the humble potato pancake by piling it high with chicken thighs that have been simmered in a chipotle-spiced tomato sauce.

3 weeks ago

 The Killer Bread spread is made with mayonnaise, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, minced garlic and a splash of hot sauce.

Kraft Heinz unveils a new condiment: mayo

Heinz Real Mayonnaise is made with 100 percent cage-free eggs, according to the company.

4 weeks ago

 The Indian flatbreads, parathas, are stuffed with a spicy grated radish and with a cooling yogurt-based radish raitha.

The garden is not ready yet for radishes, but flatbreads and salads are

Radishes not only add a crunchy texture but also add a much appreciated taste to salads and even butter.

4 weeks ago

 Thyme is sprinkled on the roasted vegetables that fill this sandwich. The fresh herb also is mashed into the butter that gives the bread its golden hue and crisp finish.

How to perfect a hot and crunchy grilled/toasted sandwich

Use the right bread, yummy cheese and seasonal veggies, and they will add up to a satisfying sandwich unto itself.

4 weeks ago

 Quick and Spicy Sesame Noodles

Let's eat: Why order takeout when you can make spicy sesame udon noodles at home?

These spicy Vietnamese udon noodles are better than takeout and super easy to make at home.

1 month ago

 Nutty Muesli, a mix of nuts, dried fruit and oats is an appealing and healthful way to start your day. Add milk or yogurt, or munch by the handful.

Flavorful ways of spring cleaning your pantry, fridge, freezer

Spring cleaning shouldn’t mean only chasing away cobwebs and washing down walls, clean out items lingering in your pantry, too.

1 month ago

 A Boston Cream cake is one of many simple layer cakes that can be made by altering the same recipe.

Bake a Lazy Daisy for these crazy days of spring

The yellow cake made with hot milk and topped with broiled caramel and coconut originated in the early 1900s and became a classic.

1 month ago

 Pecans are coated with a egg white wash, white sugar and cinnamon.

Here are two recipes to follow if you have 'SIBO'

Sugar-Coated Pecans and Corn Salad are two ways to get your nutrition without causing intestinal problems.

1 month ago

 Chocolate Affogato Mousse Cake.

Let's Eat: Your favorite coffee dessert drink is now edible

Whether you’re celebrating a fat return or crying about having to pony up, this rich chocolate mousse cake will boost your spirits on Tax

1 month ago

 From left, Artichoke-Almond Pesto, Edamame and Pistachio Pesto, Asparagus-Sunflower Seed Pesto and Broccoli-Pecan Pesto.

Letting pesto go on a spring spin

Making pesto in spring? Then look beyond basil, hold the pine nuts and think about adding seasonal vegetables.

1 month ago

 Trout martini prepared with a hatchery trout fillet.

When trout season opens, anglers cast a line for eco-friendly dinners

Pennsylvania waters will be stocked with hatchery-raised brook, brown and rainbow trout when the season opens Saturday.

1 month ago

 Roasted Bell Pepper, Goat Cheese and Mint Dip.

Blitz roasted peppers, goat cheese and mint for a crazy easy dip

Serve the creamy dip with slices of baguette that are drizzled with olive oil and toasted.

1 month ago

 Roasted peppers and mashed up chickpeas stand in for ground beef in this burger.

Let's eat: Chickpea and Grilled Pepper Burger

This plant-based burger is packed full of flavor and nutrition.

1 month ago

 The game day lineup features 'dogs with regional flair.

A lesson in hot dog etiquette

There’s a right way and a wrong way to serve and eat hot dogs.

1 month ago

 You need two hands and bunch of napkins for this Texas dog, a delight that features chili, cheese and jalapenos.

From simple to silly at the baseball stadium: Create your own Tour-of-America hot dog buffet

The opening of major league baseball is a perfect time to open the hot dog season.

1 month ago

 Gnocchi, prepared and cooked by PG food writer Gretchen McKay.

Step-by-step: How to make ricotta gnocchi with spring vegetables

Learn to make this easy Italian pasta dish that’s loaded with spring vegetables.

1 month ago

 Smoky Mac and Cheese

Let's eat: Smoky Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese might be an oldie, but it’s also a can’t-miss goodie.

1 month ago

 Carrots a la Chermoula. This Algerian carrot dish is easy to make and it pops with color and flavor.

For Passover, travel the world without a passport

New York author’s new book chronicles the customs of Sephardic Passover traditions across the world, including Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya.

1 month ago

 Pasta with Chicken Bolognese.

Let's eat: Pasta with Chicken Bolognese

Made with diced chicken instead of the traditional combo of ground chuck and pork, it’s a little lighter than the classic dish.

2 months ago

 Made with Guinness Stout, Black and Tan Brownies are an ideal St. Patrick's Day dessert.

Let's eat: Black and Tan Brownies

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a little Guinness Stout to help celebrate.

2 months ago

 Spinach and rosemary soup.

Banish winter with flavors of spring soups

Spring tonic soups are packed with freshness, vitamins and goodness that wake you up from winter’s drab.

2 months ago

 Irish pizza with roasted potato, cabbage and corned beef.

Corned beef and cabbage is as Irish as green beer and green bagel

Since corned beef and cabbage are staples on St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S., use them creatively.

2 months ago

 Curry Lentil Soup with Charred Cauliflower

Let's eat: Curry Lentil Soup with Charred Cauliflower

Chase away the chill with a warm and fragrant vegetarian soup flavored with curry.

2 months ago

 Lamb Meatballs with Lentils and Cumin.

Swedish meatballs take a drive through Turkey

Lamb is a popular dish as we approach spring, and there are so many different ways to prepare it.

2 months ago

 Ashley Thomas with her Instant Pot on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018 in Shadyside.

Blogger-author shares the joy of cooking 'Under Pressure' with an Instant Pot

Ashley Singh Thomas, a die-hard Instant Pothead, honors the multicooker with her blog, group on Facebook and cookbook.

2 months ago

 Cool off with milkshakes named, from left, Orange Creamsicle, Stupendous Strawberry and Yellow Banana Blast.

A milkshake doesn't have to be green to scream spring

Celebrate the season with a rainbow of flavors and colors in your milkshake glass.

2 months ago

 Roasted Cod Fillets with Burrata and Burnt Oranges

Let's eat: Roasted Cod Fillets with Burrata and Burnt Oranges

You’re probably eating a lot of fish during Lent. Dress it up with Mediterranean spices and a tasty burrata and burnt orange salad.

2 months ago

 Desi Oakley will play Jenna in the stage production of "Waitress" when it comes to the Benedum Center on March 6.

Mr. Depleted My Heart wins 'Waitress' pie contest

A whiskey pie with mashed potatoes and chocolate pecan pie are runners-up in the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust contest.

2 months ago

 A chicken pot pie loaded with chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce and topped with a crisp pie crust brings plenty of comfort and joy.

Take the chill off with a chicken pot pie

The trick to a perfect pot pie is getting all the ingredients — chicken, vegetables, sauce and crust — to the right degree of doneness.

2 months ago

 Grilled Chipotle  Shrimp Tacos with Apple Slaw

Prepare tacos with a taste of the sea for Lent

Fried fish sandwiches aren’t your only option on Fridays during Lent. You also can fill up on shrimp, fish and crab tacos, too.

2 months ago

 Cuban-style Shrimp Creole

Let's eat: Cuban-Style Shrimp Creole (Camarones a la Criolla)

Served over rice, a Cuban-style creole makes a tasty (and easy) one-pot meal for family gatherings and school night cooking.

3 months ago

 The Sunion is a tearless and sweet onion that is grown in Nevada and Washington.

Are you a crybaby when it comes to cutting onions? Then get Sunions

Tearless Sunions are sweet and crunchy, and are not genetically modified.

3 months ago

 The World of Sausage

Sausage speaks many global languages

Variations of the ground meat — with different spices, toppings and ratio of pork to beef — can be found all over the world.

3 months ago

 Blood Sausage

Sausages feature different types of meats, seasonings

Generally made with seasoned meat, poultry or fish that is ground or chopped, a sausage is stuffed into a casing.

3 months ago

 Dry-fried green beans

Let's eat: Dry-fried green beans

While you wait for spring’s lettuces and asparagus to arrive, green beans will feed your desire for something green.

3 months ago

 Pineapple tarts.

Ring in prosperity for the Chinese New Year with pineapple tarts

Pineapple tarts are fragrant, delicious and meaningful — what’s not to love about them?

3 months ago

 Stir-Fried Rice Cake with Chicken and Chinese Broccoli.

Chinese New Year: Soul food is filled with comfort and symbolism

The menu on Chinese New Year reflects foods that have auspicious qualities.

3 months ago

 Sauteed cabbage with apple and mashed potatoes. The apple adds just a touch of acidity and sweetness.

Down-to-earth potatoes and cabbage make hearty meals

With dinnertime coming earlier during winter, potatoes and cabbage help a meal come together faster and with less fuss.

3 months ago

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