The Pat Bostick edition!

Pitt football Q&A with Paul Zeise

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Thanks for participating in the Q&A. Keep the questions going as I will answer them every day during the season and through whatever bowl game Pitt goes to. You can follow the Panthers here as well as the daily updates from practice in our college football blog the Redshirt Diaries.

Q: Do you think Pat Bostick is receiving enough consideration from the coaching staff, or is he falling too far off their radar? For what it's worth, I'll always be impressed by the way the kid was able to step in and win a few of Pitt's biggest games the last couple of seasons under very difficult circumstances.

Steve Sheaffer, State College

ZEISE: I think the key with Pat Bostick is this - Frank Cignetti feels like if he has another year with him he can work with him to improve some of his physical tools and become a better quarterback. Pat didn't beat Bill Stull out in the spring and Pat is the one quarterback who has a redshirt season left (besides Kolby Gray of course) so it only made sense. The big thing with Tino Sunseri is, this camp was designed to get him enough work to show that he could be the back-up in a pinch. The ideal situation would be for Stull to play well and stay healthy for the entire season -- that would enable Bostick to redshirt and in the spring, compete for the starting job.

Q: I'm hearing a lot of talk about Bostick redshirting. Is there any truth to this, and if we do, could you see him leaving to somewhere like Delaware?

Dustin Gabler

ZEISE: I'd say there is a lot of truth to this but I do not expect Bostick to transfer, in fact, I would be shocked if he did. He isn't that type of kid, at least from what I can tell in talking to him and his dad. Pat loves it at Pitt and more importantly, the coaches like him a lot, they love his competitiveness and work ethic and his football mind and like I just wrote, they feel like if he works with Frank Cignetti for another year he has a chance to be a good quarterback. I also think he has a chance to hang around after he graduates and become a graduate assistant or work in some other coaching capacity.

Q: So you mean to tell us that, with no semblence of what most Division I teams call a quarterback and a freshman running back who just torched our stud defense for 152 all purpose yards -- that Dave Wannstedt is on the fence about him "blocking correctly" thus keeping him on the bench? If that is true could you please tell me who's our coach in waiting?

Bob Fitzmaurice, St. Pete Beach, Fla.

ZEISE: No, I don't think that is the case. I think Dave Wannstedt is smart enough to know that he has a lot of very good players at that position -- both on the roster and coming in next year -- and he wants to make sure they all know they are still competing for the starting job. He also doesn't like to give a lot of compliments to a freshman because he believes that they must earn that. I don't think there is any question Ray Graham will be on the field and he will play a lot. But running backs get hurt and Wannstedt wants to make sure he has a full stable of guys to turn to if that happens. Chris Burns and Dion Lewis will also play a role and that is an important thing to have a couple of good running backs to choose from.


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