Game 3: We Made Ford Look Good


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NEW YORK, Oct. 8 -- We made Whitey Ford look like a good pitcher today, Sure, he gave only four hits and that's nifty pitching anytime, but we made him look good.

I'm not rapping Ford. But the fact is he looked great because we had to stand up there in the batter's box and take -- we had to wait out pitches.

He got a 6-0 lead on us in the first inning.

When you're six runs behind you have to take. You have to give yourself a chance for walks to you can get men on base for the big hit.

The result is that the pitcher -- Ford in this case -- comes in with a strike on the first pitch every time. You're dying to murder that first pitch but he knows you can't take the bat off your shoulder. So when Ford went six runs ahead in the first inning, it took away our offense.

What's really aggravating is this. I think that of the 35 hits the Yankees have had in the past two games, just one -- maybe two -- was off a curve ball. Our pitchers have been consistently behind on the batters, so they have to throw the fast ball in order to get the pitch over the plate. And the Yanks have murdered those fast balls.

Mantle homered today off a fast ball down the middle.

Richardson, that little 166-pound runt, homered off a high fast ball.

I'm telling you, we got to get ahead of those batters tomorrow and make them hit curves. Well, Vern Law is pitching. The Deacon has great control. If he can't get ahead of those Yankees, then I'll admit we're in deep trouble.

Meanwhile, don't dump us in a grave yet. We're going to bring this series back to Pittsburgh and when we get the Yanks back home we'll be awful tough on them.

The past two games have been pretty sickening, but our boys didn't behave like zombies even when we were ten runs behind today. If you quit on the Pirates now, there's a very good chance you'll have to eat your words in a few days.

-- Story reprinted from the Post-Gazette, Sun., Oct. 9, 1960.


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