Paul Meyer's Power Rankings

A weekly look at who's moving and who's losing around the majors

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Paul Meyer's Power RankingsA weekly look at who's moving and who's losing around the majors

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The skinny1. Chicago Cubs (1)Hibernated against AL East.2. Boston Red Sox (2)Wakefield is a marvel.3. Angels (4)Lackey providing nice rotation lift.4. Tampa Bay Rays (3)Percival hamstrung by four-walk save.5. St. Louis Cardinals (8)Hung in there during Pujols absence.6. Chicago White Sox (6)Buehrle surging.7. Oakland Athletics (10)Harden made it look easy.8. Milwaukee Brewers (11)Sheets has them covered.9. Minnesota Twins (16)Buscher certainly no busher.10. New York Yankees (7)Chamberlain will be fun to watch.11. Philadelphia Phillies (5)Utley's slump affecting whole lineup.12. Baltimore Orioles (13)Bullpen is Birds' backbone.13. Florida Marlins (9)Olsen's last win was May 6.14. Arizona D-Backs (12)Leaving the door wide open.15. Texas Rangers (14)Hamilton had a tough week.16. Detroit Tigers (18)Verlander LOVES interleague play.17. New York Mets (15)Maybe it wasn't Willie.18. Atlanta Braves (17)Hudson ends his AL jinx.19. Toronto Blue Jays (19)Litsch can pitch.20. Pirates (21)Rotation a work in no-progress.21. Kansas City Royals (25)Getting well against NL.22. LA Dodgers (20)Can they make a run with no runs?23. Houston Astros (23)Chacon waded into a mess.24. Cleveland Indians (22)Cliff climbing a mountain.25. Cincinnati Reds (24)Arroyo's line was loonie.26. SF Giants (26)Bochy doing a lot with little.27. Colorado Rockies (27)Still need directions on road.28. San Diego Padres (28)Booing Hoffman at home reprehensible.29. Washington Nationals (29)Tough break for Johnson.30. Seattle Mariners (30)King Felix slams, then IS slammed.Note: Last week's ranking in parentheses


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