Paul Meyer's Power Rankings

A weekly look at who's moving and who's losing around the majors

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Rank              TeamThe Skinny1. Boston Red Sox (1)Buckner’s Fenway return heartwarming.2. Milwaukee Brewers (5)Gagne’s inconsistency not helpful.3. New York Mets (2)Shea fans show “appreciation’’ for Rollins.4. New York Yankees (3)In midst of l-o-n-g road stretch.5. Chicago Cubs (8)Lieber a force against Bucs.6. Cleveland Indians (4)Economy gets boost in “Fausto Country.’’7. Angels (9)Darren Oliver just keeps on keeping on.8. Arizona D-Backs (15)Davis a true gamer.9. Seattle Mariners (7)Inner Harbor not a friendly port.10. Detroit Tigers (6)Not much of a roar yet.11. Cincinnati Reds (14)Harang off to hot start -- at plate.12. Philadelphia Phillies (10)Winning streak against Mets ends.13. San Diego Padres (11)No dirty tricks for Peavy.14. Toronto Blue Jays (13)Continue to unravel Red Sox.15. Kansas City Royals (18)Greinke leads early surge.16. St. Louis Cardinals (21)Izzy busy in bullpen.17. Chicago White Sox (19)Ozzie riles Clemente fans.18. Atlanta Braves (12)Got a snow job at Coors.19. Colorado Rockies (16)Not rolling offensively.20. LA Dodgers (17)RBI means “Run Barded In.’’21. Texas Rangers (26)Hamilton story still a best-seller.22. Florida Marlins (27)A powerful week for Jacobs.23. Baltimore Orioles (25)Must improve on Texas two-step.24. Oakland Athletics (28)Maybe they can challenge for title.25. Tampa Bay Rays (20)Jackson superb in comeback year.26. Minnesota Twins (24)Washed out early in Chicago.27. Pirates (22)Nate could threaten Earl Webb’s record.28. San Francisco Giants (30)Still can’t beat Maddux.29. Washington Nationals (23)3-0 start seems eons ago.30. Houston Astros (29)Tejada’s had little impact.


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